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9 Best Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives (2023)

amazon affiliate Alternatives
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Amazon is the top choice for promoting physical products due to its exceptional affiliate program. Despite the lower commission rate & 24 hours cookie duration, the conversion rates are still higher than in other programs.

You’ve come to the right place if your Amazon account didn’t get approved or has been terminated, or you’re in search of a different program.

With the recent shift in consumer behavior, it’s time to look for alternative ways to generate income. I have compiled a list of the 9 most profitable Amazon affiliate program alternatives that you can explore.

1. Walmart Affiliate Program

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Walmart Affiliate Program

Walmart is the perfect complement to Amazon Affiliate Program with the same or even better commission rates. What makes this option a great choice is that it covers an extensive range of products.

Joining Walmart’s affiliate program is absolutely free, and with it you get access to LinkShare – a powerful internal tracking system which monitors sales, CTRs, commissions and more.

Walmart does not have an API system, so you will need to generate your affiliate links from the Impact-powered affiliate program’s dashboard. Doing this allows you to access the platform effectively and efficiently.

2. eBay Affiliate Program

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eBay is a leading e-commerce platform that has become the go-to choice for buying & selling products. Initially, it started as an auction site and today, more than 80% of its items are brand new. You can find anything you need among its vast selection of products!

Similar to Amazon, you can join their affiliate program for free. Their affiliate commissions vary depending on the country and categories, ranging from 1 – 6%.

When compared to Amazon, eBay offers better compensation for affiliates. It also has plenty of tools available which enable you to showcase your products in a more effective manner.

3. Target Affiliate Program

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Target offers a vast selection of products for your home, from apparel to electronics, furniture, kids items, home decor to pet supplies. They have the same efficient store product selection as Amazon and Walmart.

If you sign up to become a Target affiliate partner, you’ll receive regular newsletters full of great advertising resources. Family-oriented websites based in the US can benefit from 8% commissions, weekly deals, and extended cookie lengths of up to seven days!

Target’s affiliate program is an attractive option due to its volume payout scale – offering better rates than Amazon, even at lower transaction volumes.

4. AliExpress Affiliate Program

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If you are an affiliate marketer, AliExpress is your go-to destination. It gives you access to a wide range of products like clothing, electronics, beauty & health products and more. What’s more, it even allows easy entry into its affiliate program with hassle-free registration.

AliExpress has an unbeatable range of products and provides extremely attractive commission rates. Their commissions are 5%-8%, which is higher than what other retailers offer. Plus, they also ensure timely payouts.

When your referral leads to the company making more than $50K or $100, you will get a 10% commission. The link also has a 30-day cookie policy that ensures you receive additional credit for your efforts.

5. Newegg Affiliate Program

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Newegg is an award-winning global retailer of tech goods & consumer electronics. It has over 500,000 unique products available to customers. Joining their affiliate program is also incredibly easy – free of charge and with no strings attached!

Newegg may have low commission rates due to their focus on electronics products, but the size of their customer base is no joke. Its network consists of over 30 million people across the world, making it one of the leading companies in computing business.

6. ShareASale Affiliate Program

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ShareASale has been around for 20 years and is an incredibly trustworthy affiliate marketing network. It’s grown rapidly and continues to do so, successfully connecting publishers with advertisers without fail. The company’s affiliate sign-up is free, and their affiliates have access to over 4,800 merchants across various niche industries and multiple markets.

ShareASale, as an affiliate marketing network, provides affiliates with three opportunities to gain commissions – Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Click and Pay Per Sale. Through these models, they can earn profits by just sending referrals. With ShareASale, you have the option of selecting a merchant & accessing their referral links from your account. Posting banners or text links on your website is simple & easy once you’ve logged in.

ShareASale deducts 20% of your earnings as transaction costs, but the minimum payment you can receive is $50.

7. CJ Affiliate Program

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CJ (formerly Commission Junction) is one of the largest affiliate network sites designed to help merchants set up their own affiliate program. When you join CJ, you have access to a range of programs from different dealers and retailers, opening up many opportunities.

This platform is full of retailers, both large and small. Within the dashboard, you will find a range of useful affiliate tools and stats such as 7-day EPC that offer invaluable information about conversions.

CJ affiliate program lets you manage multiple retailers from a single platform and then get all your commissions together in one place. The minimum payout threshold for Direct Deposit is $50 and for Check is $100.

8. Skimlinks

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Similarly to Google AdSense, Skimlinks consists of two separate parts. One acts as an affiliate marketer and the other works as a PPC ad network. It can automatically monetize your content with affiliate links by referencing various products & brands in your writing.

Skimlinks provide everything you need to join their affiliate program with no cost. They offer expertise and resources to members of their affiliation to help them succeed. Skimlinks provides access to more than 48.500 merchants & retailers and 50 demand partners, as soon as you register. Additionally, Skimlinks charges 25% of your total commissions as a transaction fee.

9. Rakuten Affiliate Program

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Rakuten (formerly known as LinkShare) is a leading e-commerce platform from Japan. It also has a large affiliate network and is part of the Rakuten Group, which covers over 70 companies and serves 1.4 billion people across the globe.

Rakuten is renowned for its Rakuten Advertising affiliate program. They have been in the business for two decades and come with a vast range of top-quality brands. Joining their affiliate program is totally free and hassle-free.

Rakuten’s team provides top-notch affiliate marketing services: from campaign optimization to publisher expansion and reporting. The commission rates depend on the negotiations with merchants and retailers.


For affiliate marketers, diversifying their income streams is essential. It would be unwise to rely exclusively on Amazon affiliates as your only source of income. You should consider exploring other Amazon affiliate alternatives to make sure you can sustain your business in the long run.


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