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Top 23 Beauty Affiliate Programs for Bloggers in 2023

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Blogging about beauty and skincare can be a rewarding and profitable endeavor. In today’s digital age, bloggers have the opportunity to monetize their content and reach a large audience through affiliate marketing. By promoting beauty products and earning commissions on sales, bloggers can turn their passion for beauty into a sustainable source of income.

With so many beauty affiliate programs available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best ones to join. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 23 beauty affiliate programs for bloggers in 2023.

These programs offer a range of products, from makeup and skincare to hair and nail care, and provide opportunities for bloggers to earn commissions on sales. Whether you are a seasoned beauty blogger or just starting out, these affiliate programs can help you earn money while sharing your expertise and passion with the world.

Beauty Affiliate Programs


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Sephora, a leading beauty and skincare retailer, boasts a vast collection of over 13,000 products from more than 200 renowned brands. The website features both luxury labels and niche cosmetics, as well as Sephora’s own in-house line.

To support their global affiliate network, Sephora partners with Skimlinks and Sovrn, offering commissions of up to 10% per sale. Additionally, affiliate programs tailored to specific markets can be found on Rakuten and Impact, with the highest commission rates of up to 10% offered by Impact.

As an affiliate, you will be provided with various marketing materials and resources, including exclusive newsletters, product previews, and high-quality creatives. Furthermore, Sephora offers free shipping on orders over $50 and provides free samples with every purchase, which can drive conversions.


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Nordstrom, a well-known US department store chain, offers a wide selection of beauty products, including makeup, skincare, fragrances, haircare, and accessories from prominent brands like Bobbi Brown, Dior, and Jo Malone London. The company began as a Seattle shoe store in 1901 and has since grown into a major retail entity with over 350 locations and an online presence.

To join Nordstrom’s affiliate program, sign up through Rakuten. The program pays commissions of up to 11% per sale on all products except gift cards, with a cookie duration ranging from 0.5 to 14 days based on your website and performance.

Commissions are paid monthly, as long as the $25 threshold is met. If not, they will be rolled over to the next month. Nordstrom provides a variety of affiliate tools and resources, including category, sale, and event-specific creatives, and exclusive promotions for affiliates.

  • URL: Nordstrom affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 2% – 11% per sale
  • Cookie duration: 0.5 – 14 days
  • Products/Services sold: Shoes, jewelry, clothing, makeup, dresses
  • Payment methods: Check, direct deposit, PayPal
  • Market(s): Global

Ulta Beauty

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Ulta Beauty, the largest beauty retailer in the US with over 1,200 locations across 50 states, offers a wide range of makeup, haircare, nail care, and skincare products from both established and niche brands such as Benefit Cosmetics, Pattern, and Too Faced.

You can join the Ulta Beauty Affiliate Program through four different networks: Impact, FlexOffers, Sovrn, and Skimlinks. While the US-based program is managed by Impact, the other three programs are available worldwide.

For the best commission rates of 10% per sale, sign up through Skimlinks. With an average order value of around $67, you can expect to earn approximately $6.70 per successful referral.


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Founded in 1999 by a dermatologist, Dermstore’s goal was to provide patients with professional-grade skincare products, many of which contain natural ingredients. The company now offers a wide range of products from well-known brands, specialty brands, and lesser-known spa lines. Customers can enjoy free standard shipping on orders over $50.

For affiliates, Dermstore offers global programs through FlexOffers and Sovrn, and for those based in the US or Canada, there is an option to join through Skimlinks. The US also has a separate affiliate program on the Awin network.

By signing up through Skimlinks, affiliates can benefit from the best terms, including commissions of up to 12% on an average order value of around $138, which translates to an average commission of $16.50 per sale.


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Boots is a leading health and beauty retailer in the UK with over 2,200 stores located on high street locations and local community pharmacies. The retailer offers a wide selection of top brands such as Barry M, Garnier, and Rimmel, as well as its own in-house No7 range of products including body products, foundations, creams, and men’s skincare.

The global affiliate program for Boots is managed by Sovrn, offering a commission of 4.68% per sale. With an average order value of $63.50 and a high conversion rate of 6.12%, affiliates have a great opportunity to turn traffic into sales.

For UK-based affiliates, there is also the option to sign up through Awin, which pays commissions of 2% to 5% per sale and has a 14-day cookie window.


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Lookfantastic is an online store based in the UK and owned by THG, a technology company that specializes in direct-to-consumer ecommerce brands. The retailer offers over 22,000 haircare, cosmetics, and beauty products to customers in more than 200 countries, working with over 660 premium brands and serving as the online partner for well-known names like MAC and Yves Saint Laurent.

Lookfantastic operates global beauty affiliate programs through FlexOffers and Sovrn, as well as local programs on Awin and Skimlinks. For UK-based affiliates, Skimlinks offers the highest commission rate of up to 20%. However, for US-based affiliates or those with a predominantly US-focused audience, Sovrn is the best option, with commissions of up to 10% per sale.

Whichever beauty affiliate program you choose, Lookfantastic’s dedicated affiliate team will be there to support you. The retailer also provides product feeds, promotions, creative materials, and a weekly affiliate newsletter.


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Feelunique is a UK-based online beauty retailer that offers a wide range of premium beauty, skincare, and wellness products from top brands. The company’s affiliate program allows marketers to promote the Feelunique website and earn a commission on any resulting sales.

Feelunique’s affiliate program is managed through various affiliate networks such as Awin, Skimlinks, and Commission Junction, offering competitive commission rates on sales. Affiliates also have access to a range of marketing tools, such as product feeds, banners, and exclusive promotions, to help drive conversions and maximize earnings.

As a Feelunique affiliate, you can tap into the growing market for beauty and wellness products and benefit from the company’s reputation as a trusted and reliable source for high-quality products. If you’re interested in joining the Feelunique affiliate program, you can apply through one of the supported affiliate networks.

MAC Cosmetics

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MAC Cosmetics, a subsidiary of the Estée Lauder Companies, is a globally recognized beauty brand sold in over 120 countries. The brand constantly introduces more than 50 new collections each year and has earned its reputation through collaborations with popular figures such as Lorde, Rihanna, and Selena Quintanilla.

The MAC Cosmetics affiliate program can be found on several networks, including FlexOffers, Skimlinks, Sovrn, and Rakuten. These programs cater to both global and local markets, giving affiliates a range of options to choose from.

According to Skimlinks, the MAC Cosmetics affiliate program has an impressive average conversion rate of 2.77% and an average basket size of $68. This means that affiliates have the potential to earn up to $6.80 for each sale made through the program.


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SkinStore, a member of the Lookfantastic Group, is a leading online retailer that offers a vast selection of over 16,000 hair, cosmetic, and skincare products from over 350 brands. With over 500,000 visitors each month, the store’s popularity is attributed to its exclusive gifts and member rewards. Customers can enjoy free shipping within the US for orders over $49.

The primary affiliate program for SkinStore in the US is managed through Awin and offers a 30-day cookie window with a commission rate of 8%. US affiliates can also sign up through FlexOffers and Skimlinks, while international affiliates can join through ShareASale and Yazing.

For the best terms, affiliates can join the program on ShareASale, which offers a commission of 12% per sale. The network has reported an average order value of $108.69, an EPC of $32.93, and a conversion rate of 2.53% within a 30-day period.

Space NK

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Space NK is a well-known beauty retailer based in the UK, offering a vast selection of over 5,000 beauty products that encompass categories such as skincare, cosmetics, and beauty devices. With humble beginnings as a single store in London’s Covent Garden, the company has since expanded to operate over 60 branches across the UK. Space NK boasts an impressive roster of 150 top beauty brands, including Nars, Laura Mercier, and Drunk Elephant.

Space NK’s primary beauty affiliate program, serving both US and UK affiliates, is managed through Rakuten, offering commissions of up to 7% and a 30-day cookie lifespan. For affiliates operating globally, Space NK has partnered with FlexOffers and Sovrn networks, as well as Skimlinks, targeting various markets.


image 238 is a family-owned and operated business based in Wales, UK, that offers a wide range of 6,500 beauty products across categories such as skincare, hair care, and fragrances. Established two decades ago, the retailer has established itself as a go-to destination for new beauty releases.

Escentual provides a complimentary gift-wrapping service and free shipping within the UK on orders above £30.

UK affiliates can join Escentual’s affiliate program through Awin, offering commission rates of up to 7.5% with a 30-day cookie period. For global affiliates, Escentual has partnered with Sovrn, offering commission rates of 2.5% to 7.5% per sale.

According to Sovrn, Escentual boasts an average basket value of $65+ and a strong conversion rate of over 10%, providing affiliates with the assurance of a high likelihood of conversions from their traffic. Affiliate partners also have access to the brand’s custom editorial and creative assets.

Cult Beauty

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Cult Beauty is an online store staffed by a team of beauty enthusiasts, who are passionate about discovering and offering a curated selection of cult beauty products – ranging from timeless, 100-year-old remedies to innovative scientific innovations.

The retailer is committed to being transparent and provides complete ingredient lists for every product it stocks, as well as publishing every review it receives.

For UK-based affiliate marketers, the Cult Beauty affiliate program can be joined through Awin or FlexOffers. The best terms are available through Awin, which offers a 30-day cookie duration and commission rates of up to 15%.

For affiliates based outside of the UK, the global beauty affiliate program can be accessed through Sovrn or Skimlinks, which serves multiple markets including the US, Germany, and Australia.

Please note that Cult Beauty places a high emphasis on website aesthetics, navigation, and regular updates with fresh content when evaluating affiliate applications.


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Chanel, a British-based French fashion house founded by the iconic designer Coco Chanel, is one of the most prominent names in the makeup and beauty industry. With over 500 boutiques worldwide and annual revenues exceeding $15 billion in 2021, the luxury brand has established a significant presence.

While Chanel is widely recognized for its classic No. 5 perfume, the brand also offers a variety of beauty, makeup, and skincare products.

Unlike other beauty affiliate programs, Chanel’s affiliate program is exclusively available through Sovrn. With an average commission rate of 9.7% per sale, Sovrn reports an average EPC of $0.58, a conversion rate of 5.93%, and an average order value of $71.18.


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Tatcha is a beauty brand that specializes in Japanese beauty and skincare products. All its formulas are crafted at the Tatcha Institute in Tokyo using natural ingredients like superfoods, amino acids, and a unique blend influenced by the Japanese diet.

Tatcha offers a wide selection of skincare products, including moisturizers, cleansers, and exfoliators, that are tailored to different skin types and benefits. The company provides free shipping on all domestic orders within the US.

Tatcha’s global beauty affiliate program can be joined through FlexOffers or Sovrn, with FlexOffers offering commission rates of up to 6.4% per sale and a 30-day cookie duration.

Additionally, Tatcha operates affiliate programs for specific markets such as the US, Canada, and Australia through Skimlinks, paying commissions of up to 15% per sale.


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Glossier, a beauty brand that rose to popularity through digital channels, was founded in 2014 by Emily Weiss. Starting with just four products, including a face mist and moisturizer, the company has grown to generate over $100 million in annual revenue and a valuation of $1.8 billion.

Despite its growth, Glossier continues to maintain its minimalist approach, offering around 80 products that span skincare, makeup, body, balms, gift sets, and apparel. Customers receive free shipping on orders over $40.

Affiliate marketers can participate in Glossier’s global beauty programs through Sovrn and FlexOffers. According to Sovrn, Glossier has an average order value of $58.13 and a high conversion rate of 7.54%. Sovrn offers the highest commission rate of 15% per sale.

In addition, Glossier operates a local affiliate program through Skimlinks for affiliates in markets such as the US and UK. As a partner, affiliates can receive perks like early access to product launches and invitations to exclusive events.

Fenty Beauty

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Fenty Beauty, the globally recognized cosmetics brand owned by pop star Rihanna, is known for its commitment to promoting inclusivity in the beauty industry. With an extensive range of 40 foundation shades and 50 concealer shades, the brand has set a new standard in the makeup industry.

Join the Fenty Beauty affiliate program exclusively available through FlexOffers to enjoy a flat commission rate of 10% on all sales and a 7-day cookie window. Partner with this innovative brand and become a part of its mission to bring inclusivity and diversity to the beauty world.

Soko Glam

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Soko Glam is a Korean beauty brand that offers high-quality, results-driven products, including a selection of clean and vegan options. The company is dedicated to making a positive impact on society, actively supporting non-profit organizations such as Black Lives Matter, Stop AAPI Hate, and Hate Is a Virus.

Join the Soko Glam Affiliate Program through Skimlinks and earn up to 10% commission per sale. Skimlinks data shows an average order value of $55 and a 90-day EPC of $0.07. For affiliates outside of the US and Canada, join through Sovrn or FlexOffers for commission rates of 5% and up to 1.6% per sale, respectively.


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Clinique, a leading US brand in skincare, cosmetics, toiletries, and fragrances, is a subsidiary of the Estée Lauder Companies. Typically sold in luxury department stores, Clinique is known for its exceptional customer service, offering free samples and personalized product recommendations, as well as free shipping and returns.

Join the Clinique Global Beauty Affiliate Program on FlexOffers and earn 10% commission per sale, with a seven-day cookie window. Additionally, participate in the locally targeted affiliate programs through Rakuten, Skimlinks, and Sovrn. According to Sovrn, Clinique boasts an impressive average order value of $33.37, with a conversion rate of over 25% and an EPC of $0.60.

Charlotte Tilbury

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Founded in 2013 by renowned British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty is a leading brand in beauty and skincare. With a background in product development for top brands like Armani, Burberry, and Tom Ford, Tilbury brings her expertise to the creation of her own line of products, sold in over 70 countries through retailers such as Cult Beauty, Sephora, Bloomingdales, and ASOS.

Enjoy the convenience of free samples with every purchase and free shipping and returns on all orders. Join the Charlotte Tilbury Global Beauty Affiliate Program through Sovrn, Skimlinks, or FlexOffers and earn up to 15% commission on every sale.

According to Sovrn, Charlotte Tilbury boasts an impressive average basket size of $92.15, resulting in potential commissions of up to $14 per conversion.

Beauty Bay

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Founded in 1999, Beauty Bay started as a fragrance retailer before expanding into skincare and cosmetics. In 2018, the company introduced its in-house brand, By Beauty Bay, which quickly became the top-selling product on the site. With over 10,000 products and new launches added weekly, Beauty Bay is a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. And, with free shipping on orders over $100, shopping for beauty has never been easier.

Join the Beauty Bay US Beauty Affiliate Program through Awin and earn 10% commission on sales of own-brand products and up to 7% on other conversions. Additionally, participate in locally targeted beauty programs through Awin and Skimlinks, or join the global program through Sovrn and earn up to 10% per sale.

As a Beauty Bay affiliate, you’ll have access to a range of tools and resources, including a product feed and a weekly newsletter filled with updates, trends, and new product launches. Stay up-to-date and take advantage of all the opportunities to promote and earn with Beauty Bay.

NARS Cosmetics

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NARS Cosmetics, a world-renowned skincare and cosmetics brand, was founded in 1994 by the talented French makeup artist and photographer François Nars. With an initial launch of just 12 lipsticks, the brand has since expanded its product line to offer a wide range of beauty essentials, from primers to bronzers. The company’s Radiant Creamy Concealer is a standout product, topping the charts as the best-selling concealer in the US.

Join NARS Cosmetics’ leading US beauty affiliate program on Pepperjam, where you can earn a commission rate of 8% on every sale made through your unique affiliate link. With a seven-day cookie window, you’ll have ample time to earn a commission on all conversions.

In addition, NARS also runs targeted affiliate programs for the US and UK market through Skimlinks and Rakuten, respectively. For global affiliates, NARS is available on FlexOffers and Sovrn, where you can earn top commissions on all your sales. Don’t miss this opportunity to promote a trusted and beloved beauty brand and earn a commission while doing so.


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Kiehl’s, a luxury beauty brand under L’Oréal, has a long-standing history dating back to 1851 as a single pharmacy. Today, it offers a diverse range of Paraben-free skincare, haircare, and body care products.

Some of the top-selling products at Kiehl’s include the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Ultra Facial Cream, and the Facial Fuel Moisturizer for men. Customers enjoy free shipping on all orders.

Kiehl’s operates global beauty affiliate programs through FlexOffers and Sovrn, with the latter offering commissions of up to 8.4% per sale. It also has country-specific affiliate programs on Skimlinks and Awin.

As an affiliate, you can access various marketing resources and tools, including a regularly updated product feed, eye-catching banners and visuals, and the opportunity to promote on-site promotions, including gift-with-purchase offers.


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Dior, a renowned European luxury fashion house, was founded in 1946 by Christian Dior and has since become one of the top names in the makeup industry. The brand offers a wide range of products across complexion, eyes, lips, and nails categories, and provides customers with free delivery, gift wrapping, and product samples.

To take advantage of Dior’s affiliate opportunities, bloggers and marketers can join its global beauty affiliate programs on FlexOffers and Sovrn. FlexOffers pays a 8% flat commission per sale with a 10-day cookie window, while Sovrn boasts an impressive average EPC of $0.04. Whether you’re an established influencer or just starting out, these programs can help you earn a significant income while promoting the iconic brand that is Dior.

In conclusion, there are many fantastic beauty affiliate programs available for bloggers and influencers to earn a commission by promoting products from top brands. From luxury fashion houses like Dior to cutting-edge skincare brands like Kiehl’s, there’s something for everyone. By partnering with these brands, bloggers and influencers can leverage their platforms to promote high-quality products to their audiences, while earning a commission for every sale that results from their referral. In 2023, the beauty industry is poised for growth, and bloggers who tap into this trend can reap the benefits of a thriving and lucrative market. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting out, there’s never been a better time to explore the world of beauty affiliate programs.


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