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Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs To Make Money 2023

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If you have a fitness or bodybuilding blog and want to monetize it, joining an affiliate program is a great way to earn passive income. Bodybuilding is a popular niche with a wide range of products that you can promote as an affiliate. From supplements to workout equipment, the options are endless. But with so many affiliate programs available, how do you choose the best one for your website?

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top bodybuilding affiliate programs for 2023. These programs offer high commissions, great customer support, and high-converting products to help you earn more money. Whether you’re just starting out as a fitness blogger or you’re a seasoned pro, these affiliate programs are sure to help you take your earnings to the next level.

Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs 


image 283 is a comprehensive online platform that offers a variety of bodybuilding gear, supplements, fitness tips, and exercise plans. It is an all-in-one source of health advice and resources that provides over 19,000 fitness tips, more than 10 million workouts, and 1,700 recipes. Free shipping is available on orders worth $99 and more within the US.

Managed via ShareASale, the affiliate program is open to affiliate marketers worldwide. You can earn commissions in two ways: driving sales on supplements, apparel, and accessories through the online store, and referring customers to BODYFIT. BODYFIT is a subscription service that provides exclusive content and 60+ expert-designed fitness classes at $6.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

Regardless of the products or services that you promote, you will earn a 5% commission on all sales that convert within a 45-day cookie window. Note that the tracking cookie is one-use-only, meaning only one commissionable transaction per referral. According to ShareASale’s 30-day figures, has an average order value of $93.64, an EPC of $86.59, and a conversion rate of 6.97%.

Transactions lock after 30 days and are paid 15 days later, with a minimum payout of $45. provides various affiliate marketing tools, including a data feed, a dedicated affiliate manager, and a monthly newsletter containing the latest promotions and product launches.


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CrazyMass is a US-based supplement store that specializes in all-natural supplements made in their cGMP-certified production facility. They are well-known for their high-quality supplements, which are batch-tested for quality assurance. The company provides free shipping on all domestic orders.

CrazyMass has partnered with ShareASale to manage its affiliate program. All affiliate applications are reviewed within one business day.

The CrazyMass bodybuilding affiliate program starts at a 15% commission rate, with the potential to increase up to 40% after a 90-day performance review. Coupon code websites have a starting commission rate of 10%. Affiliates can also earn bonuses and special promotion incentives. The program has a 15-day cookie duration.

According to ShareASale’s 30-day data, CrazyMass has an average order value of $109.77 and an EPC of $22.87. The conversion rate, however, is low at 1.39%.

To help affiliates drive traffic and sales, CrazyMass provides various official banners and text links. They also offer support from a dedicated affiliate management team.


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HugeSupplements is a bodybuilding supplement retailer that provides customers with high-quality and potent supplements. With larger serving sizes compared to competitors, the retailer guarantees maximum effectiveness. Additionally, HugeSupplements offers free delivery across the US.

HugeSupplements operates an in-house bodybuilding affiliate program that pays a flat 20% commission on most sales. Its 30-day cookie window is generous and unique discount codes ensure affiliates earn a 10% commission on referred sales. Unlike many affiliate programs, HugeSupplements pays out weekly.

To help affiliates increase their earnings, HugeSupplements provides various tools and resources. These include free product samples, sales-boosting tips, and a dedicated affiliate manager. Applications to join the HugeSupplements affiliate program are usually reviewed within 24-48 hours.

Muscle & Strength

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Muscle & Strength boasts a collection of over 8,000 fitness and nutrition products, with more than 100 new items added every month. They work closely with top brands in the fitness industry, enabling them to provide customers with better deals and lower prices than their competitors.

Customers can enjoy low-cost shipping and free samples on both domestic and international orders. They also offer a range of benefits, including a 60-day money-back guarantee, same-day dispatch of orders up to 18:00 EST, and an impressive rewards program.

You can find Muscle & Strength’s affiliate program on the CJ Affiliate network, which pays a 10% commission on all sales within a 30-day cookie window. With a 28.5-day average order cycle for Muscle & Strength customers, affiliates have an excellent chance of earning commissions from their referrals.

The average order value for the company stands at almost $100.

With the help of its affiliate manager, who has over 8 years of experience as both an affiliate and advertiser, Muscle & Strength provides some of the best affiliate support in the bodybuilding industry. The company also offers an array of banner ads and text links to promote their products.

Transparent Labs

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Transparent Labs is a reputable online store that specializes in all-natural health supplements for pre-workouts, muscle building, and recovery. Its products are made from clinically effective doses of natural, science-backed ingredients that are reviewed by independent scientific advisers. These supplements contain no artificial colors or sweeteners, ensuring that customers get safe and effective health supplements.

To take part in Transparent Labs’ affiliate program, interested parties can sign up on Impact Radius, the company’s affiliate network. Once approved, affiliates can enjoy a generous 30% commission on all sales that convert within a 60-day cookie window.

Transparent Labs’ affiliate program also provides various resources to help boost an affiliate’s marketing efforts, such as custom discount codes, exclusive offers, and early access to new products and launches. Moreover, customers can enjoy free shipping on US orders over $149.


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Swolverine is a supplement, apparel, and accessory store with a focus on clean and healthy ingredients. All of its products are manufactured in the US and free from proprietary blends, giving customers full transparency over their purchases. To sweeten the deal, free domestic shipping is available on orders over $99.

Swolverine’s bodybuilding affiliate program is available on the Refersion network. Affiliates receive a flat 20% commission on all sales, with commissions audited weekly and processed for payment via PayPal. The program offers a 60-day cookie window for affiliates to earn commissions.

Note that to apply for Swolverine’s affiliate program, you’ll need an Instagram handle.

Legion Athletics

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If you’re looking for high-quality bodybuilding and health supplements, Legion Athletics has you covered. Its supplements only use plant-based flavors and sweeteners and are made in the US at FDA-inspected and NSF-certified facilities. Legion also has a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for customers not satisfied with their products.

Legion’s affiliate program can be found on the FlexOffers network. It offers a 4.8% commission rate for new customer orders that convert within a 30-day window. However, the commission rate drops significantly to 0.8% for returning customers.


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TestoPrime is an all-natural testosterone support supplement that is manufactured in the US and UK at FDA-approved facilities. This supplement is made from natural ingredients, is available without a prescription, and comes with a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction.

What sets TestoPrime apart from its competitors is that it offers free worldwide shipping on all orders and access to TestoPrime ebooks, which are designed to help customers achieve faster results by improving their diets and workout routines.

If you’re interested in promoting TestoPrime, you can find its affiliate program on the FanFuel affiliate network. The company offers an impressive 50% commission on all orders, with an average order value of $110.70. The company boasts a 5.09% conversion rate and delivers an average EPC of $4.27, based on data from the top 10 affiliates in Q2 2021. Commissions are paid weekly via several payment methods, including bank transfer, Payoneer, and Skrill.

Another advantage of promoting TestoPrime is that you can promote it globally, as delivery is available to most countries via the company’s US and UK warehouses.

To help boost sales, TestoPrime offers various affiliate tools, including before-and-after photos, product images, and high-quality banners.


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CrazyBulk is a trusted brand offering 100% natural, safe, and legal steroid alternatives and supplements to aid in bulking, cutting, and strength building. With over 500,000 bottles sold worldwide, CrazyBulk also has a rewards program in place, which motivates its customers to make repeat purchases by offering free products and discounts.

To serve customers worldwide, CrazyBulk ships its products globally and has localized websites that offer a range of local payment and delivery options.

Join CrazyBulk’s affiliate program through the FanFuel network and earn a 50% commission on all orders, along with access to marketing assets such as banner ads, CTA images, and amateur photos.

As per FanFuel’s Q2 2021 data, CrazyBulk has an impressive average order value of $108.47 and a decent conversion rate of 2.88%. This means an average commission of $54.24 for affiliates.

Brutal Force

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Brutal Force is a bodybuilding supplement store that sells 100% legal steroid alternatives for hardcore bodybuilders. Its products are shipped worldwide, and the company offers a money-back guarantee, allowing customers to get a full refund (minus a $15 shipping and admin fee) if they don’t see results within 50 days.

Join the Brute Force affiliate program on the Refersion network. The program has a 15-day cookie window and three commission tiers based on sales volume over a 30-day period:

  • 0 – 4 orders per month: 3% commission rate
  • 5 – 25 orders per month: 5% commission rate
  • 26+ orders per month: 7% commission rate

Affiliates earn higher commissions as they sell more. Payments are made within two business days of the 15th of every month for sales generated in the previous month.

To sign up, you need a valid PayPal account that matches the email address used to join the affiliate program. After submitting your application, you can start earning in minutes.

In conclusion, these top 10 bodybuilding affiliate programs offer excellent earning opportunities for affiliate marketers who want to promote high-quality bodybuilding supplements, apparel, and accessories. From the best known to the lesser-known brands, each of these affiliate programs provides unique features, including high commission rates, bonuses, and marketing resources. Regardless of your experience level or audience niche, there’s an affiliate program on this list to help you maximize your earning potential. Start promoting these products and services, and leverage the power of affiliate marketing to generate more revenue for your business in 2023.


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