Blog Affiliate Program Review affiliate 1 is one of the leading online travel agencies that provides a platform for travelers to book their accommodation, flights, and rental cars worldwide. The company has an extensive range of properties available to book, including apartments, villas, hostels, and hotels of all sizes and categories. In this article, we will be reviewing’s affiliate program, which offers a great opportunity for affiliates to earn a commission on every booking made through their website.

The Affiliate Program is a win-win proposition for both and affiliates. The program allows affiliates to earn a commission for every booking made through their website, while benefits from the increased visibility and reach provided by the affiliates. The program is free to join and offers a commission on every booking made through an affiliate’s website, regardless of whether the booking is for a hotel, flight, rental car, or any other type of accommodation.

One of the best things about the Affiliate Program is that it is very easy to join and get started. Affiliates simply need to sign up for the program and create a unique affiliate link. They can then start promoting the link on their website or through other marketing channels, such as email marketing, social media, and more. When a user clicks on the affiliate link and makes a booking, the affiliate earns a commission.

The commission rate offered by varies depending on the type of accommodation booked, but it is generally in the range of 5-15% of the total booking value. This means that affiliates have the potential to earn significant amounts of money, especially if they are able to drive a large volume of traffic to the website.

Another great aspect of the Affiliate Program is the wide range of tools and resources that are available to affiliates. These include detailed tracking and reporting, which allows affiliates to monitor their performance and earnings, as well as access to marketing materials such as banners, links, and email templates. This makes it easy for affiliates to promote and earn a commission.

One of the biggest challenges faced by affiliates is driving traffic to the website. However, provides a range of tools and resources to help affiliates overcome this challenge. For example, the company offers a range of SEO-friendly tools, such as an XML feed and a deep linking tool, that make it easy for affiliates to optimize their websites for search engines. Additionally, provides a range of marketing materials, such as email templates, banners, and links, that affiliates can use to promote their unique affiliate link.

Another important aspect of the Affiliate Program is the level of customer support provided. The company has a dedicated affiliate support team that is available to help affiliates with any questions or issues they may have. This means that affiliates can get the help they need to maximize their earnings and grow their business.

In conclusion, the Affiliate Program is a great opportunity for affiliates to earn a commission on every booking made through the website. The program is easy to join, offers a competitive commission rate, and provides a range of tools and resources to help affiliates succeed. Whether you are a blogger, travel website, or just looking to make some extra money, the Affiliate Program is definitely worth considering.

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