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Top 10 Boutique Affiliate Programs to Boost Your Earnings in 2023

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Boutique affiliate programs are a great way to earn money by promoting unique and high-quality products to your audience. If you’re a fashion blogger, lifestyle influencer, or content creator with a passion for fashion, joining a boutique affiliate program can help you monetize your content and earn a commission for every sale made through your referral link.

Boutique affiliate programs are especially appealing to those who are looking for something more unique and special than what they would find at a traditional retailer. These programs typically feature small and independent businesses that offer curated collections of clothing, accessories, and other products. With so many boutique affiliate programs available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. In this article, we will highlight the top boutique affiliate programs to help you get started.

Boutique Affiliate Programs


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Revolve was founded in 2003 by two friends with a vision to provide the latest and most fashionable items to their customers. Over the years, the brand has evolved to become a leading online retailer, with over 400 brands and thousands of new products available each month. Whether your readers are looking for the latest trends or classic pieces, they’ll find a wide selection of fashion items at Revolve.

As a Revolve affiliate, you’ll earn a commission of 5% on all sales made through your referral link. The company takes affiliate marketing seriously and provides its affiliates with new creatives to help them promote the brand to their audience. This means you’ll always have access to the latest marketing materials to optimize your promotions and maximize your earnings.

Revolve also offers exclusive perks to its VIP customers through the “Revolve Social Club,” an invite-only experience at their LA headquarters. This adds a layer of exclusivity to the brand, which can help you attract more high-end customers to your promotions.

URL: Revolve affiliate program

Commission:  5%

EPC:  $7.35

Cookie duration: 7 day


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Nordstrom is a leading North American department store, known for its high-quality fashion and apparel, as well as its extensive range of gifts and novelty items. The Nordstrom brand has allowed the company to expand extensively through thousands of physical retail locations, and with their online platform.

Nordstrom’s product catalog includes designer wares for men, women, and kids. They offer a rewards program, have in-store stylists & tailors, spas, and more. The brand has continued its retail dominance through high-quality apparel and a keen sense of fashion design.

The Nordstrom affiliate program, through Rakuten, offers an average 2% commission for all products on their website (except gift cards). This may seem low, but with Nordstrom’s premium-tier products, partners can still earn significant commissions.

Partners gain access to popular apparel brands including Ted Baker London, Nike, Topshop, and Valentino, making it a great opportunity for fashion-focused affiliates.

One of the biggest advantages of the Nordstrom affiliate program is their extensive affiliate support and marketing resources. Partners can expand their reach with Nordstrom’s continual support via newsletters, promotions, and brand deals. This support ensures that affiliates are well-equipped to promote Nordstrom’s products to their audience.

However, there are some cons to consider. The commission rate is extremely low at 2% site-wide, which may not be as lucrative as other affiliate programs. Additionally, professional services do not incur commissions.

URL: Nordstrom affiliate program

Commission:  2%


Cookie duration: 12 hours

Current Boutique

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Current Boutique is a unique player in the online fashion market, with a clever and sustainable approach. Specializing in pre-owned designer clothes, they offer a cost-effective way for fashion lovers to get their hands on the latest styles. Visitors to their website can save a fraction of what they would typically pay for new designer clothing, without sacrificing quality or style. Additionally, if you have fashion items you no longer want, Current Boutique might be willing to buy them from you, making it a great option for those looking to declutter their closet.

Current Boutique is like TKMaxx on steroids, offering premium designer clothing at a fraction of the cost. As an affiliate, you can earn around $50 for a typical transaction referred through a link on your blog, as their average order value is almost $500. This makes Current Boutique a lucrative option for bloggers and influencers looking to promote a unique and sustainable fashion brand.

Compared to other boutique affiliate programs in our roundup, Current Boutique stands out for its commitment to sustainability and affordable designer fashion. By promoting Current Boutique’s products on your blog, you’ll be offering your audience a unique opportunity to shop sustainably, while also earning a commission on each sale. Overall, Current Boutique is a great option for fashion-focused affiliates looking to offer their audience a high-quality and sustainable fashion option.

URL: Current Boutique affiliate program

Commission:  10%

EPC:  $26.38

Cookie duration: 30 day

Velvet Boutique

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Velvet Boutique is a new player in the fashion market, having only been in business since 2018. However, they have already made a significant impact with their on-trend fashion and designer wear and accessory products. The founder, Kaleen, is a young, eager entrepreneur with a degree in marketing. She has brought her knowledge and passion to the business, helping it to grow quickly and establish a loyal following.

One of the things that sets Velvet Boutique apart is their commitment to offering a diverse range of products, including both the latest fashion trends and vintage tees and tops. Kaleen knows there is a demand for vintage clothing and has made sure to stock them alongside the latest designs. This unique approach has helped Velvet Boutique stand out in a crowded market.

As a new fashion affiliate program, Velvet Boutique offers an opportunity for early adopters to score some quick wins. Their tiered payout structure is also very attractive, as it encourages top performers to drive more traffic. This means that affiliates who perform well have the potential to earn more money through the program.

URL: Velvet Boutique affiliate program

Commission:  10%


Cookie duration: 30 day

Boutique 1

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Boutique 1 may be named like a boutique, but they are a global presence with stores all over the world. This is a testament to the value and prestige they provide to their customers. What sets Boutique 1 apart from other online fashion retailers is their curation of the very best in luxury fashion products. Each item for sale has been handpicked by a fashion expert, providing customers with a personalized shopping experience.

Boutique 1 has been an active affiliate on the Rakuten Marketing platform since 2012, making them a well-established and trusted affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can earn a healthy 7% commission rate for any sale referred through the affiliate links in the content on your website or blog. This is a generous commission rate and can add up quickly, especially when promoting high-ticket luxury fashion products.

By partnering with Boutique 1, affiliates have the opportunity to promote a highly-curated selection of luxury fashion products, making it a unique and attractive option for fashion-focused affiliates. The personal shopper experience provided by Boutique 1 can help to increase conversions, making it easier for affiliates to earn commissions on their referred sales.

URL: Boutique 1 affiliate program

Commission:  7%


Cookie duration: 10 day

Hampden Clothing

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Hampden Clothing is a unique boutique store located on Charleston’s historic King Street. Fashionistas can find an eclectic range of designer fashion wear at Hampden Clothing, with each item handpicked to represent fashion designers from all corners of the globe. Their selection spans dresses, tops, skirts, handbags, gifts, and accessories, providing a diverse range of options for customers.

Hampden Clothing has been featured in prestigious fashion magazines, including Marie Claire and Vogue, highlighting the quality and reputation of their fashion products. As an affiliate, you can earn a 6% cut of all successful sales referrals sent through an affiliate link on your blog or site. This is a generous commission rate, considering the premium quality of Hampden Clothing’s designer fashion products.

One of the benefits of partnering with Hampden Clothing is that they allow you to use the stock imagery on your fashion blog, making it easier to promote their products to your audience. With their unique and handpicked selection of designer fashion wear, Hampden Clothing is a great option for fashion-focused affiliates looking to promote high-quality and unique fashion products.

URL: Hampden Clothing affiliate program

Commission:  6%


Cookie duration: 30 day


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It’s no secret that “curated” is the current buzzword in the boutique fashion industry. Forward is a business that has embraced this trend, presenting themselves as a curator of the finest and most diverse designer fashion products. Their product offerings range from clothes, shoes, and accessories to pieces from established designers and emerging names in the industry. This makes Forward a great option for fashion lovers who are seeking unique and high-quality fashion products.

At Forward’s online store, visitors can expect to find premium-tier products at premium prices, with items such as sweaters priced at $300 and crossbody bags priced at $1,500. As an affiliate, Forward’s 6% commission rate provides the opportunity for substantial commissions, particularly with their high ticket products. If a customer clicks on the affiliate links on your fashion blog and purchases a $1,500 bag, for example, you could earn $90 in commission.

URL: Forward affiliate program

Commission:  6%

EPC:  $28

Cookie duration: 7 day


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Avara is a boutique in Dallas, Texas that offers affordable fashion with prices usually under $75 for tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, lounge sets, and more. Founded by a woman who spent 20 years in corporate America, Avara is a mom-and-daughter-owned store that prides itself on making fashion accessible.

For fashion affiliates, Avara offers a great opportunity to promote affordable products while also earning a high commission rate. With a 15% referral rate, one of the highest in the industry, fashion bloggers can marry the idea of affordable fashion with profitable content.

If you’re looking for an affordable, legit boutique to promote on your fashion blog, look no further than Avara. With their commitment to affordability and a high commission rate, it’s a win-win situation for both you and your readers.

URL: Avara affiliate program

Commission:  15%

EPC:  $24.49

Cookie duration: 30 day

Oxygen Boutique

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Located in the trendy Noho art district in London, Oxygen Boutique offers wearable designer fashion products that are accessible to regular women. With over 100 brands stocked in-store, including Never Fully Dressed, Olivi Rubin, Ganni, Veja, and Arizona Love, Oxygen Boutique is a go-to destination for stylish and on-trend fashion products.

In addition to women’s clothing, Oxygen Boutique also stocks a range of boutique baby clothes, as well as health and wellness products.

Oxygen Boutique’s affiliate program offers a great opportunity for fashion bloggers and influencers to promote their trendy, designer products. Since the boutique has been in business since 2009 and only has one store, promoting their exclusive products can give your content a unique angle. Plus, with international shipping, American affiliates can leverage the “cool London chic” factor to attract a wider audience.

URL: Oxygen Boutique affiliate program

Commission:  8% per sale


Cookie duration: 30 days


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Looking for a fashion boutique with a rich history and a modern edge? Tessabit is the place to be. Since opening their first store in 1953, Tessabit has remained a family-run boutique with 14 stores, making them a leader in the industry for almost 70 years.

At Tessabit, visitors can explore the latest designer fashion trends for both men and women. But the key difference? These designer products are designed to be worn in real life, not just displayed on the catwalk. From high-end accessories to trendy clothing, Tessabit has something for everyone.

Ready to earn some cash? Tessabit’s affiliate program pays out a generous 10% commission on everything you sell. With hoodies costing over $200, the earning potential is huge – as long as you’re promoting to an audience with the spending power to buy it. Join the Tessabit affiliate program today and start earning big!

URL: Tessabit affiliate program

Commission:  10% per sale

EPC:  €31.48

Cookie duration: 45 days

Conclusion: Boutique Affiliate Programs 

Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your website or social media platform, and partnering with a boutique can offer high commission rates and access to quality fashion products. The top 10 boutique affiliate programs listed here are some of the best in the industry, offering generous commissions, quality products, and strong brand recognition. Whether you’re a fashion blogger, social media influencer, or simply looking to earn some extra income, these programs offer a great opportunity to boost your earnings.

To get started with these boutique affiliate programs, it’s important to choose the program that best fits your niche and audience. Take the time to research each program and review their commission rates, product offerings, and promotional materials. Once you’ve identified the program that’s right for you, begin promoting their products to your audience, leveraging your website, social media, and email marketing channels to maximize your reach.

By partnering with one of these top boutique affiliate programs, you can earn a steady stream of income while providing your audience with access to high-end fashion products that they may not be able to find elsewhere. So why wait? Start exploring these programs today and discover the earning potential that boutique affiliate marketing can offer in 2023.


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