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Light Up Your Earnings: The Top 12 Candle Affiliate Programs of 2023

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Candles have been used for thousands of years to create an ambiance of warmth, light, and relaxation. Today, candles have become a popular decoration item and a go-to source of aromatherapy for many. It’s no surprise then that candles are big business, with the global market size valued at $8.4 billion in 2020, and an expected annual growth rate of 4.6% from 2021 to 2028.

As an affiliate marketer, the candle market is an excellent niche to tap into, with plenty of affiliate programs offering high commission rates and opportunities to earn. In this article, we’ll explore the top 12 candle affiliate programs for 2023. Whether you’re a lifestyle blogger, social media influencer, or candle enthusiast, you’ll find something in this list to boost your earnings. So, let’s light up your earnings with these top candle affiliate programs.

Candle Affiliate Programs

Spoken Flames

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To add some more value to your candle business, partnering with an affiliate program is an excellent option. Among the many candle affiliate programs, Spoken Flames is one of the most unique brands in the market, thanks to its all-natural ingredients and AR-enabled candles.

The best thing about Spoken Flames is that it offers a one-of-a-kind sensory experience to its customers. The company’s candles come with audible affirmations and poems that can be activated via Instagram, adding a whole new dimension to candle lighting. Though it comes with a higher price tag than other gourmet candles, the brand has still managed to maintain an impressive 5.88% conversion rate, making it a lucrative choice for affiliates.

As an affiliate, you can earn a commission of 10% per sale, which is quite generous. The Spoken Flames affiliate program also offers a seven-day cookie window, and its EPC stands at over $50, which indicates high earning potential for affiliates. The affiliate payments are made via direct deposit, check, or Payoneer on the 20th of every month, following a NET 30 model. In other words, if someone buys through your affiliate link on August 20th, you’ll be paid on September 20th.

To join the Spoken Flames affiliate program, you can sign up via the ShareASale affiliate network. Don’t hesitate to partner with this brand if you’re looking for something unique and innovative in the candle industry, and start lighting up your earnings in 2023.

Commission rate: 10% per sale

Cookie duration: 7 days

Frères Branchiaux

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The family-owned company Frères Branchiaux produces a line of hand-poured, vegan scented candles made from soy wax, as well as a variety of other home and body products such as room sprays and diffusers.

With a generous affiliate program, you can earn a 15% commission on every sale made using your unique coupon code or affiliate link. One notable feature of this program is that it is managed in-house, meaning you can sign up easily through an onsite form, requiring just your name and a password.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive approval from Frères Branchiaux to begin promoting their products and earning commissions. With the high quality of their products and the straightforward nature of their affiliate program, Frères Branchiaux is a great choice for those looking to monetize their candle-related content in 2023.

URL: Frères Branchiaux affiliate program

Commission rate: 15%

Cookie duration: 30 days


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If you’re looking for all-natural scented candles, Otherland is a top choice. Their candles are made from a coconut and soy wax blend, with 100% cotton wicks.

Otherland’s affiliate program offers a commission of 10% on all sales made within the 30-day cookie window. To help you drive those sales, the program provides access to dozens of high-quality creatives and text links.

To join the Otherland affiliate program, you’ll need to sign up with the Pepperjam affiliate network. Keep in mind that Pepperjam only pays out via PayPal and has a payment threshold of $25. Payments are typically made on or around the 1st and 15th of every month.

URL: Otherland affiliate program

Commission rate: 10% per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

Ellis Brooklyn

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The Ellis Brooklyn affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for those interested in promoting a high-end, natural fragrance and body care brand that also offers a selection of 100% vegan, super creamy wax candles. Powered by the Rakuten Advertising affiliate network, the program has a 10% commission rate and a 30-day cookie window, which is standard in the candle niche. You can choose to receive commission payments via direct deposit, PayPal, or check.

Payouts are made on a NET 60 basis, which means you’ll receive your commissions approximately 60 days after earning them, as long as you meet the minimum monthly threshold of $50.

To sign up for the Ellis Brooklyn affiliate program, simply complete the straightforward form available on the brand’s website. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to create a Rakuten Advertising account to monitor your commissions and access all the creatives.

The brand prefers to partner with affiliates who create visually appealing content that aligns with their design aesthetics, don’t display offensive or pornographic content, and clearly put a lot of thought into their writing and/or imagery. If you meet these criteria, the Ellis Brooklyn affiliate program could be an excellent fit for you.

URL: Ellis Brooklyn affiliate program

Commission rate: 10%

Cookie duration: 30 days

DS & Durga

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If you’re looking for a unique candle brand to promote, DS & Durga is a husband-and-wife team that creates immersive fragrances and candles from their Brooklyn-based headquarters. Their candle affiliate program is managed through ShareASale, so you’ll need to sign up with the affiliate network to join.

Affiliates can earn a 15% commission on all sales that convert within the 30-day cookie window, with a high average order value of over $100. DS & Durga offers banner ads and other creatives to help affiliates market their products, and runs promotions during major shopping events like the Cyber Weekend and holidays.

This program has a solid conversion rate of 7.32%, indicating that customers aren’t put off by the brand’s higher product prices. Payments are made on a NET 30 basis via check, direct deposit, or Payoneer on the 20th of each month, following ShareASale’s standard procedures.

Commission rate: 15% per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days


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Follain’s candle affiliate program, powered by ShareASale, offers a unique opportunity for affiliates in the candle niche. While Follain is primarily a skincare brand, it also offers a small selection of high-quality candles made from a sustainable vegetable wax blend.

With a 10% commission rate and a 30-day cookie window, affiliates can earn commissions on not only candles but other scented products such as face serums, lip balms, and body scrubs, as long as customers convert within the cookie window. ShareASale reports that Follain has an impressive average order value of $85, a solid conversion rate of 5.25%, and a seven-day EPC of nearly $9.

Affiliates can choose from three payment methods, including check, direct deposit, and Payoneer, with payments made on or around the 20th of every month on a NET 30 billing cycle.

As Follain isn’t specifically a candle retailer, affiliates can point their audience to its high-quality candles while encouraging them to explore other scented products. This unique approach can work in affiliates’ favor and boost their earning potential.

Commission rate: 10% per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days


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Nordstrom is a well-known American department store chain, offering almost 1,000 candle-related products, from soy candles to candle holders, along with various other luxury items.

While not solely a candle retailer, Nordstrom is still worth considering as an affiliate marketer due to its vast range of products. The affiliate program is powered by the Rakuten Linkshare network, offering a commission rate ranging from 2% to 11%, depending on the product. However, most products only qualify for a 2% commission rate, so it can be challenging to earn significant money from this program.

Commissions are paid monthly through bank transfer, check, or PayPal, with a minimum threshold of $25. Rakuten provides you with 24-hour access to the latest sales and traffic statistics, giving you the tools to optimize your campaigns.

As a Nordstrom affiliate, you’ll have the opportunity to earn commissions from almost any product on their website, excluding gift cards. This feature is excellent for those who want to promote a diverse range of products beyond candles.

While not a dedicated candle affiliate program, Nordstrom’s vast selection of candle-related products and luxury goods make it a viable option for affiliate marketers looking to branch out into different niches.

URL: Nordstrom affiliate program

Commission rate: 2% – 11%

Cookie duration: 14 days


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Anthropologie, known for its clothing and fashion accessories, also sells a wide variety of homeware, furniture, beauty, and candles products. With 176 candle-related items available at the time of writing, Anthropologie’s affiliate program is an excellent opportunity to earn extra income.

As an affiliate, you can earn a 6% commission on net sales, excluding taxes, shipping, and returns. For some select furniture products, the commission rate climbs to a more attractive 10%. The affiliate program offers a 30-day cookie window for conversion tracking and real-time reporting and sales tracking.

As with most Rakuten Linkshare affiliate programs, payment is on a NET 60 basis, with a minimum threshold of $50, and you can receive payments via direct deposit, PayPal, or check. The Anthropologie affiliate program also provides regular updates on new promotions and collections to help you increase your conversions.

URL: Anthropologie affiliate program

Commission rate: 6% – 10%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Here For The Burn

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Here For The Burn is a unique candle brand that offers scented candles and air fresheners with a humorous twist. Its products have playful and quirky names like “Main Character Energy” and “Bitch O’Clock”. This ShareASale-affiliated program offers a 10% commission on sales that convert within a generous 90-day cookie window.

Commissions are paid on a NET 30 basis by direct deposit, check, or Payoneer on the 20th of every month. However, Here For The Burn doesn’t offer any marketing materials, promotions or coupon deals. As a result, its conversion rate is low at just 0.62%, leading to a 30-day EPC of only $3.35.

Despite its low conversion rate, Here For The Burn’s affiliate program can still be a great option for affiliates with an audience that appreciates its unique and cheeky products. With its generous cookie window and decent commission rate, it may be worth promoting its products to earn some extra income.

Commission rate: 10% per sale

Cookie duration: 90 days


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Siblings offers top-quality candle-making supplies, including eco-friendly and compostable packaging, high-end scents, and clean ingredients. What sets Siblings apart from other candle suppliers is how easy they make the candle-making process. Simply microwave the wax bag for two minutes, pour the liquid wax into your preferred container, and wait for it to set.

To join their affiliate program, you need to sign up via ShareASale. This affiliate program has a 10% commission rate, with a 30-day cookie window that lets you earn a commission on every qualifying sale.

Siblings provides a range of high-quality creatives and newsletters to help you increase conversions. According to ShareASale, this affiliate program has an average sale of over $70, a conversion rate of 2.19%, and a 30-day EPC of more than $30.

If you’re interested in candle-making supplies and want to earn some extra income in 2023, Siblings’ affiliate program might be worth checking out.

Commission rate: 10% per sale

Cookie duration: 30 days

Brooklyn Candle Studio

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The content seems to be already optimized for SEO, but it could be improved by adding more information to the paragraphs. Here is a revised version:

Brooklyn Candle Studio is a popular candle brand that offers a wide range of cruelty-free, petroleum-free, and phthalate-free vegan candles with minimalist white packaging. The brand’s candles are known for their unique scents and long burn time, making them a hit among candle lovers.

Brooklyn Candle Studio’s affiliate program is managed through the Impact Radius affiliate network, which offers multiple payment methods, including PayPal, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, and ACH transfer. With a payment threshold of $50, you’ll need to generate at least that amount of sales in a month to receive your commission payout. If you don’t reach the threshold, your commissions will roll over to the following month.

The commission rates offered by Brooklyn Candle Studio’s affiliate program are comparatively generous, ranging from 10% to 20%. Plus, the program boasts a solid 30-day cookie window, giving you ample time to close the deal. With a low return rate of less than 1%, you can be confident that you’ll earn commissions from every sale you close.

To help you promote the brand’s candles, affiliates can use free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Additionally, the Impact Radius platform offers robust reporting and tracking tools to help you optimize your campaigns.

According to Impact Radius, this affiliate program has a 30-day EPC of $0.13. However, Brooklyn Candle Studio’s reputation for high-quality candles and its attractive commission rates make it a compelling choice for affiliates looking to earn in the candle niche.

Commission rate: 10% – 20%

Cookie duration: 30 days

Pure Integrity

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If you’re looking to promote soy candles with strong fragrances, Pure Integrity is an option worth exploring. The company claims to produce candles with 50% more fragrance than any other candle, making for a potent aroma.

To join Pure Integrity’s affiliate program, you’ll need to apply via the company’s in-house form. Be prepared to provide a website or blog URL, Alexa traffic rank, name, email address, social followings, and email subscribers. Keep in mind that your traffic rank needs to be at least 500,000 to be eligible.

Pure Integrity offers a generous 15% commission on all orders, with payments made by check every month as long as you hit the $100 minimum commission threshold. To incentivize customers, the company provides free shipping on orders over $100 and flat-rate shipping of $5 on orders over $59.

It’s worth noting that Pure Integrity’s affiliate program may not be suitable for those without a website, as a URL is required to apply. However, for those who meet the eligibility criteria, the program could be a lucrative opportunity to promote high-quality soy candles with robust fragrances.

Commission rate: 15% per sale

Cookie duration: Unknown

Conclusion: Candle Affiliate Programs

The candle market is booming and it’s a great time to get involved in the industry as an affiliate. With so many candle affiliate programs available, it’s important to choose the right ones to suit your audience and niche.

We hope this list of the top 12 candle affiliate programs of 2023 has provided you with a useful starting point for your affiliate marketing strategy. From luxury scents to all-natural ingredients, there’s something for everyone in this list.

Remember to always read the terms and conditions of each program before signing up and promoting their products. And be sure to choose programs with good commission rates, cookie windows, and payment methods that work for you.

By joining one or more of these candle affiliate programs, you can light up your earnings and create a passive income stream in the exciting and rapidly growing candle market.


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