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Elevate Your Affiliate Game: The Best Computer Affiliate Programs for 2023

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If you are looking to earn some extra money as an affiliate marketer, the computer industry is an excellent niche to explore. With technology playing a critical role in our daily lives, there is no shortage of products and services for you to promote.

From cutting-edge laptops and desktops to high-end gaming gear and software, there are plenty of computer-related products that people are eager to buy. And the best part is, you can earn a commission on each sale you generate through your affiliate link.

In this article, we have put together a list of the top 11 computer affiliate programs for 2023. Whether you are a seasoned affiliate marketer or just getting started, these programs offer great commission rates, a wide range of products to promote, and the marketing resources you need to succeed. So, let’s take a closer look at these programs and see which ones are right for you.

Computer Affiliate Programs 


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If you’re looking to earn commissions by promoting computer and tech products, Newegg is a popular choice. This online retailer has a wide range of products, from computer parts to gaming gear, and carries popular brands like ASUS, Dell, and Lenovo. With a global reach that extends across North America, Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East, Newegg is a top contender in the computer affiliate program space.

Managed through Rakuten Linkshare, the Newegg affiliate program offers a commission rate of 1% on all qualifying sales that convert within seven days of a click on your affiliate link. Although the commission rate is relatively low, Newegg provides affiliates with various marketing tools and resources to help drive traffic and increase sales. These include text and banner links, RSS feeds, deep linking, and a detailed product catalog that is updated multiple times a day. The company also has a dedicated affiliate team to provide additional support.

Origin PC

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Origin, a custom PC builder, offers top-of-the-line devices for both gamers and business users. The company’s Chronos model was named “best gaming PC” by PC GAMER, and all Origin devices are made in the USA and come with lifetime customer support.

Interested in joining Origin’s computer affiliate program? You can sign up through CJ Affiliate, though the commission rate is determined on a case-by-case basis, with a reported rate of 2%. The program has an EPC of $38.52, according to CJ Affiliate.

Commissions are paid out between the 20th and 28th of each month, provided your closed commissions exceed the undisclosed minimum threshold. To apply, simply provide your website details, user information, and payment and tax information via the onboarding checklist you’ll receive after signing up.


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Lenovo, a Fortune Global 500 technology company, is renowned for its high-quality laptops, desktops, and workstations. It’s a preferred brand for businesses, gamers, and general computer users. Lenovo ships free worldwide with no minimum spend requirement, making it a popular choice for customers globally.

The Lenovo computer affiliate program is managed through Impact Radius. While the program offers a low commission rate of 2%, Lenovo’s laptops cost $1,000 or more, making it an excellent choice for affiliates looking to earn big commissions. The program’s cookie window lasts for three days, with an average EPC of $0.52 over 30 days.

Lenovo provides weekly coupon codes and various other affiliate tools to help increase commissions. Join the program today and start promoting one of the world’s leading computer brands.


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Adorama is a premier online retailer of consumer electronics. With over 250,000 products in its catalog, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and printers, Adorama is a one-stop-shop for all your electronics needs. The company offers free shipping on most products and worldwide shipping to 250 countries. Same-day shipping is also available within the US for orders placed before 8pm EST.

To become an Adorama computer affiliate, simply join their program on Impact Radius. The program offers a 2% base commission, which can increase up to 8% per sale with performance-based incentives. Affiliates are given a 30-day cookie window to promote the website, which has an average order value of $500+ and a 30-day EPC of $0.51.

Adorama’s computer affiliate program offers a variety of tools and resources to help affiliates promote their products effectively. These include banner ads, buttons, and text links. The website also offers exclusive deals and promotions for affiliate partners, a robust product feed, and dedicated affiliate support via phone and email.

B&H Photo Video

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B&H Photo Video is a reputable US-based retailer of photo, video, and computer equipment. The company boasts an extensive online inventory of over 49,000 computing products, plus nearly half a million items overall, and operates one brick-and-mortar store in Manhattan.

B&H runs an in-house computer affiliate program, with baseline commissions of 2% that can increase based on performance. Affiliates can earn a higher commission of 8% on sales of 3,000+ products from specific brands exclusively sold at B&H, such as Brilia, Gabor, and Pearstone. The program has a 60-hour cookie duration.

Commission payments are processed at the end of each calendar month, provided the minimum threshold of $80 is reached.

The program provides affiliates with the support of a team of campaign managers who offer guidance on content optimization and audience growth. B&H also offers a proprietary Chrome plugin that facilitates easy capture of product URLs.


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MemoryC is a retailer that specializes in computer components and electronics from brands such as Sandisk, Garmin, and ASUS. Its extensive catalog includes memory cards, SSDs, hard drives, and USB drives, among others. With a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping on all products, MemoryC provides customers with a seamless shopping experience.

If you run a technology, photography, or price comparison website, you can join the MemoryC affiliate program via ShareASale. The program offers a standard commission rate of 3% on all sales, but you can earn up to 8% on specific product categories. With a 30-day cookie window, the program allows you to earn commissions for any purchases made within a month of a customer clicking your affiliate link. The program has no minimum threshold, and commissions are paid monthly.

According to ShareASale, MemoryC’s 30-day EPC is $20.55, with a high conversion rate of 2.75%. The average sale amount is $297.16.

As an affiliate, you’ll have access to a variety of promotional tools, such as a data feed with more than 10,000 products and a broad selection of banners, images, and affiliate links.


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If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you might have come across NZXT, a company that specializes in high-performance gaming PCs, monitors, and accessories. The company has a reputation for building cutting-edge custom computers and delivering excellent customer support.

NZXT’s computer affiliate program is available through two networks: ShareASale and Refersion. The ShareASale program pays a 3.5% commission rate and has a 15-day cookie window, while the Refersion program offers a more attractive 5% commission rate with a 90-day cookie window.

Although NZXT claims an average order value of over $150, the program hasn’t recorded any transactions since May 2021. However, the company provides various marketing assets, including a product feed and custom banner sizes, to help you promote its products effectively.


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NVIDIA, a global leader in computer hardware, is best known for inventing the GPU in 1999. The company now offers a wide range of computing solutions, including laptops, video cards, and GPUs. Its renowned consumer electronics brand is GeForce, a family of graphics processing products. In the 2022 financial year, NVIDIA earned $27 billion in revenue.

NVIDIA’s computer affiliate program is hosted by Rakuten Linkshare. It offers a 0.5% last-click commission on all sales and has a cookie window of seven days. Although the commission rate might seem low, NVIDIA’s products are high-ticket items. For instance, a single graphics card can cost over $1,600, presenting a decent opportunity to earn substantial commissions.


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Logitech is a leading provider of computer peripherals, including webcams, headphones, keyboards, and Bluetooth speakers. Its products are sold under various sub-brands, including ASTRO Gaming, Ultimate Ears, and Blue Microphones. The company is also environmentally conscious, using recycled plastics across its product lines to eliminate virgin plastic.

Join Logitech’s affiliate program on Impact Radius to promote its range of quality products. Commission rates range from 3% to 8% on sales. Commissions are paid approximately 90 days after a sale has been completed, including on self-purchases. The program has a 30-day EPC of $0.11 and a 30-day cookie window. Logitech’s average order value stands at $125.

Once accepted into the program, you’ll have access to a robust product catalog, specially designed banners, text links, and seasonal promotions. The program is open to affiliates worldwide, with a separate European program available for affiliates based in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Best Buy

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Best Buy is a massive consumer electronics retailer, operating over 1,100 stores across the United States and Canada. The company offers fast delivery on thousands of products and a price match guarantee, beating competitors like Amazon, Dell, and HP.

Join Best Buy’s affiliate program through Impact Radius and earn a 0.5% commission rate. Although the commission rate is low, the retailer offers high-end computer products that can lead to large commissions. The program provides a one-day cookie window, and some computer products like laptops, desktops, and computer cards are not commissionable. Your first payment will arrive after approximately 60 days from the first sale, and payouts are issued monthly.

Best Buy offers affiliates various free tools, including pre-written content, weekly banner ads, and access to its API. Approved affiliates receive a weekly newsletter with the latest offers and promotions, as well as advance notice of the store’s two-day and three-day sales.


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HP is a well-known name in computer technology, specializing in developing and selling PCs, printers, and related supplies. The company offers a price-matching guarantee, so customers can find the best deal on HP products.

HP also allows customers to customize their PCs by choosing and swapping different configurations. If needed, customers can speak with HP’s customer support team for help configuring the perfect computer.

HP’s computer affiliate program is managed through Awin, offering a 1% baseline commission with a 30-day cookie window. However, higher commission rates may be available on a case-by-case basis. It’s worth noting that ink, toner, paper, and printhead sales are not eligible for commissions.

As part of the program, HP provides various affiliate marketing tools and resources, including regular promotions and a comprehensive product feed.

Conclusion: Computer Affiliate Programs

If you’re looking to make money as an affiliate marketer in the computer niche, these 11 programs offer excellent earning potential.

From major retailers like Best Buy to specialized companies like Origin and NZXT, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Make sure to review each program’s commission rates, cookie duration, and other features before deciding which ones to join.

With the right approach and some effort, you can leverage these affiliate programs to take your earnings to the next level in 2023.


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