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Save More, Earn More: 10 Best Coupon Affiliate Programs for 2023

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Are you on the lookout for new ways to monetize your blog or website? Or perhaps you’re simply passionate about helping people save money on their purchases. Either way, coupon affiliate programs may be the perfect fit for you. These programs offer a win-win situation where you can provide value to your audience by sharing coupons and deals, while also earning a commission on every sale made through your unique affiliate link.

In this article, we’ve researched and handpicked the 10 best coupon affiliate programs for 2023, which offer attractive benefits such as high commission rates, exclusive offers, and user-friendly platforms.

Coupon Affiliate Programs


image 418 is an online platform that lives up to its name, providing a massive collection of digital and printable coupons and promo codes. As a testament to its dominance in the industry, declares itself as “the undisputed leader in printable coupons.” This coupon site covers a vast range of products, from dog food to office supplies, so there’s a promo code available for every shopper.

Whether you’re a business owner or a frugal shopper, has got you covered. Moreover, the site offers coupons for leading brand names such as Kellogs and Arm & Hammer, to name a few. Being a Brandcaster company,’s coupons are legitimate, which is crucial when recommending them to your audience. If they have a negative experience, it’s unlikely that they will give you a second chance.

Now, let’s get into the numbers and talk about how’s affiliate program can help you earn money. As an affiliate, you’ll earn US$0.10c every time a customer prints and uses a coupon from the site. While this may seem like a trivial amount, imagine having 1,000 people print and use your coupons – that’s a quick and easy $100 in your pocket. All in all, provides an excellent opportunity for savvy affiliates to make money with minimal effort.


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Cashback programs can be an excellent way to get back some of the money you spend while shopping, and TopCashback takes the process up a notch by providing the best deals for over 4,000 online retailers. This coupon site doesn’t stop at offering cashback; it also features discount coupons that you can use alongside the cashback offer, allowing you to get even more value for your money.

Whether you’re in the United States or Canada, TopCashback has got you covered, providing cashback offers and coupons for a wide range of preferred stores. As an affiliate, you can earn a total of $1 for every new customer that signs up through your referral link. While it may not seem like much, TopCashback is a free coupon service that offers free payouts, making it easy to convince your audience to try it out.

Once your audience signs up and starts using the service, they’re bound to find at least one coupon they can use, making the financial kickback even more rewarding. All in all, TopCashback is an excellent affiliate program that provides a unique and valuable service to your audience, making it a must-have addition to your affiliate marketing strategy.

Advanced Coupons

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We’re always happy to share a good Authority Hacker tangent, and when it comes to coupon sites, Advanced Coupons is a plugin for WordPress that’s worth considering. This plugin enables you to create and showcase coupons on your WooCommerce store, making it a popular choice among thousands of online store owners.

Not only is Advanced Coupons a top choice for eCommerce businesses, but it’s also well-regarded by many in the affiliate marketing community. This plugin offers a range of coupon types, including BOGO deals, loyalty coupons, shipping coupons, and coupons based on cart conditions, among others. What’s even better is that you don’t need to have coding skills to use this plugin – it’s all about point-and-click.

As an affiliate of Advanced Coupons, you can earn a 20% commission rate on all sales generated through your referral link. Your baseline commission per sale is approximately $19, but it can go up to $40 if your referral purchases an unlimited site license for this excellent coupon plugin.

Local Flavor

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Food is one of those niches that will never go out of fashion since people need to eat to survive. Local Flavor is a coupon site that caters to people who love eating out but hate to cook. Your audience can take advantage of discount coupons of up to 50% for local restaurants, fast food joints, and ice cream parlors in their area, with new coupon deals being introduced every day. This coupon site enables your audience to enjoy their favorite meals, support local businesses, and save a significant amount of money.

Local Flavor’s coupon service is also available through an app for iOS and Android devices, making it even more convenient for your audience to access and use.

As an affiliate of Local Flavor, you can earn a 10% commission on whatever the meal costs, which can quickly add up, given that people need to eat daily. Promoting coupon sites like Local Flavor is a numbers game, and the potential for earning is enormous, making it an excellent addition to your affiliate marketing strategy.


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When it comes to coupon sites, thinking outside the box can yield excellent results. While dedicated coupon programs are a viable option, looking at the most prominent coupon bloggers reveals that they tend to feature the same big-name stores repeatedly. This is because these stores have a high volume of inventory to turn over quickly, making them excellent options for promotion.

Stores like Walmart are an ideal choice since there is almost always at least one promo code available to share with your audience. While you’re limited to the coupons generated by Walmart’s affiliate program manager, there are enough to keep your coupon site busy for years to come.

The commission structure for Walmart starts with a 4% rate on most items, similar to Amazon’s payout. However, it’s crucial to avoid promoting any products on Walmart’s ‘Excluded Items’ list to avoid any potential issues.

Rakuten Rewards

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Rakuten is a massive Japanese e-commerce company that has acquired several coupon sites in the past decade, including Ebates. The company has now rebranded Ebates as Rakuten Rewards, offering visitors access to cashback offers across 2,500 stores, many of which are combined with deep discounts. These offers cover a wide range of products, from hotel stays to smartphones, cosmetics, and food.

Rakuten is also behind the Rakuten Advertising affiliate network, providing affiliate marketers with significant marketing power. Compared to other coupon affiliate programs in this roundup, the Rakuten Advertising affiliate network manages Rakuten’s program, offering up to 5% commission on all items that pay commission. However, gift cards continue to pay a 0% commission rate, as is typical with many other programs.


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WikiBuy is a browser extension that helps users compare prices for a particular item across multiple sources, providing them with the best current price available. It focuses on select online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Home Depot, where most people shop for their household and lifestyle needs.

With WikiBuy, users can save money by automatically applying coupon codes, affiliate codes, and discounts to each item in real time, saving them hours of valuable time looking for the perfect deal. Owned by Capital One, WikiBuy is a legitimate and trustworthy platform for affiliate marketers to promote.

By promoting the WikiBuy extension, affiliate marketers can earn up to $10 for every person who installs and activates it, significantly more than other similar programs pay. With people always on the lookout for online bargains, promoting WikiBuy could potentially be an excellent way for affiliate marketers to earn easy money.


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DealTaker is one of the oldest coupon sites still in business today, having been operating since 2004. With thousands of coupons, discounts, and other offers spread across thousands of retailers, DealTaker provides visitors with access to a diverse range of deals on lifestyle-focused products. From a $25 promo code deal on CBD products to package deals on Under Armour clothing, and discount coupons for photo printing at Walgreens, their coupons are targeted towards items that visitors might genuinely be interested in buying.

While DealTaker’s affiliate commission rate is just 3%, it’s important to note that this is standard for coupon sites, and some sites offer affiliates as little as a 0.8% commission rate. Despite not having the same online presence as some other coupon giants like or Rakuten, DealTaker still offers enough coupons to make it a worthwhile option for affiliate marketers to promote.


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Ibotta is a mobile coupon site that offers cashback deals on tens of thousands of different products, spanning 1,500 brands. From diapers to website design, their coupon offers are diverse, with the potential to save online shoppers hundreds of dollars. They also offer a $20 welcome bonus to new users who sign up for an account, making it a great incentive to promote. Additionally, they are working on a browser extension, so even users who don’t shop on their smartphones can benefit from their deals.

As an affiliate, you can earn $2 for every referral sent through your affiliate link. While there are no big-hitter commissions here, being a coupon affiliate is a numbers game, with hundreds of thousands of small commissions potentially adding up to a significant amount. Regardless of the size of the commissions, the cash generated from being a coupon affiliate can be a worthwhile source of income.


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Honey is a free discount-finding browser extension that compares prices and discounts across the entire internet, unlike some of its competitors. It checks for the best deals for a given item across 30,000 websites and can result in an average discount of almost 18% on anything your visitors want to buy.

Additionally, your visitors can get Honey Gold, which allows them to save money and earn gift cards to use in some of the biggest stores online. Honey has the potential to save visitors an average of $126 annually, making it a worthwhile tool to test with your audience.

As for the affiliate program, you’ll earn $1 for every desktop browser installation and 25c for mobile registrations. Getting paid for browser installs can be a relatively easy way to make money as an affiliate.

Conclusion: Coupon Affiliate Programs

These 10 best coupon affiliate programs for 2023 offer a great opportunity for affiliate marketers to earn a passive income. With the rise of online shopping and the increasing demand for discounts and promo codes, these coupon sites provide a valuable service to consumers.

By partnering with these programs, affiliate marketers can earn a commission for promoting these coupons to their audience. Each program offers unique features, such as cashback rewards, deep discounts, and a wide variety of coupons from major retailers. By diversifying your portfolio with these coupon affiliate programs, you can increase your chances of success in the highly competitive world of affiliate marketing.


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