Exploring Payoneer: A Comprehensive Solution for Freelancers

Payoneer Taxes

Payoneer stands as a pivotal payment platform, especially tailored for freelancers who seek a comprehensive solution to navigate the complexities of international payments. This gateway offers an extensive scope of services, including the celebrated Payoneer virtual card and Payoneer business account, which are instrumental in simplifying transactions across borders. By facilitating an easier way for freelancers to request and receive payments globally, Payoneer empowers them to broaden their business horizon confidently.

What sets Payoneer apart is its adeptness at handling mass payouts and its ability to serve as a versatile payment solution regardless of geographical boundaries. This article aims to guide freelancers through setting up a Payoneer account, understanding the fee structure, and exploring the capabilities of making and receiving payments. Additionally, it elaborates on the utility of the Payoneer card for managing business expenses, optimizing currency management, and leveraging the global payment network to enhance a freelancer’s business growth effectively.

Setting Up Your Payoneer Account

Setting up a Payoneer account is a straightforward process designed to integrate freelancers seamlessly into the global marketplace. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get started:

  1. Create Your Account:
    • Navigate to Payoneer’s website and click on the ‘Register’ button.
    • Select ‘Freelance, Services Provider and SMB’ to tailor the account to your freelancing needs.
    • Fill in personal details such as your first name, last name, email address, and date of birth for initial registration.
    • Provide your address information including country, street, number, city name, and zip code for account verification purposes.
    • Enter a valid mobile number for SMS verification to add an extra layer of security to your account.
  2. Complete the Verification Process:
    • Set up a strong password and choose a security question to enhance your account’s security.
    • Upload a form of ID for verification, which can be a National ID, Driving License, or Passport.
    • Choose the type of account you need: personal or business, based on your freelancing operation scale.
    • Enter your bank name and IBAN for receiving payments, ensuring you can easily withdraw funds.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and familiarize yourself with the pricing and fees to avoid surprises.
  3. Connect and Grow Your Business:
    • Once your account is approved, typically within 3 business days, log in to access your funds.
    • Update your two-step authentication or security settings for added protection.
    • Attach your Payoneer account to platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or any other marketplace you work with to start receiving payments.
    • Payoneer’s single account setup allows you to connect with clients and marketplaces worldwide, streamlining the payment process, smoothing out cash flow, and facilitating business growth.

By following these steps, freelancers can easily set up their Payoneer account, ensuring they are well-positioned to receive international payments, manage multiple currencies, and grow their freelance business globally. Payoneer’s platform caters specifically to freelancers, businesses, and marketplaces, making it a versatile payment solution for various user groups including business owners, professionals, and freelancers.

Understanding Payoneer’s Fee Structure

Navigating through Payoneer’s fee structure reveals a transparent and freelancer-friendly approach, ensuring that users are aware of the costs associated with various transactions. Here’s a breakdown to help freelancers understand how Payoneer’s fees could affect their business operations:

  • Transaction Fees:
    • Between Payoneer Customers: Free for receiving payments.
    • Direct Payments from Clients: Up to 3.99% for credit card payments, 1% for ACH bank debits, and an additional $0.49 plus 3.99% for PayPal.
    • Marketplace and Network Payments: Fees vary by the marketplace, so it’s essential to consult with them directly.
    • Currency Conversion: Transactions involving currency conversion incur up to a 3.5% fee.
    • Cross-Border Transactions: A fee of up to 1.8% is applied when the merchant’s country differs from the card-issuing country.
  • Annual and Inactivity Fees:
    • An annual account fee of $29.95 is charged if there are no transactions for 12 months.
    • The first Payoneer card delivery is $29.95, but additional cards are free.
  • ATM and Card Management Fees:
    • ATM Withdrawals: $3.15 (USD), $2.50 (EUR), or $1.95 (GBP).
    • Balance Inquiry: $1.00 (USD), $0.87 (EUR), or $0.65 (GBP).
    • Card Replacement: $12.95 (USD), $9.95 (EUR), or $9.95 (GBP).
  • Other Fees:
    • Receiving Accounts: Free for EUR, GBP, and more, but USD transactions can cost up to 1%.
    • Money Transfer: A $3 fee per transfer, with zero charges to receive money.
    • Currency Management: A 0.5% fee is applied based on the amount to transfer for managing currencies.
    • Transferring Between Balances: A low, flat fee of 0.5% is charged.

Payoneer’s commitment to transparency is evident in its straightforward fee structure, designed to support freelancers by offering low fees compared to traditional banking systems and other payment platforms. With Payoneer being regulated by financial authorities in the US, UK, and EU, freelancers can trust in the reliability and security of managing their international payments through this platform. Understanding these fees is crucial for freelancers to make informed decisions and optimize their earnings while expanding their global reach.

Getting Paid by Clients and Marketplaces

Payoneer simplifies the process for freelancers to get paid by clients and marketplaces, facilitating a seamless connection to global platforms. This capability is crucial for freelancers working in various industries, including marketing agencies, digital marketers, IT outsourcing agencies, web & mobile app developers, creators, professional services, and businesses. The platform’s versatility is showcased through its wide range of use cases, from processing payments for freelancers on Upwork and Fiverr to handling transactions for large marketplaces.

  • Receiving Payments Globally:
    • Dedicated Receiving Accounts: Freelancers can receive payments in local currency, making international transactions feel local.
    • Preferred Payment Methods: Clients have the flexibility to pay using their preferred method, enhancing the freelancer-client transaction experience.
    • Payment Notifications: Real-time notifications alert freelancers when payments are received, ensuring they’re always up-to-date.

Payoneer’s mass payout platform offers a comprehensive solution for marketplaces, supporting payouts in 190+ countries and enabling multicurrency payouts. This feature is complemented by automated payment collection and secure transactions, which are crucial for freelancers and marketplaces alike. Additionally, Payoneer’s support for automated tax payments simplifies the often complex process of managing taxes for freelancers.

  • Flexible Payout Options:
    • Bank Transfers & Local Receiving Accounts: Offers a traditional yet efficient way to receive payments.
    • Prepaid Mastercard: Provides immediate access to funds, useful for business expenses or withdrawals.
    • Multi-Currency Accounts: Enables freelancers to receive and hold funds in multiple currencies, offering flexibility in currency management.

Payoneer’s platform stands out not only for its ability to process international payments but also for its support infrastructure. The international team, available in 22+ languages, is ready to assist freelancers in navigating through the complexities of freelance marketplaces. This level of support, combined with the platform’s robust features, makes Payoneer a preferred choice for freelancers looking to grow their business globally.

Using the Payoneer Card for Business Expenses

The Payoneer card, available in major currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, and CAD, is a strategic tool for freelancers and businesses to manage their finances efficiently. This card, powered by Mastercard, ensures global acceptance, allowing users to conduct transactions both online and offline with ease. Here are some of the key features and benefits of using the Payoneer card for business expenses:

  • Global Usability and Savings:
    • Accepted Worldwide: Use the Payoneer card for purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
    • Save on Conversion Fees: Directly spend from your Payoneer balance in the card’s currency, reducing the need for currency conversion and associated costs.
    • Earn While Spending: Some transactions may offer cashback or rewards, adding value back into your Payoneer account.
  • Business Operations and Expense Management:
    • Increased Spending Limits: Cater to larger business needs with generous daily spending limits up to $2500.
    • Multiple Cards for Different Expenses: Organize your finances by allocating different cards for specific business needs, simplifying tracking and management.
    • Instant Expense Tracking: Monitor transactions in real-time, ensuring you’re always informed about your spending and remaining balance.
    • Seamless Integration with Accounting Software: Easily reconcile your expenses with popular platforms like Xero or QuickBooks Online, streamlining your financial management.
  • Flexibility and Access to Funds:
    • ATM Withdrawals Worldwide: Access your funds directly by withdrawing cash from ATMs across the globe.
    • Point of Sale Transactions: Perform up to 30 transactions daily, keeping your business operations smooth and uninterrupted.
    • Digital Marketing and Online Advertising: Pay for business expenses such as TikTok ads directly from your Payoneer balance, saving on conversion fees and enhancing budget efficiency.

The Payoneer card not only facilitates the ease of paying suppliers and handling business expenses but also supports freelancers in maintaining a fluid cash flow. Its capacity to be used for both withdrawals and online transactions underscores its versatility. Coupled with the ability to hold and manage funds in multiple currencies, the Payoneer card emerges as a comprehensive financial tool for freelancers and businesses aiming for global market engagement.

Managing Multiple Currencies

In the realm of global freelancing, managing multiple currencies is a significant advantage, and Payoneer’s multi-currency account feature stands out as a beacon for freelancers navigating international waters. This feature allows users to hold, manage, and transfer between over 150 currencies within a single account, streamlining the financial operations of freelancers who deal with international clients. Here’s a closer look at how Payoneer facilitates this:

  • Multi-Currency Support:
    • Currencies Offered: USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY, CNH, CZK, PLN, RUB, VND, among others.
    • Conversion and Transfer: Users can convert funds quickly with competitive exchange rates and a fixed, low fee of 0.5%.
    • Global Reach: Supports transactions in over 200 countries, enabling freelancers to expand their market presence seamlessly.

Payoneer’s ‘Manage Currencies’ service is a cornerstone for freelancers looking to optimize their currency management. This service allows for easy transfers between balances or cards within the Payoneer account, ensuring freelancers have the necessary funds in the right currency at the right time. The process is straightforward:

  1. Accessing the Service: Log in to ‘My Account’, navigate to the ‘Activity’ tab, and select ‘Manage Currencies’.
  2. Conversion Process: Choose the currencies you wish to convert from and to, view the real-time exchange rate, and confirm the transfer.
  3. Market Adaptability: Be mindful of market closures which may temporarily affect the ability to transfer certain currencies.

For freelancers aiming to streamline their international business operations, Payoneer provides a robust solution. Not only does it offer the flexibility of managing multiple currencies, but it also ensures quick access to funds with local bank transfers in over 50 currencies, with availability within 1-2 business days. This feature, coupled with Payoneer’s international support team available in 22+ languages, empowers freelancers to navigate the complexities of global markets with confidence and ease. Payoneer’s dedication to simplifying the payment experience for clients, partners, and suppliers alike makes it a comprehensive tool for freelancers looking to manage multiple currencies and expand their business globally.

Withdrawing Funds to Your Local Bank Account

Withdrawing funds from a Payoneer account to a local bank account is a straightforward process, designed to cater to the needs of freelancers and businesses operating in over 190 countries. Here’s a detailed overview of how this feature works, enhancing the financial flexibility for Payoneer users:

  • Withdrawal Method and Details:
    • Countries Supported: 190+
    • Account Types: Personal or Company
    • Currency Selection: Users select the currency balance and bank account for withdrawal.
    • Withdrawal Amount: Option to choose an amount to withdraw or specify a deposit amount, with Payoneer calculating the necessary adjustments.
    • Processing Time: Funds typically arrive within 2 business days.
  • Withdrawal Limits and Auto-Withdrawals:
    • Daily Withdrawals: Up to 30
    • Daily Limit: $5000
    • Auto-Withdrawals: Mandated by regulators in some regions for same-day processing. Optional in other regions with frequency choices of daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Utilization of Funds:
    • Direct Payments: Funds received can be used to pay suppliers directly to their bank accounts or Payoneer accounts.
    • Local Bank Transfers: Available in over 50 currencies, ensuring funds are accessible within 1-2 business days.

This feature not only simplifies the process of accessing earnings but also provides a seamless way to manage and allocate funds efficiently. Whether it’s paying for services, settling invoices, or simply transferring earnings to a local bank account, Payoneer’s withdrawal functionality is designed with the user’s convenience and financial needs in mind.

Payoneer’s Global Payment Network

Payoneer’s global payment network is designed to support the dynamic needs of freelancers and businesses, offering a suite of services that cater to various aspects of financial transactions across borders. Key features of this network include:

  • Capital Advance: A feature that provides upfront funding to help businesses grow. This is particularly beneficial for freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses looking for an injection of cash to take on bigger projects or expand operations.
  • Directory of Partners: Payoneer offers exclusive deals through a directory of partners, helping users save on business essentials. This can range from discounts on software tools to special rates on professional services, all aimed at supporting the growth and efficiency of businesses.
  • Language Support: Understanding the importance of accessibility, Payoneer supports multiple languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. This wide range of language support ensures that users from different parts of the world can navigate the platform with ease, making international transactions smoother.

The services provided by Payoneer are comprehensive, covering all bases from getting paid by clients and marketplaces to making payments and managing business finances. These services include:

  • Global Payment Services: Allows users to send and receive funds across borders with ease. This is crucial for freelancers and businesses that operate internationally, providing a seamless way to handle transactions in multiple currencies.
  • Billing Services: Freelancers can invoice clients directly through Payoneer, simplifying the payment collection process. This integrated billing service helps freelancers and businesses streamline their operations and reduce administrative overhead.
  • Withdrawal Services & Global Bank Transfers: Users can easily withdraw funds to their local bank accounts in over 50 currencies, ensuring quick access to earnings. Additionally, Payoneer’s global bank transfer service offers a convenient way to send payments worldwide, making it easier to manage international business transactions.

Payoneer’s mass payout services are trusted by millions of marketplaces, sellers, and service providers worldwide, emphasizing the platform’s reliability and scale. This trust is built on Payoneer’s ability to provide secure, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for transferring funds internationally, catering to the needs of a diverse range of users, from individual freelancers to large corporations. With a presence in over 200 countries, Payoneer’s global payment network is a cornerstone for businesses and individuals looking to navigate the complexities of international payments, ensuring that wherever they are in the world, managing their finances is straightforward and stress-free.

Advanced Features for Growing Your Freelance Business

Payoneer’s suite of advanced features is designed to support freelancers and businesses in their journey towards growth and global expansion. Among these, the Capital Advance feature stands out by offering a financial lifeline to those looking to fund their growth without the burden of traditional loan processes. Here’s a closer look at how Payoneer caters to various needs:

  • Capital Advance for Growth:
    • Instant Funding: Receive an advance on upcoming marketplace earnings, helping to smooth out cash flow for operational needs or growth investments.
    • No Personal Guarantees or Collateral Required: Offers are pre-approved based on your payment history and store performance, simplifying the application process.
    • Flexible Settlement Periods: Choose a repayment period ranging from 1 to 6 months, with Payoneer collecting a portion of marketplace payments until the advance is fully settled.
  • Streamlined Tax Form Collection:
    • Automated Collection: Simplifies the process of collecting tax forms from freelancers and contractors, ensuring compliance and reducing administrative burdens.
    • Easy Management: Access and manage collected forms directly from your Payoneer account, streamlining your financial operations.

Payoneer not only focuses on providing immediate financial solutions but also offers a broad spectrum of services tailored to diverse industries. This includes support for marketing agencies, digital marketers, IT outsourcing agencies, web & mobile app developers, and more. The platform’s flexibility is further demonstrated through:

  • Industry-Specific Solutions:
    • Comprehensive Support: Whether you’re an eCommerce seller, a startup, or a professional service provider, Payoneer has tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.
    • Global Payment Services: Facilitates easy international payments, allowing freelancers to pay suppliers or receive payments from clients across the globe.
    • Exclusive Offers: Access to a directory of partners providing exclusive deals to help save on business essentials, ranging from software tools to professional services.

By leveraging Payoneer’s advanced features, freelancers and businesses can navigate the complexities of global markets with confidence. Whether it’s funding growth through Capital Advance, managing international payments, or ensuring compliance with tax obligations, Payoneer provides a comprehensive platform to support your business needs at every stage.


Throughout this exploration of Payoneer, it becomes evident that the platform stands as a vital ally for freelancers and businesses venturing into the international arena. The comprehensive suite of features, from setting up a global payment network to managing multiple currencies and facilitating the easy withdrawal of funds, underscores Payoneer’s commitment to simplifying financial transactions across borders. Its user-friendly interface, combined with a transparent fee structure, empowers users to navigate the complexities of global commerce with confidence, expanding their reach without the traditional financial constraints.

By integrating advanced features such as Capital Advance and industry-specific solutions, Payoneer caters to the diverse needs of its global user base, from individual freelancers to large businesses. As the digital economy continues to evolve, Payoneer’s role in facilitating seamless, secure, and efficient international payments is undeniably crucial. For those looking to maximize their freelance or business growth on a global scale, Payoneer offers a robust, reliable platform, not just for transactions but as a partner in financial management and expansion.


Is Payoneer a Suitable Option for Freelancers?

Yes, Payoneer is an excellent option for freelancers seeking a quick, secure, and reliable method to receive payments from clients and freelance marketplaces. It offers the convenience of making payments or withdrawing earnings with just a few clicks.

What Are the Top Payment Platforms for Freelancers?

The best payment providers for freelancers include:

  • GoCardless
  • PayPal, known for its quick and easy payment process for clients
  • Google Pay
  • FreshBooks
  • Escrow
  • Stripe
  • Skrill
  • Paymo
    These platforms offer various features tailored to the needs of freelancers.

Can Freelancers Trust Payoneer as a Legitimate Company?

Absolutely, Payoneer operates as a licensed and regulated entity under multiple government regulators. As a regulated financial institution, it is legally required to keep customer funds in segregated, safeguarded accounts. Payoneer prioritizes the protection of your funds and the prevention of money laundering.

How Can One Make Payments to Freelancers Using Payoneer?

To pay freelancers through Payoneer, there are three methods available:

  1. Initiate single payments for one-time projects.
  2. Schedule recurring payments for ongoing work.
  3. Send batch payments to up to 150 recipients simultaneously for weekly or monthly payouts.
    This flexibility makes it convenient for handling various payment needs.

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