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Top Gardening Affiliate Programs to Help You Grow Your Earnings in 2023

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Are you passionate about gardening and looking to monetize your hobby? As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a commission by promoting gardening products and services through affiliate programs.

In this article, we’ll explore the top gardening affiliate programs that can help you grow your earnings in 2023. These programs offer a variety of products and services, from garden tools and supplies to seeds and plants.

Whether you have a niche gardening blog, social media following, or email list, these programs can provide you with an opportunity to earn a commission by promoting products that your audience will love. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the best gardening affiliate programs available in 2023.

Gardening Affiliate Programs


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Looking to start a garden but don’t have the outdoor space to do it? Enter AeroGarden – the indoor gardening solution that lets you grow your own produce with just water, light, and a nutrient solution. With AeroGarden’s hydroponic kits, you can grow a variety of vegetables right in your home, making it the perfect solution for those living in apartments or without a yard.

Not only does AeroGarden offer a modern and space-age approach to gardening, but their systems have been used for decades, ensuring a tried and true method. Plus, their “pods” blend in seamlessly with contemporary home decor.

While AeroGarden’s technology may not come cheap, their affiliate program offers a generous 7.5% commission on all sales generated. And with some of their top-tier products priced at nearly $800, affiliates could potentially earn around $60 per transaction. And with the company’s gardening blog, AeroGarden provides helpful resources to make indoor gardening a success.

URL: AeroGarden affiliate program

Commission: 7.5%  

EPC:  $86.85

Cookie: 40 days

Succulents Box

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If you thought there was no subscription box for succulent lovers, Succulents Box is here to prove you wrong.

Succulents are often known as cacti, those tiny prickly plants found in arid regions. At Succulents Box, your audience can purchase everything they need to grow succulents in their homes or subscribe to a monthly delivery of succulent goodies.

The best part about gardening with succulents is that they need minimal maintenance, making it a low-effort and high-reward hobby.

As a gardening affiliate marketer, you can earn a 10% commission on every referred sale from Succulents Box. Although the EPC for this program isn’t significant, their products are reasonably priced. Furthermore, they pay a substantial number of payments to their affiliates, which is a positive sign.

Overall, Succulents Box is one of the most unique affiliate programs among all gardening affiliate programs, making it a worthy addition to your list.

URL: Succulents Box affiliate program

Commission:  10%

EPC:  $9.96

Cookie: 30 days

Forestry Suppliers

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Not all gardens are created equal. Some of them are simply bigger than others. And in those situations, regular gardening tools and equipment simply won’t do. That’s where Forestry Suppliers comes in.

Forestry Suppliers sells everything from ground protection mats to bulk herbicide, as well as all the usual gardening tools and accessories you’d need. Although this is a niche program within the gardening industry, there’s a lot of potential if you promote the right products to the right audience, such as people with large gardens.

What surprised me about this program was the higher-than-expected EPC. It indicates that although the target audience for these products is relatively small, affiliates in the gardening niche have tapped into it. With a 3% commission rate and an average of roughly $40 for every 100 visitors you send their way, this program offers a pretty good deal for affiliate marketers.

URL: Forestry Suppliers affiliate program

Commission:  3%

EPC:  $40.76

Cookie: 30 days

Seeds Now

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For fans of self-sufficiency and the GIY (Grow it yourself) or GYO (Grow your own) movement, organic seeds are a must-have. And that’s where SeedsNow comes in.

With thousands of organic, non-GMO seeds for herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, SeedsNow offers a wide selection for gardening enthusiasts.

As an affiliate marketer, promoting this program offers great earning potential. The program has a high level of activity and a tasty EPC, and affiliates receive a 25% commission on all sales.

However, some users have reported frustration with the interstitial pop-ups that can be obtrusive and hard to dismiss. Despite this, SeedsNow is a solid option for any affiliate marketer in the gardening niche.

URL: SeedsNow affiliate program

Commission:  25%

EPC:  $28

Cookie duration:  90 days

Garden Tower

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If you’re interested in gardening but lack the physical space or prefer not to use hydroponics, there’s another option available: the Garden Tower Project. This program offers a unique stackable tower made of interlocking segments that allows you to grow up to 50 plants or vegetables in just four square feet of space.

Vertical gardening has become a popular trend lately, making this program a valuable addition to any affiliate marketer’s portfolio. Rather than attempting to build their own vertical garden using plumbing supplies, your visitors can purchase this paint-by-numbers vertical gardening solution instead.

What’s even more appealing to affiliates is that each Garden Tower costs $359, which means you stand to make up to $57 per sale. The program’s average commission payout is $35.56, which is still quite impressive. Additionally, there’s the potential to earn even more with their two-tier commission structure.

Since vertical gardening is something that most gardeners experiment with, you have a broad audience to target, making the Garden Tower Project a must-have affiliate program.

URL: Garden Tower Project affiliate program

Commission:  16%

EPC:  $75.96

Cookie: 60 days

Click & Grow

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The Click and Grow hydroponics system is a game-changer for indoor gardening.

With 45 available varieties of vegetables or herbs to choose from, users can simply buy the corresponding pods and insert them into their Smart Garden.

Thanks to the technology inside, the system takes care of everything from watering to providing the right amount of light and nutrients.

And with no need for a balcony, it’s the perfect solution for those with limited outdoor space.

As a gardening affiliate marketer, promoting the Click and Grow program can earn you a 10% commission on all referred sales.

And with a solid 7-day EPC, you have the potential to reach a wide range of customers, from experienced gardeners to those looking for a new hobby or way to add some greenery to their living space.

URL: Click and Grow affiliate program

Commission:  10%

EPC:  $24.12

Cookie: 45 days

Botanical Interests

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Botanical Interests has been selling heirloom and organic seeds since 1995, long before the idea became popular. Their untreated non-GMO seeds aren’t available in regular stores, and visitors can choose from 600 varieties spanning from vegetables to sunflowers. Each packet of seeds comes with instructions, so even novice gardeners can easily grow their plants. Botanical Interests also has a gardening blog full of useful tips. What sets them apart is that they pay gardening bloggers a 15% commission while all other affiliate publishers receive 5%. With a 13.8% conversion rate for their offers, a 5% commission is still a decent rate.

URL: Botanical Interests affiliate program

Commission:  15%

EPC:  $34.33

Cookie: 45 days

Hoss Tools

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Hoss Tools has a clear and simple mission – to help people grow their own food, whether that be on a balcony or in a converted lawn space.

They offer a wide variety of products, including wheel hoes, seed planters, seeds, drip irrigation systems, fertilizers, food preservation equipment, and pest control products.

Unlike some other gardening suppliers, Hoss Tools manufactures their products in the United States, and even uses Amish-crafted wooden handles.

While their website may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, their gardening blog provides readers with a wealth of information and tips on growing their own vegetables.

Affiliates promoting Hoss Tools can earn a solid 10% commission per sale, with an average order size of $101, resulting in an expected earning of $10 per transaction.

Furthermore, this program is among the top-performing affiliate programs on ShareASale, demonstrating the potential for consistent earnings for affiliates.

URL: Hoss Tools affiliate program

Commission:  10%

EPC:  $47.95

Cookie: 30 days

Power Planter Australia

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Gardening can be fun, but preparing the soil can be back-breaking work. Thankfully, there’s a solution: the Power Planter. Invented in Australia, this innovative device attaches to any 18v drill and drills holes in the ground for planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables. You can even use it to drill watering holes for trees during hot summers.

As a gardening affiliate, promoting the Power Planter is a smart move. With an average order value of $161, you’ll earn a generous 15% commission per sale, or $24 per transaction. And since this is a relatively new product, there’s plenty of opportunity for early adopters to capitalize on its growing popularity.

URL: Power Planter affiliate program

Commission:  15%

EPC:  $121.62

Cookie: 30 days

Urban Leaf

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While indoor gardening is not a new concept, it has recently gained popularity as people look for ways to become more self-sufficient. Urban Leaf is a company that wants to help people grow their own food, but with a twist. They teach you how to create an indoor hydroponics system using an empty bottle as the foundation.

What makes Urban Leaf unique is their “Green Thumb” guarantee. If your plant doesn’t grow, they will replace it or give you a refund. And the best part? Their grow kits are extremely affordable, making them an easy impulse buy for any aspiring indoor gardener.

As an affiliate marketer promoting Urban Leaf, you’ll earn 14% commission on every sale. While this may not seem like a lot, their impressive conversion rate of 10% means you have the potential to make a decent profit. With millions of people living in apartments and looking for indoor gardening solutions, the market for Urban Leaf is vast.

URL: Urban Leaf affiliate program

Commission:  14%

EPC:  $40.27

Cookie: 30 days

Conclusion: Gardening Affiliate Programs

The gardening niche is a lucrative and growing industry, and these top gardening affiliate programs can help you tap into that market and grow your earnings in 2023. From hydroponics systems and vertical gardens to heirloom seeds and power planters, there are plenty of unique and niche products to promote. Each program offers a different commission rate and EPC, so it’s important to choose the right programs that align with your audience and content. With a little bit of effort, you can help gardening enthusiasts and newcomers alike find the products they need to grow their own food, beautify their outdoor spaces, and connect with nature.


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