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Top 10 Best Legal Affiliate Programs In 2023

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn passive income by promoting products or services on your website or social media platform. If you’re interested in the legal industry, there are plenty of affiliate programs that can help you monetize your content while providing value to your audience.

In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 best legal affiliate programs in 2023. These programs offer a range of products and services that can be marketed to lawyers, law students, and anyone interested in the legal field.

From legal research databases to continuing education courses, these affiliate programs offer generous commissions and excellent support for their partners. So whether you’re a blogger, social media influencer, or website owner, there’s sure to be a legal affiliate program that’s right for you.

Legal Affiliate Programs

Law Depot 

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Legal documents can be confusing and expensive, but Law Depot offers a solution. Since 2001, Law Depot has been selling templates of legal forms, starting with their first-ever document, a templated promissory note.

Today, Law Depot has over 150 templates available for use in all 50 states, covering a range of legal issues. The website has helped over 10 million users save thousands of dollars in legal costs, earning a 4.5 Trustpilot rating based on over 4,500 product reviews.

While Law Depot charges for their services, with a single document ranging from $7.50 to $35, they also offer subscriptions priced at $33 a month or $96 a year. As a Law Depot affiliate, you can earn 30% commissions on each sale, with a generous 365-day cookie window and dedicated support from the website’s affiliate manager.

By promoting Law Depot’s services to your audience, you can earn passive income while providing them with affordable legal document templates. Join Law Depot’s affiliate program today to start earning commissions.

URL: LawDepot affiliate program

Commission rate: 30%

Cookie length: 365 days


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Legal Zoom, also known as, Inc, offers affordable access to legal professionals by automating simple, administrative tasks. With over four million customers worldwide, Legal Zoom has helped individuals and businesses with a range of legal matters, including personal finance and business formation or dissolution. The website has facilitated the buying and selling of 500,000 homes and the launching of 1.5 million companies.

Although the LegalZoom affiliate program offers a 15% commission and a 30-day cookie window, which may seem low compared to other affiliate programs on this list, the comparatively high prices of LegalZoom’s services, such as the mid-tier business formation package priced at $329, offer significant earning potential for affiliates.

By partnering with LegalZoom’s affiliate program, you can provide your audience with access to affordable legal services while earning commissions on each sale. Join the LegalZoom affiliate program today to start earning.

URL: LegalZoom affiliate program

Commission rate: 15%

Cookie length: 30 days

Rocket Lawyer

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Rocket Lawyer provides affordable access to legal services by offering hundreds of types of legal documents, including real estate lease agreements and independent contractor arrangements. In addition to document templates, Rocket Lawyer also offers affordable legal advice to its customers.

With 25 million people helped over the years, Rocket Lawyer has become a trusted source of accessible legal assistance. Customers can connect with legal advisors by phone, email, or chat and receive legal advice in just one business day, as well as enjoy discounts on hiring an attorney.

Rocket Lawyer offers two pricing models: a single document purchase for $39.99 or access to unlimited documents by signing up for a premium membership at $39.99 per month.

As a Rocket Lawyer affiliate, you can earn a 30% commission rate and take advantage of a seven-day free trial to incentivize customers. With a compelling commission rate and a well-established reputation for accessible legal services, Rocket Lawyer’s affiliate program is an excellent opportunity to earn while providing valuable legal resources to your audience.

URL: Rocket Lawyer affiliate program

Commission rate: 30% per sale completed 

Cookie length: 30 days


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LegalNature provides easy-to-access, online legal documents and services that are compliant in all US states. Thousands of people, including attorneys and business owners, use the website daily to access personal and business-related legal help. LegalNature’s secure, personalized dashboard stores all your legal forms, which can be created, edited, downloaded, and printed from any device at any time.

LegalNature’s reputation for providing high-quality legal services is evident in their 5,000 five-star Trustpilot reviews. As a LegalNature affiliate, you can promote their services and earn a 30% recurring commission on all sales.

Whether your audience needs a single legal document for $34.95 or an all-inclusive subscription for $38.95 per month or $84 per year, you can earn commissions while providing them with easy access to reliable legal documents and services. Join LegalNature’s affiliate program today to start earning.

URL: LegalNature affiliate program

Commission rate: 30% recurring

Cookie length: 90 days


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PracticePanther is a law practice management software designed to help law firms increase efficiency and productivity through automation. With an average rating of 4.3 from more than 5,000 Trustpilot reviews, PracticePanther is rated “excellent” for its services.

As a B2B product, the sales cycle for PracticePanther can be longer than its B2C counterparts due to higher prices and more decision-makers involved. However, the generous commission structure of $100 per referral from affiliate links, once referrals spend $100 with PracticePanther, offers significant earning potential for affiliates.

PracticePanther also offers a 30-day refund period and provides affiliates with a range of graphics, high-converting banners, and ads to make the affiliate marketing process easier. Join PracticePanther’s affiliate program today to start earning commissions while providing law firms with a tool to streamline their operations.

URL: PracticePanther affiliate program

Commission rate: $100 per referral (once they spend $100)

Cookie length: Unknown

Best Case Leads

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Best Case Leads is a B2B company that sells case leads to law firms. By using Best Case Leads, law firms can search for potential new clients and pay for the privilege. Since its founding in 2015, the company has adapted its approach, resulting in a 230% increase in the volume and distribution of leads across numerous verticals.

Best Case Leads’ affiliate program differs from other programs listed here. Instead of earning money for promoting products, affiliates earn commissions for referring high-quality leads. With access to Best Case Leads’ geo-targeting databases, affiliates can sell leads across a range of segments, including state, city, and zip code. Commissions are typically paid on a Net 30 basis.

By partnering with Best Case Leads’ affiliate program, you can earn commissions while helping law firms find potential clients. Join Best Case Leads’ affiliate program today to start earning.

URL: Best Case Leads affiliate program

Commission rate: Unknown

Cookie length: Unknown

Legal Contracts

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LegalContracts provides users with a simple and straightforward way to create and print personalized legal documents and contracts by completing step-by-step questionnaires. Millions of customers have used LegalContracts to access various types of forms, including those covering real estate, business, finance, family, and estate planning.

LegalContracts offers two pricing models: per document (starting at $7.50) and subscription-based (starting at $96 per year). As a LegalContracts affiliate, you can earn a flat 30% commission on all sales and gain access to a wide selection of affiliate links and banners.

Joining LegalContracts’ affiliate program provides an opportunity to earn commissions while helping customers access affordable and personalized legal documents. Sign up today to start promoting LegalContracts’ services to your audience.

URL: Legal Contracts affiliate program

Commission rate: 30%

Cookie length: Unknown

Standard Legal

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Standard Legal offers a range of legal documents for sale, including a form completion service for individuals who are not comfortable filling out complex legal documents themselves. Unlike Law Depot and Rocket Lawyer, Standard Legal offers both templated documents and a form completion service.

The Standard Legal affiliate program offers a 25% commission on all document preparation services and a 50% commission on templated legal forms, providing affiliates with more earning potential than competitor programs. However, the website’s less polished appearance may present a tougher “sell” for affiliates.

By partnering with Standard Legal’s affiliate program, you can offer your audience access to a range of legal documents while earning commissions on each sale. Join the Standard Legal affiliate program today to start earning.

URL: Standard Legal affiliate program

Commission rate: 25% – 50%

Cookie length: Unknown

Online Divorce

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Online Divorce offers a stress-free alternative to in-person divorce proceedings. Its online tools have helped over 500,000 people obtain quick and affordable divorces, saving clients an average of $1,700 on lawyer fees. The process comes with a 100% guarantee of court approval, ensuring a secure and reliable service.

Online Divorce’s service starts at just $139, making it an affordable and appealing option for many individuals. Its affiliate program offers generous commission rates of $60 – $80 per approved sale, making it an excellent opportunity for affiliates.

By joining the Online Divorce affiliate program, you can promote an affordable and reliable alternative to traditional divorce proceedings while earning generous commissions. Sign up today to start earning.

URL: Online Divorce affiliate program

Commission rate: $60 – $80 per approved sale

Cookie length: Unknown


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Termly provides compliance solutions to businesses, helping clients stay up to date and compliant with privacy laws, including CCPA and GDPR. With a free plan that includes one legal policy and a single website domain with up to 10,000 monthly unique visitors and a premium plan with unlimited policies, domains, and visitors for $20 a month, Termly has attracted over 300,000 businesses.

Compliance may not be a “sexy” legal service, but it can save businesses thousands of dollars in legal fees. Termly’s free and premium plans offer an affordable and attractive solution for businesses.

Termly’s affiliate program offers a 35% revenue share per sale and a generous 180-day cookie window. Partnered with affiliate network Impact, Termly ensures 100% accuracy on referral tracking and provides real-time updates.

By partnering with Termly’s affiliate program, you can offer businesses a cost-effective and reliable solution for compliance while earning commissions on each sale. Join Termly’s affiliate program today to start earning.

URL: Termly affiliate program

Commission rate: 35% revenue share

Cookie length: 180 days

Conclusion: Legal Affiliate Programs

The world of affiliate marketing is constantly evolving, and the legal industry is no exception. In 2023, there are several legal affiliate programs available that offer great earning potential and benefits for both affiliates and consumers. From legal services to software tools, the top 10 legal affiliate programs offer a diverse range of products to promote and lucrative commission rates to earn. Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting out, there is an opportunity for everyone in the legal affiliate industry. With the right strategy, promotion, and dedication, joining a legal affiliate program can be a smart and profitable business venture in 2023.


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