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Livestorm Reviews: A Comprehensive Look at Features and Performance

livestorm reviews

In the realm of online communication platforms, Livestorm has made a significant mark with its array of features designed to empower businesses with effective video communication strategies.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the details of Livestorm, including its pricing structure, standout features, and the pros and cons that come along with this versatile platform. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, this review aims to provide you with a clear understanding of what Livestorm has to offer.

Livestorm is a revolutionary video engagement platform designed to transform the way businesses conduct meetings, webinars, and virtual events. Unlike traditional video conferencing tools, Livestorm offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution that manages every aspect of these interactions, from start to finish.

With Livestorm, businesses can break free from the confines of conventional video conferencing and elevate their communication efforts. This platform empowers users to create customizable registration pages, utilize pre-designed email templates and sequences, track email delivery, integrate website widgets, and leverage built-in social sharing features.

livestorm reviews

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Exploring the Key Features of Livestorm: Elevate Your Online Communication

Let’s delve into the key features that make Livestorm a standout choice for businesses seeking impactful and engaging communication solutions.

1. Versatile Online Events

At the core of Livestorm’s offerings is its ability to host a wide array of online events. Whether you’re organizing a company-wide meeting, a product demo, a knowledge-sharing webinar, or a full-fledged conference, Livestorm adapts to your needs. This versatility ensures that no matter the type of event you’re planning, Livestorm provides the tools and features necessary for a seamless and engaging experience.

2. Integrated Chat and Engagement Tools

Livestorm places a strong emphasis on interactivity and engagement. The platform offers integrated chat, allowing participants to communicate and collaborate in real time. Moreover, Livestorm’s interactive features include audience polls, Q&A sessions, and surveys. These tools not only keep participants engaged but also enable you to gather valuable insights and feedback during your events.

3. Custom Branding

Maintaining brand consistency is crucial for effective communication. Livestorm understands this, offering customization options that allow you to brand your events with your company’s colors, logo, and visual identity. This ensures that your online events align seamlessly with your brand, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for your audience.

4. Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Data-driven decision-making is essential for optimizing your communication strategy. Livestorm provides an advanced analytics dashboard that offers detailed insights into your event’s performance, attendee engagement, and other key metrics. By analyzing this data, you can refine your approach, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that your communication efforts are yielding the desired results.

5. Cross-Browser Compatibility

Livestorm’s commitment to accessibility is evident through its cross-browser compatibility. Regardless of whether your attendees are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer, Livestorm ensures a consistent and reliable experience for all participants. This compatibility maximizes your event’s reach and ensures that no attendee is left behind.

livestorm reviews

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6. Mobile Support

In today’s mobile-centric world, the ability to access and engage with events on mobile devices is paramount. Livestorm understands this need and provides robust mobile support. Attendees can conveniently join and participate in your events from their smartphones and tablets, ensuring that your content reaches a wider audience.

7. Secure Participant Roles & Permissions

Security is a top priority when it comes to online events. Livestorm offers participant roles and permissions, allowing administrators to grant varying levels of access to conferences. This feature ensures that your events remain secure and organized, with different attendees having appropriate levels of access based on their roles.

8. Event Registration and Management

Livestorm simplifies event registration and management with user-friendly tools. From scheduling events to managing registrations and sending out reminders, Livestorm streamlines the process, saving you time and effort while ensuring a smooth participant experience.

9. Integration to Marketing Automation

For businesses leveraging marketing automation, Livestorm offers seamless integration. This integration enables you to send out registration confirmations, event reminders, and follow-up emails directly through your marketing automation system, enhancing your event’s marketing and outreach efforts.

10. Record Meetings/Events

The ability to record meetings and events is a valuable feature for content creation and knowledge preservation. Livestorm allows you to record your online events, making it easy to revisit and share the content with a wider audience after the event has concluded.

livestorm reviews

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Pros and Cons


  1. Versatile Online Events: Livestorm offers a wide range of online events, from meetings and webinars to conferences and product demos, making it a flexible tool for various communication purposes.
  2. Integrated Chat and Engagement Tools: Livestorm’s integrated chat, polls, Q&A sessions, and audience engagement functionalities foster interactivity and keep participants engaged throughout the events.
  3. Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard: The advanced analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into event performance, attendee engagement, and other metrics, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions.
  4. Cross-Browser Compatibility: Livestorm works seamlessly across popular browsers, ensuring a consistent experience for attendees regardless of their browser preference.
  5. Mobile-Friendly: With mobile support, Livestorm allows participants to join and engage in events from their mobile devices, catering to the growing mobile audience.


  1. Limited Branding Customization: While Livestorm offers branding options, some users may find the level of customization limited compared to other platforms.
  2. Learning Curve: For users new to the platform, there might be a learning curve involved in fully utilizing all the features and functionalities that Livestorm offers.

livestorm reviews

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Who Can Benefit from Harnessing the Power of Livestorm?

The versatility and features offered by Livestorm make it a valuable tool for a wide range of entities looking to harness the power of online communication. Let’s explore who can benefit the most from leveraging Livestorm’s capabilities.

1. Businesses of All Sizes

From startups to established enterprises, Livestorm caters to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can utilize Livestorm to conduct product demos, webinars, and training sessions, enabling them to reach a wider audience and establish themselves as industry leaders. Larger enterprises can leverage Livestorm’s comprehensive features to host company-wide meetings, global conferences, and interactive workshops.

2. Marketing and Sales Teams

Livestorm is a game-changer for marketing and sales teams aiming to engage and convert leads. Webinars and online events provide a powerful platform for showcasing products, addressing customer pain points, and conveying the value of your offerings. Livestorm’s interactive features, such as polls and Q&A sessions, facilitate real-time engagement and enable marketing and sales professionals to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

3. HR and Training Departments

Training and professional development have undergone a digital transformation, and Livestorm is at the forefront of this change. HR departments can utilize Livestorm to conduct virtual training sessions, workshops, and onboarding programs. The platform’s user-friendly interface and interactive tools make it easier to disseminate knowledge, foster employee engagement, and enhance skill development.

4. Educational Institutions

Livestorm’s features extend seamlessly to the education sector. Schools, colleges, and universities can use Livestorm to conduct online classes, lectures, and interactive workshops. Educators can engage with students in real time, facilitate discussions, and even host virtual guest speakers, creating a dynamic and immersive learning environment.

5. Professional Speakers and Thought Leaders

For individuals seeking to share their expertise and insights, Livestorm provides a powerful platform for hosting webinars, workshops, and virtual presentations. Professional speakers, authors, and thought leaders can leverage Livestorm to connect with their audience, expand their reach, and establish themselves as authorities in their respective fields.

6. Nonprofit Organizations

Livestorm’s ability to engage and connect makes it a valuable asset for nonprofit organizations. Fundraising events, donor engagement sessions, and awareness campaigns can all be conducted through Livestorm, enabling nonprofits to reach a global audience and amplify their impact.

7. Event Organizers

Whether you’re planning a virtual conference, a panel discussion, or a networking event, Livestorm offers the tools needed to bring your vision to life. Event organizers can benefit from Livestorm’s customizable branding, interactive features, and comprehensive analytics to ensure the success of their online events.

8. Content Creators

Livestorm provides content creators with a platform to engage with their audience in real time. Live podcasts, interviews, and Q&A sessions can be conducted through Livestorm, allowing content creators to interact directly with their followers and provide valuable insights.

livestorm reviews

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Exploring Livestorm Pricing: Choose the Perfect Edition for Your Needs

Free Plan: Test the Waters

Livestorm’s free plan provides you with an opportunity to explore the platform’s capabilities without any cost. This plan is ideal for those looking to dip their toes into Livestorm’s offerings. Here’s what the free plan includes:

  • Up to 30 Active Contacts/Month: You can engage with up to 30 active contacts each month.
  • Up to 20 Minutes/Session: Conduct sessions that last up to 20 minutes.
  • Up to 30 Live Attendees: Host online events with an audience of up to 30 live attendees.
  • Unlimited Team Members: Collaborate with your team seamlessly.

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Pro Plan: Unleash Your Potential

For those seeking enhanced features and more flexibility, the Pro plan is an enticing option. With a starting price of $79.00, the Pro plan offers:

  • Up to 500 Active Contacts/Month: Engage with a larger audience, with the capacity for up to 500 active contacts each month.
  • Up to 4 Hours/Session: Extend your sessions to a duration of up to 4 hours.
  • Up to 500 Live Attendees: Host events with a broader reach, accommodating up to 500 live attendees.
  • Unlimited Team Members: Collaborate efficiently with your team.
  • Standard Support: Access standard customer support to address your inquiries.

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Business Plan: Elevate Your Communication Strategy

The Business plan is designed for those who require more robust features and customer services. While the pricing details are available upon contacting Livestorm, here’s what the Business plan entails:

  • Unlimited Active Contacts: Engage with your audience without limitations.
  • Up to 4 Hours/Session: Extend your sessions for comprehensive communication.
  • Up to 3,000 Live Attendees: Host large-scale events with up to 3,000 live attendees.
  • Unlimited Team Members: Collaborate seamlessly with your entire team.
  • VIP Support: Access VIP-level customer support for prompt assistance.
  • Business Onboarding & Training: Receive specialized onboarding and training to maximize your use of Livestorm.

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Enterprise Plan: Tailored Excellence

For enterprises with extensive communication needs, the Enterprise plan offers a comprehensive suite of features and services. With pricing available upon contacting Livestorm, the Enterprise plan includes:

  • Unlimited Active Contacts: Engage with your audience without limitations.
  • Up to 12 Hours/Session: Extend your sessions for in-depth communication.
  • Up to 3,000 Live Attendees: Host large-scale events with up to 3,000 live attendees.
  • Unlimited Team Members: Collaborate seamlessly with your entire team.
  • VIP Support & SLA: Access VIP-level support with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for guaranteed assistance.
  • Enterprise Onboarding & Training: Receive tailored onboarding and training to optimize your utilization of Livestorm.
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM): Benefit from a dedicated CSM for personalized support.
  • Enterprise & Custom Integrations: Seamlessly integrate Livestorm into your enterprise workflow.
  • Multiple Workspaces & Unified Billing: Manage multiple workspaces and enjoy unified billing for ease of administration.
  • SAML Single Sign-On (SSO): Enhance security and streamline access with SAML SSO.

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Choosing Your Ideal Plan

Selecting the right Livestorm pricing edition depends on your unique communication needs and budget. Whether you’re an individual looking to explore Livestorm’s features or an enterprise seeking comprehensive solutions, Livestorm’s pricing tiers ensure that you can find the perfect fit. Consider your audience size, session duration, and support requirements to make an informed decision that will elevate your online communication endeavors.

livestorm reviews

Exploring Alternatives to Livestorm: Choosing the Right Online Meeting Solution

Here, we’ll take a closer look at a range of alternatives to Livestorm, each offering unique features and capabilities.

1. Twelve Directors’ Portal: Secure Board Meetings

Twelve Directors’ Portal focuses on organizing and managing online board meetings with a strong emphasis on secure communication among board members. The platform offers features such as centralized document storage and collaboration tools, ensuring that board discussions remain efficient and confidential.

2. Robin Powered: Streamline Scheduling

Robin Powered is a cloud-based scheduling solution catering to various industries. It offers features like room and desk booking, as well as event scheduling. With a focus on optimizing resource utilization and enhancing team collaboration, Robin Powered streamlines scheduling processes.

3. Magic Minutes: Efficient Meeting Management

Magic Minutes is a collaboration solution designed to streamline meeting management. It enables businesses to schedule meetings, create agendas, manage minutes, and more. The platform’s centralized dashboard facilitates efficient coordination and communication among team members.

4. Converve: Customizable Event Software

Converve is a highly customizable event software tailored for B2B matchmaking and networking. The web-based app allows for flexibility and customization to meet the specific requirements of your events. It offers integrations and additional features to enhance event planning and execution.

5. EventMobi: Comprehensive Event Management

EventMobi is a cloud-based event management solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. It offers event apps, multiple event management, registration, check-in, live polls, surveys, gamification, and more. EventMobi provides a comprehensive toolkit for creating engaging and interactive events.

6. FreeConference: Meeting Management and Collaboration

FreeConference is a cloud-based and on-premise meeting management software that assists businesses in scheduling, launching, and managing online calls and video conferencing sessions. The platform includes real-time screen sharing and whiteboarding features for collaborative discussions.

7. MyOwnConference: All-in-One Web-Based Solution

MyOwnConference offers an all-in-one web-based solution for hosting video conferences, webinars, and online training sessions. It provides access to live events anytime, anywhere, facilitating dropout-free interactions and knowledge sharing.

8. Chili Piper: Meeting Lifecycle Automation

Chili Piper focuses on meeting lifecycle automation, helping revenue teams connect with buyers and convert revenue faster. The platform offers features like instant lead qualification, routing, scheduling, and one-click meeting booking.

9. Sunsama: All-in-One Task Manager

Sunsama is an all-in-one daily task manager that organizes tasks, meetings, emails, and more in a single place. Integrations with popular third-party platforms enhance team collaboration and productivity.

10. Adobe Connect: Web Conferencing and Collaboration

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing software solution used for conducting online meetings, webinars, and training sessions. The solution enables ad hoc collaboration as well as planned online meetings.

11. Tripleseat: Guest and Event Management

Tripleseat is a guest and event management software designed for the hospitality industry. It assists in booking and managing catering, group, and event business, helping venues increase their event-related revenue.

12. LoopUp: Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

LoopUp is a cloud-based video conferencing solution that facilitates communication and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. The platform includes real-time alerts and automated notifications.

13. Eventsquid: Cloud-Based Event Management

Eventsquid is a cloud-based event management software suitable for corporations, sports leagues, educational institutes, and associations. It offers features such as event registration, website creation, and check-in.

14. BoardDocs: Cloud-Based Board Management

BoardDocs is cloud-based board management software tailored for municipalities, schools, and governments. It includes features like meeting agenda management, policy management, and document search.

livestorm reviews

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Livestorm Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I customize the branding of my Livestorm events? Yes, Livestorm offers branding options that allow you to customize the look and feel of your events to align with your brand identity.

2. Is Livestorm suitable for large enterprises? Absolutely, Livestorm’s Enterprise plan is designed to cater to the needs of large enterprises, offering custom solutions and additional features.

3. What types of events can I host on Livestorm? Livestorm supports a wide range of events, including meetings, webinars, conferences, product demos, and more.

4. Are there any limitations to branding customization on Livestorm? While Livestorm does offer branding options, some users might find the level of customization limited compared to other platforms.

5. How does Livestorm engage participants during online events? Livestorm offers integrated chat, polls, Q&A sessions, and other engagement tools to foster interactivity and keep participants engaged throughout the events.

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Conclusion | Livestorm Reviews

Livestorm’s comprehensive features, versatility, and user-friendly interface make it a strong contender in the realm of online communication platforms. Its ability to host various types of events, engage participants, and provide insightful analytics sets it apart.

While some users may encounter minor challenges with customization and a learning curve, the overall benefits of Livestorm are evident, making it a valuable tool for businesses aiming to enhance their video communication strategies.

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