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Norton Secure VPN: Is It Worth the Investment?

norton secure vpn

NortonLifeLock Inc, a reputable developer of security products, is behind the creation and distribution of Norton Secure VPN. Although the company is well-known for its antivirus suites, it’s worth examining if their VPN services adhere to the same standards.

In addition to offering essential security features like a kill switch, ad blocker, and split tunneling, this VPN can be used on both desktop and mobile devices, providing privacy protection on-the-go.

However, when evaluating the product’s performance, these factors are just a few of many to be considered. This comprehensive Norton VPN review will delve into aspects such as pricing, security, and compatibility to provide an informed assessment.

Norton VPN pros and cons

Strong encryption and no-logs policyLimited server locations and slow speeds
Ad and tracker blocking for enhanced privacyNo specialized servers for streaming or P2P file sharing
Split tunneling for customized protectionRelatively expensive compared to other VPN providers
User-friendly interface on desktop and mobileOnly supports up to 5 simultaneous connections per account
Parent company NortonLifeLock has good reputation

Is Norton VPN good for streaming?

Although Norton VPN unblocks some streaming services, it may not be the best VPN for streaming. Despite this, we were able to access HBO and BBC iPlayer with ease, allowing us to watch content that is otherwise unavailable outside of specific countries.

PlatformDoes it work?
Netflix❌ No
BBC iPlayer✅ Yes
Hulu❌ No
HBO✅ Yes

Unfortunately, Norton VPN did not have success bypassing the location restrictions of Netflix and Hulu. However, it’s important to note that the developers of these services are always upgrading their anti-VPN technologies, so it’s not uncommon for VPNs to have trouble circumventing them.

If your main goal is to watch global content, we recommend considering NordVPN or Surfshark. These VPNs are known for their ability to work seamlessly with all major streaming platforms, and can help you easily access your favorite shows from anywhere in the world.

Unblocking Netflix with Norton VPN

Regrettably, Norton VPN is unable to modify the Netflix region or country. When we attempted to connect to the US server and access a show exclusive to the US Netflix library, it failed to load. Only the description and cast information were visible without any supporting images.

image 48

Thus, if your aim is to unblock this widely-used streaming platform, you should consider getting one of the top VPNs for Netflix that are proven to work. Most of these VPNs can help you watch many more libraries, such as those in the UK, Japan, and more.

Is Norton VPN good for Torrenting?

The torrenting experience with Norton VPN may not be satisfactory as the speeds on its few P2P-friendly servers are not fast or stable, peaking at around 2 Mbps and occasionally reaching 8 Mbps. We conducted a test using an official Ubuntu torrent, and it took more than an hour to download a 3 GB file, whereas it took only 3 minutes with the VPN connection disabled. Hence, if you’re looking to torrent, Norton VPN may not be the best option.

There are other VPNs with dedicated P2P servers that provide much better speeds for torrenting. Therefore, it is advisable to explore other alternatives to enjoy a seamless torrenting experience.

Plans and pricing

Norton VPN offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different budgets and needs. The cost of the subscription depends on the duration of the plan and the number of devices you want to use with the VPN.

The most cost-effective option is the 1-year subscription, which allows up to 5 simultaneous connections and costs $3.33 per month. This plan requires an annual payment of $29.99 upfront, instead of monthly payments.

For those who prefer a monthly subscription, Norton VPN offers that option as well, although it comes at a higher price. Below is a breakdown of the pricing plans for Norton VPN:

Pricing Plans1-Month Plan1-Year Plan
1 Device$4.99$2.50/month
5 Devices$7.99$3.33/month
10 Devices$9.99$4.99/month

It’s worth noting that Norton VPN can be purchased separately or as part of the Norton antivirus suite. It’s included in the following malware protection packages:

  • Norton 360 Deluxe ($24.99/year)
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select ($69.99/year)
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus ($299.99/year)

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these antivirus packages come at a higher price because they include multiple malware protection features, and the VPN is simply an add-on. The most affordable way to obtain this bundle is to choose Norton 360 Deluxe for $24.99/year as the other options are more expensive.

Can you get Norton VPN for free?

Norton VPN can be obtained for free by choosing to bundle it with Norton antivirus instead of purchasing it separately. The Deluxe, LifeLock Select, and Ultimate Plus subscriptions all include a 7-day trial that allows you to test the VPN.

During the trial period, you can use the VPN on up to 5 devices with the Norton Deluxe and LifeLock Select plans. If you need to test it on more devices, you should choose the LifeLock Ultimate Plus plan, which supports unlimited simultaneous connections.

The free trial begins immediately after signing up and entering your credit card details. You won’t be charged for up to 7 days if you remember to cancel the subscription before the trial ends. Otherwise, your chosen plan’s first-year price will be deducted from your account.

Norton VPN servers and locations

Norton VPN offers servers in 30 different locations across various countries such as Singapore, the United States, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. However, the exact number of servers is not disclosed by the developers, making it difficult to provide an accurate estimation.

Despite some speculations that it may have approximately 1,000 servers, it’s important to wait for official data from the VPN service providers themselves rather than rely on uncertain assumptions from reviewers and other sources.

image 49

It’s worth mentioning that Norton VPN doesn’t offer manual server selection; it connects to the fastest server automatically. Therefore, it’s not necessary to know the exact number of servers available.

However, you can still choose the location you want to connect to, or you can use the auto-connect feature that connects you to the server with the fastest speed at that time.

Does Norton VPN work in China?

Norton VPN is not able to work in China as the country has strict anti-VPN measures in place, and only a few VPNs can bypass them. Unfortunately, Norton VPN is still in the development stage and requires significant upgrades to circumvent location restrictions in China.

If you need a VPN that can work in China, there are other reliable options available. For instance, you can opt for NordVPN which provides a specialized VPN solution for China that enables you to browse securely while traveling for work or leisure in the country.

Speed and performance: Is Norton VPN fast?

Norton VPN utilizes the OpenVPN protocol on Windows and Android platforms, and the L2TP/IPSec on macOS and iOS devices. The VPN offers impressive speed, allowing users to enjoy secure browsing online with minimal interruptions or issues. Below is a breakdown of Norton VPN speeds with the OpenVPN protocol:

Location:Download speed (Mbps)Upload speed (Mbps)
US (OH)254.89276.29

During the speed tests carried out for this review of Norton VPN, the only significant speed drops were observed in Poland and India. Other than these locations, we did not encounter any performance issues with the VPN.

Interface and ease of use

Norton VPN is designed to work seamlessly across various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. One of its standout features is its user-friendly interface, which is identical across both desktop and mobile apps. This means that you won’t have to waste time adjusting to changes if you use multiple devices with different operating systems.

Installing Norton VPN is also a breeze. You can download it from the official website and follow the instructions on the installation wizard for a quick and easy setup. The app is also readily available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, allowing you to get started within minutes on your smartphone.


The Norton Secure VPN is available as a separate app or included in the full antivirus suite for Windows computers. It can be used on Windows 11, 10, 8/8.1, and 7, except for S mode in Windows 10 and 11.

image 50

The interface is user-friendly and straightforward, and you can easily turn on the VPN by clicking the “Turn on” button on the main dashboard. If you want to choose a specific region, you can click the arrow next to it and go to the VPN Region section.

All security features of Norton VPN, including the ad tracker blocker, kill switch, and split tunneling, are available on the Windows app, and you can access and customize them in the settings.


The Norton VPN macOS app is available separately or as part of the Norton antivirus suite and can be used on the current and two previous versions of the operating system. The interface is very similar to the Windows app, and you can access it by clicking on the dedicated button in the dashboard.

image 51

Once opened, you can easily turn on the VPN, select a specific region, and enable the ad blocker feature by navigating through the Secure VPN, VPN Region, and Ad Tracking sections. However, it’s worth noting that the macOS app lacks the split tunneling and kill switch features.


If you’re running Android 6.0 or later, you can easily install Norton VPN on your mobile device. The app has a simple and clean design, making it easy to navigate. You can download the app from the Google Play Store and complete the installation process in just a few minutes.

The Norton VPN Android app provides quick access to turn on the VPN, select your desired region, and enable ad blocking and WiFi security features. These features can be found as dedicated icons at the bottom of the app.

What’s impressive about the Norton VPN Android version is that it’s as feature-rich as the desktop version. It’s also user-friendly and doesn’t require any unnecessary actions to manage its features.


Norton VPN’s iOS app is not limited in terms of features, unlike many other VPNs. The interface is almost identical to its Android counterpart with a few minor differences. After downloading the app from the App Store, you will be greeted with a clean and straightforward interface.

image 52

The app has distinct tabs at the bottom for enabling the VPN connection and choosing the VPN region. Furthermore, you can use the auto-connect button for the VPN to automatically choose the country with the fastest speeds.

However, there is one drawback to note: the iOS version of Norton VPN lacks the kill switch and split tunneling feature, just like the macOS version.

Norton VPN features

Norton VPN provides essential features to safeguard your online activities, identity, and confidential data. Although it may not have as many advanced functionalities as other VPNs, it can still provide reliable protection for your online browsing needs.

At present, the VPN’s primary security features include an ad blocker, wifi security, and split tunneling. However, as the addition of split tunneling and a kill switch is relatively recent, it’s possible that the VPN may introduce more beneficial features in the near future.

Ad blocker

Norton VPN comes with an Ad Tracker Blocker feature that helps to eliminate annoying pop-ups, banners, and redirects while you browse the internet. The feature not only enhances your browsing experience but also protects against potentially harmful websites that spread malware infections.

When you click on a suspicious ad, you may be redirected to a less trustworthy website and urged to install adware. Subsequently, this could result in the display of even more ads in order to spread other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). With the Norton VPN Ad Tracker Blocker, you can avoid these malicious ads and keep your devices safe.

image 53

The block history feature of Norton VPN is available on all supported devices, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. It displays a list of websites that were blocked by the ad tracker blocker feature in the past week, last 30 days, or since the VPN was installed. This provides users with a record of the protection provided by the VPN and allows them to see the types of ads and websites that were blocked.

Wifi security

The Wifi Security feature is available on Norton VPN’s iOS and Android apps, and it helps keep you protected when you’re connected to an unsecured network. This is especially useful when you’re traveling or working in public places.

image 54

When an insecure network is detected, this feature automatically connects you to the Norton VPN. You can set it up to start automatically or receive warning notifications and enable it yourself. Furthermore, you can add safe networks to the “My Trusted Networks” section so that the VPN won’t automatically connect when your device is connected to those networks.

Split tunneling

The split tunneling feature of Norton VPN allows you to exclude certain apps from connecting to the VPN. You can manually select specific applications that you don’t want to connect to the VPN whenever you use them.

image 55

Enabling this feature allows the selected apps to be routed directly through your ISP instead of a secure VPN connection. It can be used with generic applications like games that do not put your privacy at risk. However, it’s not recommended to exclude financial apps or other programs that might hold sensitive information.

Unfortunately, split tunneling is currently only available on Windows and Android devices.

Is Norton VPN safe?

When it comes to choosing a VPN provider, Norton VPN is a secure choice. Nevertheless, its range of features is somewhat limited. While it utilizes the industry-standard AES-256 encryption, the tunneling protocol you can use is determined by your operating system. Despite being based in the US, Norton VPN strictly adheres to a no-logs policy, which means your data is safe and not gathered.

Overall, Norton VPN provides the essential features to safeguard your online data and maintain your anonymity. Furthermore, it includes several beneficial additional security tools, such as wifi security and an ad blocker.


Norton VPN employs a highly secure AES-256 encryption protocol for enhanced security. This military-grade encryption is considered unbreakable and ensures that every connection you make to the VPN server is encrypted, making it unreadable for outsiders.

Many other reputable VPN service providers also utilize this cipher to safeguard their users’ connections, which has made it the gold standard in the VPN industry.

Tunneling protocols

If you opt for Norton VPN, you’ll have two tunneling protocol options, which will depend on your operating system. Windows and Android users can use the OpenVPN protocol, while macOS and iOS users can utilize the L2TP/IPSec protocol.

While Norton VPN offers fewer tunneling protocols than some other VPNs, the ones it does offer are reliable. OpenVPN, for instance, is widely used for its security, whereas L2TP/IPSec, while not as new as the WireGuard protocol, is still highly dependable and widely used in the industry.

While these protocols do provide security, it wouldn’t hurt to incorporate newer ones as well. However, considering that Norton VPN is continuously updated, we can expect this to happen in the near future.

Kill switch

Norton VPN has recently introduced a kill switch feature for Windows and Android devices to safeguard your IP address in case of a VPN connection disruption. This feature automatically blocks all traffic to prevent any exposure of private details.

It’s important to note that this kill switch operates as a system-wide feature, meaning it stops all internet access instead of blocking specific apps. You can enable it in the settings section alongside the split tunneling feature.

This is an advantageous security feature since a VPN connection may occasionally drop for a brief moment without the user realizing it. Therefore, having constant protection is something that everyone would find valuable.


It’s crucial to acknowledge that Norton VPN is headquartered in the United States, which is a part of the 5 Eyes countries. Despite the US not being regarded as a privacy-friendly location, Norton VPN guarantees that your sensitive information remains inaccessible to third parties.

In essence, Norton VPN does not gather or retain logs on your online activities. As per the developers of Norton VPN, it only obtains subscriber information for communication purposes, data related to the device you’re using, and an aggregate bandwidth usage.

Customer support

Users of Norton VPN have access to various customer support options should they experience any issues with the product or have general inquiries about the service. You can visit the official website and click on the Norton Support button for assistance.

Norton’s customer support system will prompt you to select the type of solution you require, after which it will present you with a list of relevant answers and offer different methods to contact the company.

The available support options include:

  • Live chat
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Online help articles
  • Messages via Facebook or Twitter
  • FAQ
  • Video tutorials
  • Community forum

Is Norton VPN worth it?

Norton VPN is a moderately-priced VPN that offers essential features, including split tunneling and a kill switch to maintain your online anonymity.

While it can effectively safeguard your data, it does not support torrenting and cannot unblock a variety of streaming platforms. Therefore, if you require a VPN that is P2P-compatible and allows access to Netflix or other popular platforms, Norton VPN may not be the best choice.

However, if you are seeking an additional layer of security when browsing online or connecting to unknown wireless networks, Norton VPN is an excellent supplement to its antivirus service. It’s reasonably priced and performs well when handling basic tasks.


Is Norton VPN Effective?

Absolutely, Norton VPN is a dependable tool that allows you to change your IP address and access your regular websites, whether you’re traveling or want to safeguard your privacy. It provides standard VPN features, such as a kill switch and split tunneling, and has servers in 30 countries for you to select from.

Is Norton VPN Free?

Yes, you receive free VPN services if you purchase any of the Norton 360 premium subscriptions. It is included with the Deluxe, LifeLock Select, and LifeLock Ultimate Plus plans. However, keep in mind that the basic subscription of Norton Antivirus Plus does not provide VPN services, so you won’t be able to use it for free.

Does Norton VPN Track My Internet Activity?

No, Norton VPN does not track or store your online activity. It operates under a no-log policy that guarantees the privacy of your browsing-related data.

Is Norton VPN Reliable?

Absolutely, Norton VPN is a reliable solution developed by a reputable company known for its dependable antivirus software products. You can obtain this VPN either as a stand-alone solution or included with the Norton antivirus suite.


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