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Todoist Review: Stay Organized and Get Things Done Efficiently

todoist review

In this fast-paced world, staying organized and managing tasks efficiently is crucial. With numerous responsibilities and deadlines, individuals and businesses need a reliable task management tool. Todoist, a popular application, offers a seamless and intuitive platform that promises to enhance productivity.

In this article, we will delve into the features and benefits of Todoist, explore its advantages over other task management apps, and understand how it can revolutionize your approach to getting things done.

What is Todoist?

Todoist is a leading task management tool that helps individuals and teams stay organized and productive. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to create and manage tasks effortlessly. Whether it’s for personal to-do lists or complex team projects, Todoist caters to various needs.

todoist review

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Key Features of Todoist

Task Creation

Todoist allows users to create tasks quickly and easily. Whether it’s a simple to-do or a complex project, you can add tasks effortlessly.

Due Dates and Reminders

Assign due dates to tasks to stay on track with deadlines. Todoist also sends reminders to ensure you never miss an important task.

Priority Levels

Prioritize tasks based on their urgency and importance. This feature helps you focus on what matters most.

Labels and Filters

Organize tasks with labels and apply filters to view specific categories or projects at once.

Project Management

Divide tasks into projects to keep related tasks together. This way, you can manage multiple projects simultaneously.


Share tasks and projects with others, making Todoist ideal for team collaboration and coordination.

Task Comments

Add comments to tasks, enabling communication and context-sharing among team members.

Task Attachments

Attach files and documents directly to tasks for easy access and reference.

todoist review

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Productivity Reports

Gain insights into your task completion patterns and overall productivity with Todoist’s reports.


Todoist seamlessly integrates with various apps and platforms like Google Calendar, Dropbox, Slack, and more, enhancing its functionality and adaptability.

Offline Access

Todoist allows offline access, ensuring you can continue working on tasks even without an internet connection.

Cross-Platform Sync

Your tasks and data sync across all your devices, enabling you to stay updated wherever you go.

Goal Setting

Set personal or team goals and track progress towards achieving them.

Recurring Tasks

Create tasks that repeat at specific intervals, saving time for recurring responsibilities.

Location-Based Reminders

Set reminders based on your location, so you remember tasks when you’re in specific places.

Todoist’s comprehensive feature set makes it a versatile and effective tool for individuals and teams seeking to improve their productivity and organization.

todoist review

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Pros of Using Todoist

User-Friendly Interface

Todoist boasts a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for new users to navigate and get started quickly.

Cross-Platform Availability

Todoist is available on multiple platforms, including web browsers, desktop applications, and mobile devices, ensuring users can access their tasks from anywhere.

Flexibility and Customization

The tool’s flexibility allows users to adapt it to their unique workflow and preferences, enhancing the overall user experience.

Efficient Task Management

With its various features like priority levels, due dates, and reminders, Todoist helps users stay on top of their tasks and boost productivity.

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Cons of Using Todoist

Limited Free Features

While the free version offers essential task management, advanced features are only available in the premium plan.

Learning Curve

For users unfamiliar with task management tools, Todoist might have a slight learning curve initially.

Dependency on Internet Connection

As Todoist operates primarily online, users need a stable internet connection to access and manage their tasks.

todoist review

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Todoist Premium and Business Plans

Todoist offers two upgraded plans, namely Premium and Business, which provide additional features and functionalities beyond the basic free version. Let’s explore the key features and benefits of each plan:

Todoist Premium Plan

The Premium plan is designed for individuals who require advanced task management capabilities and wish to enhance their productivity. Subscribing to Todoist Premium unlocks the following features:

  1. Task Labels: Premium users can apply labels to tasks, enabling them to categorize and organize tasks more efficiently. Labels help in sorting tasks based on context, project, or priority.
  2. Task Reminders: Premium users have access to task reminders, ensuring that they receive timely notifications about upcoming deadlines and important tasks.
  3. Task Comments and File Uploads: With Premium, users can add comments to tasks, fostering collaboration and providing additional context. Additionally, Premium users can upload files and documents directly to tasks, making it easier to access relevant information.
  4. Productivity Tracking: Premium users gain insights into their task completion patterns and productivity trends with productivity tracking features. This helps users assess their performance and identify areas for improvement.
  5. Task Search and Filters: Premium subscribers can utilize advanced search and filters to quickly find specific tasks or view tasks based on various criteria, making task management more efficient.
  6. Project Templates: Premium users have access to project templates, allowing them to create standardized projects with predefined tasks and settings. This feature streamlines project setup and planning.
  7. Automatic Backups: Todoist Premium automatically backs up task data, providing peace of mind in case of accidental data loss or device issues.

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Todoist Business Plan

The Business plan caters to teams and organizations, offering robust collaboration and project management features. In addition to all the Premium features, Todoist Business includes:

  1. Team Member Management: Business plan administrators can easily invite team members, manage user access, and control permissions within the organization.
  2. Admin Console: The Business plan provides an admin console that allows administrators to oversee and manage team activities, providing better visibility and coordination.
  3. Priority Support: Business subscribers receive priority customer support, ensuring quick assistance and response from the Todoist team.
  4. Team Projects and Collaboration: Business users can create and manage team-based projects, facilitating seamless collaboration and communication among team members.
  5. Team Activity Logs: The Business plan logs team activity, enabling administrators to track changes, task assignments, and updates made by team members.
  6. Customizable Permissions: Business plan administrators can set custom permissions for team members, ensuring that access to sensitive data is appropriately controlled.
  7. Team Inbox: The Business plan includes a dedicated team inbox where team members can communicate, assign tasks, and share updates within the team environment.

Todoist Premium and Business plans offer distinct advantages depending on individual or team needs. Whether it’s enhancing personal productivity or facilitating team collaboration, upgrading to one of these plans allows users to make the most of Todoist’s robust task management capabilities.

todoist review

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Todoist for Personal Productivity

Todoist is a powerful tool for enhancing personal productivity and staying organized in various aspects of life. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or a busy individual juggling multiple responsibilities, Todoist can help you manage tasks and achieve your goals effectively. Here’s how Todoist can boost your personal productivity:

Daily Task Management

Todoist provides a straightforward interface to create and organize your daily to-do lists. You can add tasks with due dates and priorities, ensuring you stay focused on what needs to be done first. The ability to check off completed tasks gives a sense of accomplishment and motivates you to keep moving forward.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Setting goals is crucial for personal growth and development. Todoist allows you to create projects dedicated to your goals, whether they are related to fitness, learning a new skill, or achieving career milestones. By breaking down big goals into smaller tasks and tracking your progress, you can stay on course and celebrate your achievements.

Personal Project Organization

Whether you’re planning a vacation, renovating your home, or organizing a special event, Todoist’s project-based approach helps you keep everything in order. You can create separate projects for each endeavor, add relevant tasks, and set due dates to ensure smooth execution.

Priority Management

With Todoist’s priority levels, you can identify and tackle tasks that require immediate attention. By focusing on high-priority tasks first, you optimize your time and energy, ensuring you don’t overlook critical assignments.

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Collaboration and Sharing

Though Todoist is excellent for individual use, you can also collaborate with family members, friends, or study partners by sharing tasks and projects. This is helpful when working on group projects, managing household chores, or planning activities together.

Reminders and Notifications

Todoist sends reminders about upcoming due dates, ensuring you never forget important tasks. These notifications can be customized, so you receive them at the most convenient times.

Labels and Filters

You can use labels and filters to categorize tasks and view specific groups of tasks together. This feature helps you organize tasks based on their context, such as work, personal, errands, and more.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Todoist is available on various platforms, including web browsers, mobile devices, and desktop applications. This ensures that you can access your tasks and stay updated from anywhere, whether you’re on the go or at your desk.

Offline Access

Even without an internet connection, Todoist allows you to work on tasks offline. Once you’re back online, any changes made will sync across all your devices seamlessly.

Todoist’s user-friendly interface and versatile features make it a valuable companion for improving personal productivity and time management. By staying organized, setting goals, and managing tasks effectively, you can make the most out of each day and achieve your aspirations with ease.

todoist review

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Todoist for Team Collaboration

Todoist is not just limited to individual productivity; it also excels in facilitating seamless team collaboration and project management. Whether you’re part of a small team or a large organization, Todoist offers a set of robust features that promote efficient communication, delegation, and coordination among team members. Here’s how Todoist can enhance team collaboration:

Project Delegation

Todoist allows team leaders or project managers to delegate tasks to specific team members. By assigning tasks to individuals based on their expertise and workload, everyone knows their responsibilities, leading to better task distribution and improved productivity.

Team Task Assignments

With team task assignments, you can share tasks with multiple team members simultaneously. This fosters a collaborative approach to handling tasks that require joint efforts or expertise from different team members.

Real-Time Team Progress Tracking

Todoist’s real-time sync ensures that every team member is updated on the latest task statuses. This fosters transparency and accountability within the team, as everyone can see what tasks are completed, in progress, or pending.

Task Comments and File Attachments

Team members can communicate and collaborate effectively using task comments. These comments provide a dedicated space for discussions, clarifications, and updates related to specific tasks. Additionally, attaching files directly to tasks streamlines the sharing of relevant documents and resources.

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Team Inbox

Todoist’s team inbox serves as a centralized communication hub, where team members can share announcements, updates, and important information related to ongoing projects or tasks. This keeps the entire team informed and reduces the need for separate email threads or chat channels.

Customizable Team Permissions

In the Business plan, administrators have the ability to set custom permissions for team members. This ensures that sensitive data and project information are accessible only to authorized individuals, enhancing data security.

Collaborative Task Prioritization

Team members can collectively prioritize tasks using labels and priority levels. This ensures that everyone is aligned on which tasks need immediate attention and which ones can be deferred.

Integration with Communication Platforms

Todoist integrates seamlessly with popular communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams. This integration enables team members to receive task notifications and updates directly within the communication channels they use daily.

Team Productivity Reports

Todoist’s productivity reports provide valuable insights into team performance, task completion rates, and overall productivity trends. These reports assist team leaders in assessing the team’s progress and identifying areas for improvement.

Team Collaboration on Mobile Devices

Team members can collaborate on tasks and projects using Todoist’s mobile app, allowing for flexibility and accessibility even when away from their desks.

Todoist’s intuitive interface and powerful collaboration features make it an excellent choice for teams looking to stay organized, communicate efficiently, and achieve their collective goals. Whether you’re working on a group project, managing tasks for a remote team, or coordinating tasks across departments, Todoist streamlines team collaboration and boosts overall productivity.

todoist review

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Todoist Mobile App and Desktop Version

Todoist offers a seamless and consistent experience across its mobile app and desktop versions, allowing users to manage their tasks efficiently regardless of the device they are using. Let’s explore the features and benefits of both the Todoist Mobile App and Desktop Version:

Todoist Mobile App:

The Todoist Mobile App is available for both Android and iOS devices. It brings the power of task management to your fingertips, allowing you to stay organized and productive while on the go. Here are the key features of the Todoist Mobile App:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The mobile app provides a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to create, view, and manage tasks on smaller screens.
  2. Task Creation and Editing: You can quickly add new tasks, set due dates, priorities, and labels directly from your mobile device.
  3. Real-Time Sync: Any changes you make on the mobile app are automatically synchronized with your Todoist account, ensuring that your tasks are always up to date across all devices.
  4. Notifications: The app sends task reminders and notifications, keeping you informed about upcoming deadlines and completed tasks.
  5. Offline Access: Even without an internet connection, you can access and work on your tasks offline. Any changes made will be synced once you are back online.
  6. Task Search: The mobile app allows you to search for specific tasks, making it easy to find what you need, even when you have a long list of tasks.
  7. Quick Add: The quick add feature lets you add tasks with a simple text entry, making it convenient for capturing new to-dos on the fly.
  8. Gesture Support: The app supports various gestures for quick task management, such as swipe to complete, delete, or reschedule tasks.
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Todoist Desktop Version:

The Todoist Desktop Version is accessible through web browsers on Windows, macOS, and other operating systems. It offers a comprehensive task management experience with additional functionalities tailored to desktop use. Here are the key features of the Todoist Desktop Version:

  1. Full-Screen View: The desktop version provides a larger workspace, allowing you to see more tasks and projects at once.
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts: Todoist offers a range of keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation and task management, enhancing efficiency while using a desktop computer.
  3. Multi-Window Support: The desktop version allows you to open multiple Todoist windows simultaneously, making it easy to work on different projects or tasks side by side.
  4. Integrations with Other Desktop Apps: You can seamlessly integrate Todoist with other desktop applications like email clients, calendars, and note-taking apps for enhanced productivity.
  5. Drag-and-Drop Task Management: On the desktop version, you can use drag-and-drop functionality to rearrange tasks and projects, making organization and prioritization effortless.
  6. Powerful Task Filters: The desktop version provides advanced task filtering options, helping you view specific sets of tasks based on various criteria.
  7. Offline Access and Data Security: While connected to the internet, the desktop version automatically syncs your tasks. In case of internet disruptions, your data remains accessible offline.

Both the Todoist Mobile App and Desktop Version offer a seamless user experience and access to all your tasks and projects in one place. Whether you’re on the move or working at your desk, Todoist ensures that you stay organized and productive throughout your day.

todoist review

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Todoist Integrations

Todoist integrates with a wide range of applications and platforms, enhancing its functionality and adaptability to fit seamlessly into your existing productivity ecosystem. These integrations allow users to streamline workflows, automate tasks, and access Todoist from various interfaces. Here are some notable Todoist integrations:

  1. Google Calendar: By connecting Todoist with Google Calendar, you can synchronize your tasks with your calendar events. This integration ensures a comprehensive view of your schedule, combining tasks and appointments in one place.
  2. Dropbox: Todoist integrates with Dropbox, enabling users to attach files and documents directly from their Dropbox accounts to their tasks. This streamlines access to relevant files while working on tasks.
  3. Slack: The Slack integration allows users to receive task notifications and updates directly within their Slack channels. This enhances team collaboration and keeps everyone informed about task progress.
  4. Trello: Connecting Todoist with Trello enables users to turn Trello cards into Todoist tasks and vice versa. This integration enhances project management capabilities and facilitates seamless task organization.
  5. Evernote: By integrating Todoist with Evernote, users can link their notes to specific tasks, making it easier to reference relevant information while working on tasks.
  6. Microsoft Outlook: Todoist seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook, enabling users to sync tasks between Todoist and their Outlook calendar and tasks.
  7. Amazon Alexa: With the Amazon Alexa integration, users can add and manage tasks using voice commands, making task management hands-free and convenient.
  8. IFTTT (If This, Then That): Todoist’s integration with IFTTT allows users to create custom automated workflows that connect Todoist with hundreds of other applications and services.
  9. Zapier: Similar to IFTTT, Todoist integrates with Zapier, providing users with the flexibility to automate tasks and create personalized workflows across different platforms.
  10. Apple Watch and Android Wear: Todoist extends its accessibility by integrating with smartwatches, allowing users to manage tasks and receive reminders directly from their wrists.
  11. Gmail: The Gmail integration lets users turn emails into Todoist tasks, ensuring important emails are converted into actionable to-dos.
  12. Microsoft Teams: Todoist integrates with Microsoft Teams, allowing users to receive task notifications and collaborate on tasks within the Teams environment.
  13. GitHub: Todoist’s integration with GitHub enables developers to connect their tasks with GitHub issues, enhancing project management for software development teams.
  14. Google Assistant: Todoist works with Google Assistant, enabling users to manage tasks using voice commands on their Android devices and Google Home speakers.

These integrations make Todoist a versatile tool that seamlessly integrates with other applications and platforms, enhancing productivity and simplifying task management across various aspects of work and life. Whether you need to connect Todoist with your calendar, communication channels, or file storage services, these integrations ensure a smooth and cohesive task management experience.

todoist review

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Todoist available for free?

Yes, Todoist offers a free version with basic features. However, there are premium plans with additional functionalities.

Can I use Todoist offline?

Yes, Todoist allows offline access to tasks and data, ensuring you stay productive even without an internet connection.

How secure is Todoist for storing sensitive data?

Todoist takes data security seriously and uses encryption to safeguard user data.

Is Todoist suitable for large teams and organizations?

Yes, Todoist offers business plans that cater to team collaboration and task management.

Can I import tasks from other task management tools into Todoist?

Yes, Todoist provides options to import tasks from other popular task management applications.

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In conclusion, Todoist is a powerful yet user-friendly task management application that caters to both personal and team productivity needs. Its features, integrations, and affordability make it a top choice for individuals and businesses seeking to stay organized and productive.

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