How to Use Payoneer for Fiverr: A Detailed Walkthrough

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Navigating the financial aspects of freelancing on platforms like Fiverr can be challenging, especially when it comes to selecting the right payout method. Payoneer emerges as a robust option for Fiverr freelancers, offering a streamlined way to manage earnings. However, users in certain countries should note that this payout method isn’t available, highlighting the need for a detailed walkthrough on how to effectively use Payoneer with Fiverr.

This article aims to address common queries such as how to withdraw money from Fiverr to Payoneer, how to add a Payoneer account in Fiverr, and the nuances of connecting Payoneer to Fiverr. It will delve into setting up a Payoneer account, understanding its fee structure, exploring withdrawal options, and highlighting the exclusive benefits for Fiverr freelancers, ensuring readers can maximize their work from home earnings through informed decisions.

The Ease of Setting Up a Payoneer Account for Fiverr

Setting up a Payoneer account for Fiverr transactions is straightforward and can be accomplished in a few simple steps. To begin, freelancers should log into their Fiverr account, navigate to ‘My Business’, then ‘Earnings’, and click on ‘Manage payout methods’. Here, you can add Payoneer as your payout method. It’s important to note that if you haven’t previously added a payout method, you’ll need to verify your identity through SMS or a phone call. This verification ensures the security and authenticity of the transaction process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Linking Payoneer with Fiverr

  1. Log in to your Fiverr account: Access your profile by clicking on your profile picture at the top right corner.
  2. Navigate to Billing and Payments: Select ‘Profile’, then ‘Billing and payments’ and subsequently ‘Bank account’.
  3. Add Payoneer as a Payout Method: In the ‘Withdrawal settings’ section, click on ‘Connect a new account’, choose Payoneer, and follow the prompts to log in or sign up for Payoneer.
  4. Authorize and Confirm Connection: After logging into Payoneer, authorize the connection between your Payoneer and Fiverr accounts. Confirmation messages will appear on both platforms, indicating a successful link.

Once connected, Fiverr sellers can initiate withdrawals, which will be directly transferred to their Payoneer account. It is crucial to remember that only one active Payoneer payout method is allowed at a time, and you must select your preferred currency during the setup. This process is available to all Fiverr sellers with the exception of those from Russia, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Sudan due to regulatory restrictions.

Understanding Payoneer’s Fee Structure

When using Payoneer with Fiverr, freelancers must be aware of various fees that can affect their overall earnings. The primary fees include a standard withdrawal fee and currency conversion fees. Payoneer charges a flat rate of $3 USD for each withdrawal, regardless of the amount, with a minimum withdrawal limit set at $7 USD. This fee structure ensures that freelancers can manage their funds efficiently, but it’s important to plan withdrawals to minimize fees.

Currency conversion plays a significant role for freelancers who operate in currencies other than USD. Payoneer applies a 2% conversion fee to the total amount being transferred to a local bank in a different currency. This fee is relatively competitive compared to other financial services like PayPal, which charges a 2.5% conversion fee. Additionally, Payoneer’s use of the mid-market rate plus a 0.5% fee provides transparency and can be more economical for freelancers dealing with large sums or frequent transactions.

For those withdrawing funds directly to a bank account, extra fees may be applied by the payment processor, and it’s crucial to check these details beforehand. Payoneer’s multi-currency account feature is particularly beneficial as it allows freelancers to receive and withdraw funds in several currencies, thus saving on conversion fees. The Fiverr Calculator is a useful tool that freelancers can use to estimate these fees and plan their finances accordingly. Understanding these fee structures and planning can significantly impact the net amount freelancers receive, making it essential to consider these factors when managing freelance earnings through Fiverr and Payoneer.

Withdrawal Options

Fiverr freelancers using Payoneer have several flexible options to access their earnings. Once earnings are transferred to a Payoneer account, they can be managed directly through Payoneer’s user-friendly interface. Users can view their payment and transaction history, utilize Payoneer’s withdrawal tools to transfer funds to a local bank, or update and remove their Payoneer Account as a payout method on Fiverr. It’s important to remember that only one active Payoneer payout method is allowed at any given time.

For those preferring immediate access, the Payoneer Revenue Card, a prepaid MasterCard, is available. This card allows freelancers to withdraw funds from ATMs worldwide or make direct purchases. Withdrawals to the Payoneer Revenue Card are swift, taking approximately 2 hours to 2 days to process, providing a quick way to access funds. Additionally, withdrawing directly to a local bank account typically takes 1-3 business days for local currency transactions and 5-7 business days for USD wire transfers outside the US.

Furthermore, for users seeking to manage larger sums or conduct frequent transactions, Payoneer offers the ability to withdraw funds directly to local bank accounts in multiple currencies. This feature is particularly beneficial as it allows freelancers to receive and withdraw funds in their local currency, thus avoiding potential currency conversion fees. The minimum withdrawal amounts are set at $30 for the Fiverr Revenue Card and $20 for bank transfers, ensuring that freelancers can access their funds according to their individual needs and preferences.

Processing Times for Payoneer Withdrawals

When freelancers choose Payoneer as their withdrawal option on Fiverr, the processing times can vary based on several factors. Typically, once a withdrawal is initiated, it may take up to 2 business days for the funds to be processed. However, many users experience quicker approvals, often within a few hours to a day. This expedited processing is a significant advantage for freelancers who need quick access to their funds.

The timeline for funds to move from ‘pending’ to ‘available’ in a seller’s Payoneer account also depends on the seller’s level on Fiverr. After a buyer completes an order, 80% of the funds are marked as ‘pending’ and undergo a clearing period of either 7 days for lower-level sellers or 14 days for higher-level sellers. Once cleared, the funds are ready for withdrawal and follow the standard processing times of Payoneer.

Several factors can influence the approval time for these withdrawals. These include the overall transaction volume at the given time, the need for account verification, currency conversion requirements, and even external factors like public holidays and weekends. Additionally, security reviews and customary holds for new or large transactions can also extend the processing time. While typical approval times for Payoneer withdrawals range from 2 to 5 business days, freelancers should consider these variables when planning their financial transactions to ensure timely access to their earnings.

Currency Conversion with Payoneer

When dealing with international transactions on Fiverr, freelancers often face the hurdle of currency conversion. Payoneer provides a streamlined process for currency exchange, which involves logging into your account, selecting the balances from which and to which you want to transfer, and choosing the amount. The platform locks in the conversion rate for two minutes, allowing users to review the transaction before submitting their request. This method ensures that freelancers can manage their funds efficiently and benefit from competitive rates.

Payoneer is often favored for its lower fees and potentially better conversion rates, especially for freelancers in countries like India, compared to other financial services such as PayPal. This advantage makes it an attractive option for Fiverr sellers who require frequent currency conversions. Additionally, Payoneer’s Capital Advance feature offers further financial management tools, enabling users to advance their business funds and transfer currencies between balances with ease.

Feedback from users highlights the flexibility and convenience of Payoneer’s services. Many freelancers and businesses appreciate the platform’s user-friendly interface and the supportive customer experience it provides. This positive reception underscores Payoneer’s role not just as a payment processor but as a valuable financial management tool for freelancers globally, aiding them in maximizing their earnings on platforms like Fiverr.

Security and Support Features

Security and support are critical aspects of using Payoneer for Fiverr transactions. Users have reported mixed experiences; some encounter issues with withdrawing earnings, while others have successfully used Payoneer for years without any problems. It’s essential to use strong, unique passwords for Fiverr accounts to enhance security. Conducting transactions directly through Fiverr also ensures secure payments and protects user information, with Fiverr offering a 13-day grace period for cancellations and refunds after order completion.

If users face any security or safety-related issues, they are encouraged to report them immediately to Fiverr’s Customer Support team. For issues related to blocked Payoneer accounts, users should either open a support ticket with Fiverr or contact the Payoneer Support Team directly. Additionally, creating an invoice on Zoho Invoice and submitting it to Payoneer can resolve some account issues. It’s important to note that one cannot use a single Payoneer account for two different Fiverr accounts; if a Fiverr account is disabled, a new Payoneer account must be created for any new Fiverr account.

In terms of managing your Payoneer account, users can view their payment and transaction history under Payoneer’s Activity menu, and check payment status reports in the Transactions menu. If there are issues with withdrawals from the Payoneer balance to a bank account, contacting Payoneer Support directly is advisable. For obtaining official statements of transfers or updating Payoneer account information, reaching out to Payoneer Customer Care is required. This comprehensive support structure ensures that users can manage their accounts effectively and resolve any issues promptly.

Exclusive Benefits for Fiverr Freelancers

Fiverr’s partnership with Payoneer offers numerous advantages tailored specifically for freelancers. This collaboration ensures secure payments with minimal fees and quick clearing times, making it a preferred choice for freelancers operating in various industries, from digital marketing to eCommerce. Notably, the availability of the Fiverr Revenue Card enhances flexibility by permitting freelancers to withdraw funds and manage multiple currencies efficiently.

Key Benefits of Using Payoneer for Fiverr Freelancers:

  1. Multi-Currency Transactions: Freelancers can receive payments in multiple currencies, which is crucial for those working with international clients.
  2. Exclusive Fiverr Revenue Card: This card allows immediate withdrawal from ATMs worldwide and is directly linked to the freelancer’s Payoneer account.
  3. Automated Tax Payments: Payoneer simplifies the process of handling tax payments, which is beneficial for freelancers managing multiple contracts.

Additionally, Payoneer supports freelancers by offering access to a comprehensive Partners Directory. This directory includes exclusive offers that can aid freelancers in expanding their businesses by connecting them with a global network. The ability to request payments directly from clients and the integration with other major platforms like Upwork further underscore Payoneer’s utility in managing freelance finances effectively.

Freelancers can also leverage Payoneer’s platform for invoice payments and international payment processing, which are essential for maintaining smooth operations and cash flow. The platform’s support for a wide range of industries, including IT outsourcing and professional services, ensures that freelancers from various sectors can benefit from these features. For those looking to manage large-scale transactions, Payoneer offers a mass payout option, allowing payments in over 190 countries and automating payment collection for streamlined financial handling.

Real-World Success Stories

Win Nguyen, the General Manager of SMAI in Australia, praises Payoneer for its role in expanding their brand globally. He highlights the platform’s straightforward fees and processes as key factors in their success. Similarly, Ryan Catchings, the Founder and CEO of Drive Assets, appreciates Payoneer for ensuring fair compensation for the effort put into his work, emphasizing the respect and value Payoneer offers to freelancers and business owners.

In India, Kushal Raha, CEO & Co-Founder of Host4Geeks LLC, notes a significant increase in monthly transactions since integrating Payoneer into their operations. He describes Payoneer’s services as simple, hassle-free, and cost-effective. Duy To, Founder and CEO of Newwave Solutions, finds Payoneer’s easy payment request feature particularly beneficial for smooth client transactions.

Further afield, Daehyun Ko, General Manager of Myungyoon Electronics in South Korea, shares that Payoneer has been instrumental in their global business expansion. This sentiment is echoed by Nimisha and Manav, Co-founders of D’Moksha Homes in India, who consider Payoneer an integral part of their growth journey. In challenging times, Denys Shkribliak, Owner & Founder of Wood and Hearts in Ukraine, calls Payoneer a lifeline, underscoring its importance during the war.

The success stories extend to various parts of the world, demonstrating Payoneer’s global impact. Wassem El Wardany, Managing Director of Proper Business Solutions in Egypt, credits the thriving of his business to a reliable and secure payment partner like Payoneer. Hannah Santillan, Operations Manager of Accentline Inc in the Philippines, points out how global payments have empowered their company to compete internationally.

These real-world examples not only illustrate the diverse applications of Payoneer’s services across different industries and regions but also highlight the platform’s ability to meet the specific needs of freelancers and businesses worldwide.

Getting the Most Out of Payoneer and Fiverr

To optimize the use of Payoneer in conjunction with Fiverr, freelancers should familiarize themselves with the platform’s features and policies. Here are key practices to ensure you are maximizing the benefits of both platforms:

  1. Utilize Fiverr’s Advanced Rating System: Before engaging with any freelancer or client, review their ratings thoroughly. This helps in making informed decisions and selecting projects or collaborators who have a proven track record of reliability and quality.
  2. Manage Your Accounts Efficiently: Ensure that your Payoneer and Fiverr accounts are in sync. You can view and manage your payment and transaction history through Payoneer’s Activity menu. For any updates or changes to your payout method, navigate to the Earnings page on Fiverr. Remember, only one active Payoneer withdrawal method is allowed at any given time.
  3. Understand the Financial Regulations and Restrictions: Be aware of the limits set on your accounts in terms of how much money can be received or spent. Users in certain regions, like Malaysia, face restrictions on withdrawing local currency. Adhering to these rules can prevent complications in financial transactions.

By strategically managing these aspects, freelancers can streamline their operations on Fiverr and enhance their financial transactions through Payoneer, leading to a more efficient freelance business management.


Navigating the complexities of managing finances as a freelancer on Fiverr has been significantly simplified by leveraging Payoneer’s robust platform. From the ease of setting up and linking Payoneer accounts to Fiverr, understanding the fee structures, and exploring the various withdrawal options to processing times and currency conversion mechanisms, this article provided a comprehensive guide. It underscored not only the operational benefits and exclusive advantages offered to Fiverr freelancers but also illuminated the real-world success stories that attest to the effectiveness and reliability of Payoneer in facilitating global financial transactions for freelancers.

The journey through Payoneer’s integration with Fiverr echoes a broader narrative of enabling efficient, secure, and flexible financial management for freelancers worldwide. As freelancers continue to navigate the evolving landscape of digital workspaces, aligning with platforms like Payoneer not only enhances their ability to manage earnings but also empowers them to expand their professional horizons with confidence. The shared stories of success and strategic insights encourage freelancers to embrace these tools, optimizing their financial operations and carving paths towards sustainable freelance careers.


1. How do I connect my Payoneer account to Fiverr?
To link your Payoneer account to Fiverr, navigate to Selling > Earnings > Withdrawals on Fiverr. Choose either the Fiverr Revenue Card or bank transfer option. You will then receive an email prompting you to enter your Payoneer username and password. Remember, setting up your Fiverr Revenue Card is free.

2. How do I make payments using Payoneer?
To use Payoneer for making payments globally, first, either register for a new Payoneer account or log into your existing account. Go to ‘Pay > Make a Payment’ and select whether you are paying to another Payoneer account or a bank account. Fill in all required details, verify the information, and then complete the payment by clicking on the Pay button.

3. Can I link an existing Payoneer account to a new Fiverr account?
Yes, you can link an existing Payoneer account to a new Fiverr account. First, ensure you remove the old Fiverr account as a funding source in Payoneer. Contact Payoneer to do this. Once the previous funding source is removed, you can then add your old Payoneer account to your new Fiverr account.

4. How can my clients send payments to me via Payoneer?
To receive payments through Payoneer, input your client’s email address and the amount they need to pay. Submit this payment request, and Payoneer will notify your client on your behalf. Your client will then choose their password and preferred payment method. Once the payment is made, the funds will be deposited into your Payoneer account, ready for use or withdrawal.


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