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Top 14 Vegan Affiliate Programs 2023: Data-Based Rankings

Vegan Affiliate Programs

The vegan lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular, as people seek ways to live more sustainably and have a positive effect on the environment. As a result, there is a growing demand for vegan products, ranging from food and cosmetics to clothing and footwear. This increased demand presents an opportunity for affiliates to promote these products and earn income.

In this article, we present the “Top 14 Vegan Affiliate Programs 2023: Data-Based Rankings”. These rankings are based on data gathered from various sources and are designed to help you choose the best affiliate program for your needs. Whether you are a blogger, influencer, or website owner, these affiliate programs offer great earning potential and allow you to promote products you believe in.

We have thoroughly researched and evaluated each of the 14 affiliate programs listed based on criteria such as commission rates, product selection, and customer support. If you’re looking for a program with a wide range of products, high commission rates, or a user-friendly interface, you’re sure to find the right fit in our list of the top vegan affiliate programs. So, if you’re passionate about veganism and want to promote products that align with your values, check out our data-based rankings and start earning today!

Which products promote as a vegan affiliate

As a vegan affiliate, you have the opportunity to promote a wide range of products that align with the vegan lifestyle and philosophy. Some of the most common products that can be promoted include:

  1. Vegan Food: This includes plant-based meat alternatives, dairy-free milk and cheese products, vegan snacks, and more.
  2. Vegan Cosmetics: Many cosmetic and personal care products contain animal-derived ingredients, but there are a growing number of vegan alternatives available. As a vegan affiliate, you can promote cruelty-free makeup, skincare, and personal care products.
  3. Vegan Clothing and Footwear: Leather and suede products are commonly made from animal hides, but there are now many vegan alternatives available. As a vegan affiliate, you can promote shoes, belts, and clothing made from synthetic or plant-based materials.
  4. Vegan Supplements: There are a growing number of vegan supplements available, including vitamins, minerals, and protein powders. As a vegan affiliate, you can promote these products to individuals who are looking to support their health with a plant-based diet.
  5. Vegan Home Goods: From bedding to cookware, there are now many vegan options available for products used in the home. As a vegan affiliate, you can promote products made from sustainable and animal-friendly materials.

These are just a few examples of the types of products that can be promoted as a vegan affiliate. The key is to find products that align with your values and that you can promote with enthusiasm.

Vegan Affiliate Programs

Sun Basket

image 50

Sun Basket is an American meal delivery service that provides fresh, organic ingredients and chef-designed recipes starting at just $8.99 per serving. While they are not a strictly vegan affiliate program, they do offer vegan options each week, making it an excellent choice for affiliates promoting plant-based diets, as well as vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free diets.

As a Sun Basket affiliate, you can expect a flat $20 commission through Impact and potentially even higher earnings through Skimlinks. This makes it a must-try opportunity for vegan bloggers. Furthermore, with a 30-day cookie, compared to alternative programs like Green Chef which only offer a 7-day cookie, Sun Basket’s affiliate program is a more attractive option.

  • Commission: $20.00 per order (Impact), $50.00 per order (Skimlinks)
  • Cookie duration: 30 days (Impact), Not listed (Skimlinks)
  • Markets: US

Ethical Superstore

image 51

The Ethical Superstore is an ideal option for UK-based vegan bloggers looking to promote individual vegan food products and more. With categories ranging from groceries to fashion, beauty and health, home and garden, gifts, baby and children, pets, and beyond, this is a one-stop-shop for all your affiliate needs.

One of the standout benefits of promoting Ethical Superstore is its 20% commission for new customers on food products, which is significantly higher compared to Amazon’s reduction of their grocery product commission from 5% to 1% during the pandemic in 2020. Furthermore, the 30-day cookie is another attractive feature.

It’s important to note that Ethical Superstore offers different commission rates to content site owners compared to cashback and voucher websites. To take advantage of the favorable commission rates, it’s recommended to write original content for affiliate marketing purposes.

  • Commission: 20% for new customers, 10% for existing customers
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Markets: UK


image 52

Veecoco is a digital vegan cooking school that offers over 700 plant-based cooking lessons across 19+ courses. With a track record of teaching over 6,000 students, each course is 100% vegan.

The standout feature of this affiliate program is its high commission rate of 30%, a significant benefit as Veecoco is a digital product. This translates to substantial earnings potential. For example, each course has two plans – a 12-month membership for $297 or a one-time purchase of the course for $127. With a 30% commission, this results in payouts of $89 and $38 respectively.

While it’s unfortunate that Veecoco does not offer recurring commissions for annual memberships, the substantial upfront payout of nearly $90 is still a noteworthy advantage.

  • Commission: 30%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Markets: Global


image 53

iHerb is a widely recognized online marketplace that offers a diverse range of supplements and health products. If you are unable to promote the Ethical Superstore due to geographic limitations, iHerb is a fantastic alternative. With localized versions of their website and shipping options to numerous countries worldwide, iHerb is accessible to affiliates from anywhere.

The range of products available on iHerb is extensive, including popular health supplements, sports supplements, groceries, beauty products, and pet supplies. This makes it a versatile platform to promote a variety of products to a diverse audience.

Individuals who follow specialty diets, such as vegan, keto, paleo, or any other type, are often health-conscious, and therefore, they are more likely to be interested in supplements and health products. That’s why iHerb can be a great affiliate program for bloggers and influencers looking to promote supplements to a wide range of consumers who follow different diets. With its wide range of products, iHerb offers a great opportunity to reach a large, health-conscious audience and earn substantial commissions.

  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie duration: 7 days
  • Markets: Global


image 54

Veestro sets itself apart from other meal delivery services, such as Sun Basket, by focusing specifically on delivering plant-based meals. This unique specialization provides vegan readers with a sense of comfort and confidence in the options available to them when they visit the homepage.

In contrast to many meal delivery programs that offer fixed commissions for new customers, Veestro opts for a percentage-based commission structure. Through Rakuten, they offer a 5% commission, while Refersion provides an opportunity to earn a higher commission rate of up to 10%.

With an average order value of $170, as reported by Veestro, affiliates can expect to earn an average commission of $8.50 or $17, depending on which program they choose to join. These commissions, combined with Veestro’s focus on plant-based meals, make it a valuable affiliate program for those in the vegan community.

  • Commission: 5% (Rakuten), 10% (Refersion)
  • Cookie duration: 7 days (Rakuten), 30 days (Refersion)
  • Markets: US


image 55

AllPlants is a UK-based plant-based meal delivery service, which provides meals made from 100% plant-based ingredients. Despite some uncertainty about the status of their affiliate program, many links to the program are still active, making it a potential option for vegan affiliates.

Joining their affiliate program can be a bit tricky, as their Awin-based program appears to have been deactivated. However, it may be possible to join the program through a Tradedoubler account. To become a part of the AllPlants affiliate program, you’ll need to fill out an application form on their website and wait for an invitation to the private program.

Given the popularity of plant-based diets, the AllPlants affiliate program could be an excellent opportunity for vegan bloggers and influencers to earn a commission while promoting a service that aligns with their values. However, it’s important to thoroughly research the program and confirm its status before investing time and resources into promoting it.

Thrive Market

image 56

Thrive Market is an all-in-one organic marketplace that offers a broad selection of organic food, wine, beauty products, kids’ items, and household goods. With its affordable membership model starting as low as $5 per month paid annually, customers have access to an extensive variety of high-quality products.

This online grocery store has become one of the most sought-after vegan affiliate programs, due to its impressive $40 flat commission for each annual subscription referral. However, with a cookie period of only 24 hours, the challenge is to encourage your audience to take action within a limited time frame. Nevertheless, the reward is significant, making Thrive Market a compelling option for vegan affiliates.

Naked Nutrition

image 57

Naked Nutrition is a well-known brand among the vegan fitness, supplement, and protein communities. They offer a range of high-quality products that are free of harmful additives, making them an attractive choice for vegans who prioritize clean and simple ingredients.

Their popular Pea Protein Power is a testament to the quality of their products, with over 600 5-star reviews and a price tag of $54.99. As a member of their affiliate program, you would receive a commission of 10% on each sale, which amounts to a healthy $5.49 payout per transaction.

If you’re a vegan blogger who covers a wide range of topics, including nutrition, fitness, and wellness, the Naked Nutrition affiliate program is definitely worth considering. By promoting their products, you’ll not only help your readers lead healthier lives, but also earn money for your efforts.

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Markets: US

Purple Carrot

image 58

Purple Carrot is a US-based meal delivery service that offers a variety of plant-based food options. As one of the many players in the vegan meal delivery market, Purple Carrot competes with well-known brands such as Veestro and AllPlants.

Their affiliate program offers a flat commission of $25 for each new customer referred through the program. This is on par with other similar meal delivery services in the market.

When considering promoting vegan meal delivery services within the US, it’s important to take into consideration all of the options available, including Purple Carrot. By testing each program, you’ll be able to determine which program has the highest conversion rate for your audience. This will help you to maximize your earning potential and provide your readers with the best options for their meal delivery needs.

  • Commission: $25.00 for both subscriptions and one-off sales
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Markets: US


image 59

Everlane is a highly reputable brand in the sustainable fashion industry, known for its transparent approach to manufacturing and costs. The company offers a wide range of eco-friendly and socially responsible products, including shoes, bags, clothing, and more, many of which are made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton and vegan leather.

As a result, Everlane’s products are particularly appealing to those who value sustainability, a group that often overlaps with the vegan community. Whether you’re looking for stylish, cruelty-free footwear or versatile clothing made from plant-based materials, Everlane has something for you.

When it comes to their affiliate program, it’s worth noting that Everlane appears to be working with two different networks: Pepperjam and Skimlinks. It’s unclear which one is currently offering a higher commission rate, but both programs are definitely worth testing to see which results in a higher earning per click (EPC) for you. By promoting Everlane’s sustainable fashion products to your followers, you have the opportunity to earn a great commission while also supporting a brand that aligns with your values.

  • Commission: 10% (Pepperjam), 30% (Skimlinks)
  • Cookie duration: 7 days (Pepperjam), Not listed (Skimlinks)
  • Markets: US, UK, AU, CA, JP, SG, KR, CN, HK (Pepperjam), Global (Skimlinks)

Organic Basics

image 60

Organic Basics is a highly sought-after affiliate program for those promoting sustainability and wellness. This brand offers a wide range of products including yoga pants, shirts, shoes, and even sustainable underwear. They cater to those who are looking for eco-friendly and ethical clothing options.

Organic Basics provides a lot of benefits for their affiliates, including free products for review, a 10% discount code for their audience, event invitations, and even the chance to be featured on their social media. The brand is selective in their choice of affiliates and they are looking for influencers with a minimum of 1,000 followers and a high-quality content.

According to Impact’s metrics, Organic Basics only accepts 23% of applicants to their affiliate program. However, the brand provides an impressive 30-day EPC of 1.66€, making it a highly attractive program for those who meet the requirements. If you align with the brand’s vision and have a strong following, it could be well worth your time to apply to their program.

  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Markets: Global

Green Chef

image 61

Green Chef is a healthy meal delivery service that caters to a diverse range of dietary needs, including plant-based, keto, and paleo options. While it is not strictly vegan, it does offer a variety of plant-powered meals that cater to a vegan audience. If you’re promoting Green Chef, it might be a good idea to direct your audience to the plant-powered meals landing page rather than the homepage.

The commission for Green Chef is $15 per sale, which is lower compared to other vegan meal delivery services like Sun Basket and Purple Carrot. However, with a 7-day cookie period, Green Chef could still be an attractive option for those who are not strictly vegan but still want to maintain a healthy diet. If your audience includes people who are mindful of their diet but not necessarily plant-based, Green Chef could be a great fit for them.

  • Commission: $15.00 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 7 days
  • Markets: US

Mindful Chef

image 62

Mindful Chef is a UK-based meal prep service that offers fresh, locally sourced ingredients in its recipe boxes. This company prides itself on being “the UK’s only true provider of vegan recipe boxes,” making it a great option for those who are looking for a plant-based meal delivery service.

However, when it comes to commission rates, the options for UK-based meal delivery services can be limited. The commission for promoting Mindful Chef is £7, while Gousto, which offers non-vegan options, has a commission rate of £9.

Both Mindful Chef and Gousto are available through Awin, making it easy for affiliates to sign up for both programs and test which one converts better for their audience. The key here is to understand your audience’s preferences and what will resonate with them the most.


image 63

Gousto is a meal prep delivery service for UK customers, similar to Mindful Chef. However, unlike Mindful Chef, Gousto is not exclusively vegan, and the prominence of meat-based options on the homepage may not be appealing to your vegan audience. Finding the plant-based options on the website can also be challenging, requiring a significant amount of scrolling through the meal categories to reach the “Plant Based” category. While Gousto does offer a higher commission compared to Mindful Chef, this benefit may be offset by the lack of focus on vegan options, causing vegan visitors to leave the website.

  • Commission: £9.00 on new customer sales
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Markets: UK


The vegan lifestyle and market continue to grow, and affiliate marketers have plenty of opportunities to earn income by promoting vegan-friendly products and services. The top 14 vegan affiliate programs ranked in this article are a great starting point, providing a variety of options in different niches such as food, clothing, and beauty. However, it’s important to remember that the best affiliate program for you will depend on your niche and target audience. As with any affiliate program, it’s always a good idea to test different programs to see which converts best for your audience. Whether you’re a vegan influencer, blogger, or marketer, there’s never been a better time to capitalize on the growth of the vegan market and make a positive impact while earning income.


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