How to withdraw money from Fiverr in pakistan

withdraw money from Fiverr

How it works

When clients place orders on Fiverr, you receive 80% of the funds for completing the order. The other 20% is automatically set aside to cover operational costs associated with facilitating the transaction. Purchases take approximately two weeks to clear, as this period of time is required for the financial processing and ensuring customer satisfaction. During this time, the funds are kept in a pending status.

Once the funds have been cleared, they can be accessed and withdrawn.

Kindly be informed that, Top-Rated Sellers (TRS), Seller Plus sellers and PRO sellers have a 7-day period before their funds clear.

Remember: Withdrawal options depend on the country of residency of the seller. For instance, PayPal is not available in Pakistan or Bangladesh and Revenue Card options are ineligible for sellers from India and Russia.

Add or change your withdrawal method

To add or change your withdrawal method:

  1. Log in > Selling menu > Earnings.
    If you have funds available in the Available for Withdrawal balance, use 1 of the 3 possible options to withdraw your funds:
  2. Select the option that you’d like to use by clicking on it. Follow the instructions to set up the withdrawal method, and make your first withdrawal.

Withdraw your earnings

You will only see the option to withdraw if you have money available in your balance.

  1. Log in > Selling menu > Earnings.
  2. Click Available for Withdrawal balance > Different options to withdraw funds:
    PayPal, Fiverr Revenue Card, Bank Transfer, and Direct Deposit.

Withdraw funds in your local currency

Currencies you can withdraw revenue in
Australian Dollar (A$)British Pound (£)
Canadian Dollar (C$)Euro (€)
USD ($)Israeli Shekel (₪)

Currency considerations

Currency conversion fees may apply and your bank or payment provider may add additional charges.

When withdrawing in a currency other than USD ($), you’ll need to verify the selection of that currency and the associated amount. The cost includes the conversion fees, so the figure may appear to be lower than expected. The exact amount that you’ll receive in your withdrawal account (non-US$) is the one stated, net of conversion fees.

You can easily change the currency for withdrawals in your local currency through the Settings page. A confirmation window will be displayed to complete the process.

If you want to start receiving funds in EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD or ILS, you will need to register again. This cannot be done by connecting your existing payout method – whether it be the Fiverr Revenue Card or Payoneer Account – which is currently set up for US$ payments.

Withdraw Balance

You can access the Withdraw Balance button on the Earnings page. Simply navigate to the Available Funds tab and you’ll be able to view your available funds, along with a button below it which will enable you to withdraw your balance.

image 30

When you select Withdraw Balance, you’ll be taken to the relevant page and can choose your preferred method for receiving payment.

image 31
image 32

There are four options to withdraw your earnings from Fiverr. One is through the Fiverr Revenue Card issued by Payoneer, another one is withdrawing it directly to a Payoneer account & the remaining two are through PayPal or bank transfer via Payoneer.

This article outlines the steps to take to receive your payments from Fiverr via Payoneer in a straightforward manner. With this guide, you won’t have trouble getting paid on Fiverr.


  1. To check the amount of money you can withdraw, you will need to log in to your Fiverr account. Go to the ‘Selling’ menu, then click on ‘Earnings,’ and there you’ll see your current balance.
  2. Now you need to choose one of the 4 different Fiverr withdrawal methods:
    • Fiverr Revenue Card
    • Banktransfer
    • Paypal
    • Direct Deposit (in US)
  3. You can access the funds in your ‘Available for Withdrawal’ area and withdraw up to that amount.


Fiverr offers two ways to transfer money to your Payoneer account – you can either load the funds onto your Fiverr Revenue card, or withdraw it directly to your bank via Payoneer. Whichever option you choose, the transfers are quick and easy.

if you don’t have a Payoneer account just sign up here.


Once you join Payoneer, your money’s just a few clicks away – ready to be withdrawn. It’s the best way to access your rightful income with ease!

  1. To access your Earnings, simply log in to your Fiverr account, head over to the Selling menu and click on the Earnings tab.
  2. To make sure that you have sufficient funds, take a look at the “Available to Withdraw” column on your right.
  3. If you scroll just below these figures, you will encounter buttons offering withdrawal options. To withdraw money on your Fiverr Payoneer card, simply click the ‘Fiverr Revenue Card’ button.
  4. Once you initiate the withdrawal process, an on-screen notification will pop up to confirm it and simultaneously, you’ll also receive an email notification. That’s all there is to it!


Payoneer and Mastercard have come together to provide the Fiverr Revenue Card, which functions just like a conventional debit card. This special card gives you more accessibility and flexibility with your funds, making it easier for you to access your money.

By withdrawing money to the Fiverr Revenue Card, you will be able to use it for purchases in shops or online. In addition, you can also withdraw cash from ATMs. Additionally, if you have a Payoneer account then transferring funds from your revenue card into your traditional bank account is also possible.

Note: Residents of India cannot use Fiverr Payoneer cards, but they can take advantage of Payoneer bank transfers to access their earnings. These bank transfers will put funds directly into your account, making it easy to receive & manage payments.


Here’s how you set up a new Payoneer account and Fiverr revenue card:

  • To access your Fiverr earnings, log in to your account and navigate to the Selling tab. Once there, click on Earnings for more details.
  • To withdraw your Fiverr Revenue, open the Withdrawals page and select the Fiverr Revenue card option.
  • You will be notified with a pop-up on your screen when a new email arrives in your inbox.
  • In order to start with Fiverr, open your email and click the link provided there. When you do so, you’ll be directed back to their site where a button marked ‘Get Started’ will be visible.
  • After this, you will be taken to the Payoneer website where you need to follow the steps to create a new account for your Fiverr Payoneer card.


It’s a breeze if you already own a Payoneer account.

  • From the Withdrawals page on Fiverr, you can select either the Fiverr revenue card or Bank transfer as your payment option.
  • An email will be sent to you that details how to access Payoneer.
  • To get started, please log in to the email you received and click on the links therein. That will lead you to a page where you can enter your Payoneer username and password.
  • You will receive an email to notify you when the integration of your accounts is complete.

Withdrawing funds from your Fiverr balance page to your Payoneer Mastercard is now possible which serves as your Fiverr Revenue card. You can also directly transfer the money to your bank account with Payoneer.


  • Signing up for a Fiverr revenue card is absolutely free, so take advantage of this great opportunity!
  • An activation fee of $5 is applicable to your card.
  • With a Fiverr Revenue card comes a complimentary Payoneer freelancer account, at no extra cost.
  • With Fiverr and Payoneer, you can withdraw as much money as you want without worrying about additional fees. You only have to pay a flat rate of $1 everytime you make a withdrawal.
  • With Fiverr Revenue cards, you can wait up to 48 hours for your money to be available or pay a small fee of $3 to have the funds cleared within 2 hours.
  • Fiverr requires a minimum of $5 to be withdrawn to Payoneer.
  • Fiverr Revenue cards give you the freedom to access your funds at any ATM or even use it for online & in-store purchases. Furthermore, Fiverr and Payoneer don’t charge any fees for this.
  • With your Fiverr Revenue Card, you will be getting a Fiverr Mastercard which could involve extra fees on some transactions as per the Mastercard regulations.
  • If you want to move the money from your Fiverr Revenue card into USD/GBP/EUR bank accounts, then you don’t need to go through the hassle of a direct bank transfer and can avoid additional foreign currency conversion costs. You have to pay $/£/€1.50 only for each transfer.

Withdrawing large sums from Fiverr to Payoneer only incurs a minuscule fee, making it an economical choice. Opting to withdraw big amounts instead of smaller ones can help you save on transaction costs.

For example:

Sally withdrew $100 in total over 10 days, but ended up paying an additional $10 in fees. Each time she took out money, the bank charged her a fee of $1.

Every month, Sally withdraws $100 and receives $99 into her account after paying only a nominal fee of $1.

Utilizing Fiverr to send funds to Payoneer is incredibly advantageous if you need to change your money into a foreign currency. You won’t pay any fee for the conversion, just the Payoneer rate of exchange.

When transferring funds from your Fiverr Revenue card to a bank account in a foreign currency or making an international transfer through Payoneer, you will only be charged 2% of the current market rate. This allows you to maximize savings while making secure payments.

By utilizing your Fiverr Mastercard for purchases in foreign currencies, you could be subject to a fee of 3.5% beyond Mastercard’s normal exchange rate.

In contrast to PayPal, withdrawing your money with them can be quite costly – a $0.30 conversion charge and an exchange rate ranging from 2.5% to 4% applies, depending on fluctuating market conditions.


Fiverr Payoneer card

  • Get your funds in a flash with our fast withdrawal process. Your money will be cleared in as little as 2 hours!
  • Say goodbye to hefty fees and get great rates for foreign exchange at a cost-effective price.
  • With Fiverr Mastercard, you have the convenience of accessing your funds anytime and anywhere you want.
  • You don’t have to worry about any transfer fees when sending money from your Fiverr Payoneer card or Payoneer account. It’s completely free!
  • Choice of $1 withdrawal fee for regular service or $3 for a quicker option.
  • $5 minimum withdrawal amount

Bank transfer through Payoneer

  • All the money goes directly to your own bank account.
  • Quick withdrawals, with transferred funds available within a few hours.
  • Depending on your banking institution and location, the withdrawal fee may be at least $3 or higher.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount is $20

Other Payment Services

  • High foreign exchange rates
  • Withdrawing funds from a non-US bank account usually comes with hefty fees, even if there’s no cross-currency exchange involved.
  • Freelancers often experience difficulties, such as their accounts being frozen without prior notice and other issues that cannot be addressed without customer assistance. This has been a recurrent issue for freelancers.

Payoneer is a great choice for freelancers on Fiverr who want to be paid. It’s straightforward to link your Fiverr account with your Payoneer one, making it an ideal withdrawal method. Fiverr revenue cards are incredibly easy and inexpensive to get for new users. On top of that, they come with great benefits such as low fees, quick deposits, and the ability to use your funds wherever you want with ease. Fiverr customers who handle transactions in different currencies can benefit from Payoneer’s low foreign exchange rates & fees to make conversions cost-effectively. This is an added advantage that the platform offers.


When I set to use my local currency, my revenues don’t update. Why?

All Fiverr Balances are derived from the US Dollar value, including your revenues. Although you may see your overall account balance (next to your Profile Picture) in your local currency, your Revenues page will always show the US Dollar amount, since the only currency within the Fiverr system is US Dollars.

Remember: When viewing or withdrawing in your local currency, you may see daily changes due to exchange rate fluctuations and conversion fees. You always have the option to withdraw in US$.

What can I do if my withdrawals are failing?

If you are withdrawing to PayPal, remember that some regions are limited from receiving payments to PayPal accounts.
Contact PayPal to check if your account can accept funds from Fiverr or whether your PayPal account has any limitations. Also, make sure that your account is verified with PayPal.
Once you have resolved this with PayPal, contact us again, and we will look into this further for you.

Please note:
 Withdrawals are final and can’t be undone. We will not be able to refund or change this process once it has begun.

My withdrawal was refunded… where are my funds?
All withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. If the funds were already refunded, we recommend reaching out to our Customer Support to look into the status of your funds.
How can I withdraw money from Fiverr to Payoneer?

Payoneer uses different transfer methods depending on which country you live in. So for example, if you live in the US, your Fiverr to Payoneer withdrawal will be done by ACH. But if you’re in Europe, we’ll use SEPA to make your transfer. 
I already use Payoneer to withdraw money from 99Designs. Can I use the same Payoneer account to get paid on Fiverr?

es, once you have a Payoneer account you can use it to accept payment from many different platforms and clients around the world. You just need to log in to your Fiverr account, open the Selling menu, and click on Earnings.

  • You’ll see a set of buttons giving you options for how to withdraw funds from Fiverr. Click on the button marked ‘Fiverr Revenue card.’ 
  • You’ll get an email with a link to get to your Payoneer account.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to reach your Payoneer account.
  • This connects your Fiverr account with your Payoneer account.

Now you can use your Payoneer card as a Fiverr Mastercard. You can withdraw money onto it, and then withdraw it at an ATM or use it to make purchases without any fees. 

You’ll find all your linked platforms on your Payoneer profile, under ‘Funding Sources.’
Do I have to have a Fiverr Revenue card to get paid through Payoneer?

No, there are 2 different ways to withdraw from Fiverr to Payoneer. 

  1. Use your Payoneer Mastercard as a Fiverr Payoneer card, or set up a Fiverr Revenue card. Both of these cards work as Fiverr Mastercards. Once you withdraw money onto your Fiverr Mastercard, you can use it to pay bills, make purchases, or take money out from an ATM just like any regular debit card. 
  2. Connect Fiverr directly to your Payoneer account through the Payoneer website. When you’ve linked the two accounts, you can go to the Withdrawals page on your Fiverr account and choose Payoneer withdrawal option. You’ll withdraw funds from Fiverr straight to your Payoneer account, and then you can transfer them to your bank account or use them to pay vendors in the usual way. This way you won’t need a Fiverr Revenue card to move your money.

Make a bank transfer supported by Payoneer. This is the bank transfer option on your Earnings page. When you make a bank transfer, the money goes straight to your bank account, but the transfer is powered by Payoneer for better service and lower fees.
How can I save on Fiverr withdrawal fees?

Fiverr Payoneer withdrawal fees are quite low, but if you’re a busy freelancer they can add up. Here are a few ways to keep down the amount you pay on withdrawal fees when you use Fiverr and Payoneer together. 

  1. You’ll pay a fixed $1 fee to withdraw from Fiverr to Payoneer, no matter how much you withdraw at a time. Try make fewer withdrawals of larger amounts, so that you only pay the fee once a month instead of a few times a week.
  2. If you need your withdrawal from Fiverr to Payoneer to clear in a hurry, you can pay a $3 fee. Try to avoid having to pay this by keeping on top of your cash flow and making withdrawals at regular intervals.
  3. Use Payoneer to convert your foreign currency funds to your local currency before you transfer it to your local bank. Payoneer has much lower foreign exchange fees and rates than banks.

Can I withdraw money from Fiverr to Payoneer in different currencies?

Yes! You can set up your Payoneer account to hold money in USD, Euros, GBP, Japanese Yen, Australian dollars and Canadian dollars. That makes it easy for you to withdraw from Fiverr to Payoneer using your Fiverr Payoneer card, no matter where your clients are.


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