Discover 40 Stunning Websites Built with Elegant Themes’ Divi Theme for 2023

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Elevate Your Website with Elegant Themes’ Divi: A Feature-Rich WordPress Theme

Discover the power of Elegant Themes’ flagship WordPress theme, Divi. Designed with user needs in mind, this versatile theme enables even beginners to effortlessly set up and customize their websites. With a focus on understanding the theme features and creativity, you’ll be on your way to crafting an exceptional online presence.

Why is Divi a top choice for WordPress users? The key lies in its extensive library of pre-made layouts and the innovative Divi Builder. Offering hundreds of customizable layouts, Divi ensures there’s a perfect starting point for every niche website.

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The Divi Builder’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows users to visually create pages using various modules and elements, all without writing a single line of code. Additionally, the Live Preview feature enables you to see your website’s appearance before it’s live, making adjustments as necessary.

For a comprehensive look at Divi’s capabilities, check out our in-depth review. Here, we’ll briefly highlight a few notable features:

  1. Responsiveness: Divi’s fully responsive design adapts seamlessly to any screen size.
  2. Security: Awarded the Safe Theme Seal by Sucuri, Divi minimizes security concerns.
  3. Translation: Divi is fully translatable and currently supports 32 languages.
  4. Content Elements: The theme includes 46 customizable content elements for building your website.
  5. Theme Customizer: Customize your site’s layout using the multitude of design controls, create custom layouts, and save them for future use.

When you choose Divi, you gain access to an entire suite of Elegant Themes products. Membership options include Yearly Access at $89 and Lifetime Access at $249, granting you access to all themes, including Divi. Experience the difference of a truly elegant and powerful WordPress theme with Divi by Elegant Themes.

Best Divi Theme Examples

Explore the diverse possibilities with Divi by browsing through 40 websites that have successfully utilized this versatile theme. Get inspired and see firsthand the incredible range of designs you can achieve with Divi.

Divi WordPress Theme

01. Zeta Global


Zeta Global, a marketing consulting firm, harnesses the power of predictive marketing intelligence to develop growth strategies for their clients. By utilizing updated user profiles, they can identify relevant content and deliver tailored experiences for each individual.

Their website features a striking full-screen image on the homepage, transitioning into a clean, white sticky header as users scroll down. The homepage highlights some key features of their platform, but for more in-depth information and team details, visitors can explore the neatly organized pages. Some page headers are only visible within the menu, ensuring an uncluttered header design.

To optimize conversions, the website employs a distraction-free call-to-action button for demo requests, prominently displayed at both the beginning and end of the homepage.


image 1

The University of Delaware’s offers students, staff, and faculty a comprehensive WordPress platform to establish their online presence. Departments and offices can use this site to create a web presence, while faculty members can utilize it for class scheduling, research paper publication, and promotion. Registered student organizations and university employees also have access to this resource for their online needs.

Featuring a highly functional design with ample white space and text, the website minimizes the use of images. The accent bar hosts only the login and search functions, while pops of color come from numerous helpful links distributed across the site, the three icons in the sidebar, and the status indicators on the Help page’s sidebar.

03. Dateyard

image 2

Dateyard streamlines the process of managing dating sites, allowing members to focus on their core operations while boosting website traffic and affiliate income. The website’s full-width slider images effectively convey its business model.

Utilizing image icons, Dateyard outlines the services they offer. The site also showcases names of dating websites that are already members. With a harmonious combination of muted, pleasant colors and soothing images, the website skillfully merges romance and business into a cohesive experience.

04. Paleo Grubs Book

image 3

Paleo Grubs Book is a digital recipe collection featuring over 470 healthy, easy-to-prepare meals designed to boost energy levels. The website presents its content on a single page, beginning with an enticing full-screen image followed by a captivating three-minute video that showcases the book’s benefits.

The one-page layout also includes the names of some featured recipes, bonus materials available upon purchase, user testimonials, a money-back guarantee, and a section for frequently asked questions. The site even allows users to order the book directly. A “scroll to the top” button would have been a thoughtful addition to enhance the user experience.

05. Lemonade Design

image 4

Lemonade Design specializes in website design and branding services, utilizing the Divi theme to create a distinctive website with their signature lemon-yellow color.

The homepage features a slider with text overlays, highlighting the firm’s services while a full-width background image adds depth and remains static. The website is organized into horizontal sections showcasing designs and recent posts. A broad, dark footer provides contact information.

The blog page includes a pop-out subscription form that appears as users scroll towards the bottom of the page. Convenient “Back to the Top” buttons are present on all pages for easy navigation.

06. Angry Moose Ice Cream

image 5

Angry Moose Ice Creams effectively employs enticing photographs to showcase their delightful range of sorbets and ice creams on their website. Despite a limited product selection and infrequent blog updates, the site earns a spot on this list for its clean, uncluttered layout and appealing colors.

The website utilizes a boxed layout with dark borders on all pages. A pale-colored header centers the menu items and logo, while a sidebar to the right provides access to archived blog posts (although limited in number).

Discover the intriguing story behind the name “Angry Moose” by visiting the “About Me” section on their website.

07. Windsor Bergen Academy

image 6

Windsor Bergen Academy is dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment for children with behavioral and attention disorders. Designed with young viewers in mind, the website features bright colors, a vivid yellow background, and neatly organized white information boxes. The chosen fonts resemble a child’s handwriting, adding to the youthful aesthetic.

The right sidebar presents important dates and learning programs offered by the school, while a map above the footer simplifies locating the academy.

Despite the abundance of information, the website remains clutter-free with well-organized and spaced content. A detailed dropdown menu and “scroll to the top” button ensure effortless navigation, making it easy for visitors to find what they need.

08. Nomad Capitalist

image 7

Nomad Capitalist, a renowned blog on location-independent living and tax avoidance strategies, is led by Andrew, who also provides client consulting services. Andrew’s Divi-powered website has garnered attention from prominent publications such as BBC, Washington Post, and CNN.

09. Chasing Mumford

image 8

Chasing Mumford, a tribute band dedicated to Mumford & Sons, proudly identifies as the “UK’s premier folk-pop party band.” They utilize the Divi theme to highlight their music and share upcoming tour dates with fans.

10. Root of Life

Root of Life

Root of Life is an eCommerce store and brand that sells a variety of health products. It’s also a great example of the Divi theme because the site is gorgeous. And because it uses WooCommerce for the eCommerce functionality, you can see how Divi works with WooCommerce.

11. The White Lion Inn

White Lion

The White Lion Inn is a pub, restaurant, and hotel in Yorkshire. To showcase all of its offerings, The White Lion Inn uses a website powered by Divi.

12. Andrew Kingslow


Andrew Kingslow is a UK-based music producer and composer with a professional website to help him get new work. To power that website, he uses the Divi theme.

His site uses a bold video background for the hero section, so this is also a great example if you’re considering something similar for your Divi website.

13. Funk Engine

Funk Engine

Funk Engine is a band with a funky website powered by the Divi theme. It uses an interesting one-page design, so this is a good example if you’re considering building a one-page Divi website. It also includes lots of multimedia content, like videos and embedded audio players.

14. Southern Bancorp

Southern Bancorp

Southern Bancorp is a good Divi example of how even serious businesses can use a website powered by Divi. As the name suggests, this is a real-life bank using WordPress and Divi to power its website.

15. Fruitbowl


Fruitbowl is a digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, India. To showcase their services, they have a great-looking website built with Divi, complete with a huge slider at the top of the homepage.

16. Codecrater


Codecrater builds “affordable, lead generating websites” for clients. To build their own website, the Codecrater team relies on Divi.

17. Cardinal Pro Painters

Cardinal Painters

Cardinal Pro Painters is the self-proclaimed “top cabinet painter in Charlotte NC”. Now, I concede that that title might just be for SEO, but one thing I do know for certain is that Cardinal Pro Painters uses Divi to showcase its work and services.

This one also uses lots of interesting animations, so it’s a good Divi theme example if you’re interested in checking out Divi animations in action.

18. Future 500 ID Camp


The Future 500 ID Camp is a popular soccer/football camp sponsored by Adidas. It has a very professional-looking website powered by Divi.

This is one that looks totally unique – you don’t recognize that it’s Divi until you peek beneath the hood.

19. Checkerboard


Checkerboard is a Minnesota-based web design and digital marketing agency with a Divi-powered website that makes great use of white space.

20. Fintech Partner

Fintech Partner

As the name suggests, Fintech Partner helps businesses in the financial technology sector. To showcase its wares, it has a professional one-page design powered by the Divi Theme.

It also utilizes a neat shifting text headline.

21. The Design Space

Design Space

The Design Space sells a number of themes/templates. They sell both Divi child themes and themes for ProPhoto.

But while they sell more than just Divi child themes, they do rely on Divi for their own website, which looks great.

22. How to Beast

How to Beast

How to Beast teaches men how to get jacked and get confident. Who doesn’t want that?

To help men achieve their jacked’ness and confidence, How to Beast uses Divi.

23. ByteStand

divi theme examples 23 bytestand

ByteStand builds apps for Shopify and BigCommerce stores. But while the ByteStand team focuses on those two eCommerce platforms, they still use WordPress and Divi for their own website.

24. Matt Parry Photography

Matthew Parry

Matt Parry is an “alternative” wedding photographer who operates in London. In this scenario, “alternative” means that his wedding photos don’t look like traditional photos.

They look pretty great, and the hero slider on his Divi-powered website does a great job of showcasing Matt’s photos.

25. Diamond Logistics

divi theme examples 25 diamond logistics

Diamond Logistics helps people more effectively ship stuff and has collectively helped transport over a billion pounds of cargo, at least according to their website.

To help them help others move those billion pounds, Diamond Logistics uses Divi.

26. Monterey Premier

divi theme examples 26 mp

Monterey Premier helps people build websites and offers “Divi expert services”, so it’s only fitting that they also use Divi to design their own website, which looks awesome.

27. Donal Doherty

divi theme examples 27 donal doherty

Donal Doherty teaches marketing to wedding photographers to help them get more clients and be successful. He offers both membership content and 1:1 coaching, and he uses Divi to help him do it.

28. Dan Carr Photography

Dan Carr

Let’s keep things rolling with the photography theme! Dan Carr Photography is another photographer who uses Divi to power his website.

Dan’s not a wedding photographer, though, so his Divi website features tons of cool nature shots and other types of photos. I especially like the huge full-width grizzly bear hero image.

29. Philippa James Photography

divi theme examples 29 philippa james

Last one before we move onto non-photography sites! Philippa James is another wedding photographer that uses Divi to power her portfolio site.

There’s a reason why you keep seeing photography websites popping up here – Divi makes a great option for any type of portfolio website.

30. Samui Garden Villa

divi theme examples 30 samui garden villa

Samui Garden Villa is a boutique hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand. They offer rooms, cars, and tours, and they do it all using Divi. To handle the actual hotel bookings, they link out to TripAdvisor or let people pay a deposit via PayPal.

31. Ayotte Dental

divi theme examples 31 ayotte dental

Ayotte Dental is a family dentistry practice in Marlborough, Massachusetts. To showcase their services, they use Divi. And to create their own appointment booking form, the Ayotte Dental website uses Gravity Forms.

32. Go Curry Cracker

divi theme examples 32 go curry cracker

Go Curry Cracker is a popular blog in the financial independence space. While it’s not the fanciest Divi design on this list, Go Curry Cracker publishes earnings reports and makes $60,000+ per year, so you don’t need to get fancy with Divi to get the job done!

33. Bio-Bausewein


While my German is a bit rusty, I believe that Bio-Bausewein is a German wine hotel. I don’t understand much beyond that, but I do understand that their Divi-powered website looks great.

34. Coffee Times

Coffee Times

Coffee Times is a coffee house in Lexington, Kentucky. It includes a store, menu, and events page, so this is a good example of the versatility of Divi. The homepage design is quite simple, with a full-width hero video playing in the background.

35. Cruise Travel Outlet

divi theme examples 35 cruise travel outlet

Cruise Travel Outlet helps visitors compare rates and offerings from different cruise lines. In addition to using Divi for the website design, it appears to be embedding a form from a third-party service to handle the actual cruise comparison.

36. Sushi a la Maison

divi theme examples 36 sushi

Sushi a la Maison is a sushi restaurant in Montreal and Quebec. The content is all in French, so this one is a good example of how Divi can go beyond English language websites.

37. The Global Church Project

divi theme examples 37 global church

The Global Church Project offers resources to help Christian leaders and organizations “thrive and grow by becoming more innovative, missional, and multicultural”. The project has a super unique looking website – you wouldn’t think it was Divi until you look at the source code.

38. On the Agenda

divi theme examples 38 on the agenda

On the Agenda offers consulting and training to help businesses improve equality and diversity. As part of that, their Divi website includes a lot of nice illustrations, as well as multimedia elements like videos.

39. Phoenix Wedding Cars

divi theme examples 39 phoenix wedding cars

Phoenix Wedding Cars offers fancy car rentals for weddings, like a 1936 Rolls Royce. To showcase all of their cars and help people book one, Phoenix Wedding Cars relies on the Divi WordPress theme.

40. Fromm Petfest

Fromm Petfest

Fromm Petfest is a fun pet festival in Milwaukee. They keep that fun vibe going in their Divi design, with lots of bright colors and videos.

To Conclude

The Divi theme examples above will give you an idea of the possibilities with Divi. From Universities and academies to ice cream shops and tourist destinations, any business or blog can pick the versatile Divi as the framework for their website.

Do let us know if you come across any interesting example to add to this list.


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