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Should You Start A Blog In 2023? 8 Things You Need To Know

Should You Start A Blog In 2023

Are you considering launching a blog this year? Maybe you have had the idea in your head for a while but are concerned that you may have left it too late. Each year I am posed with queries from people who would like to initiate blogging yet are anxious that they have been sluggish.

When I began my blog, there were many people who thought it was too late to start one. Likewise, my friends who started blogs in recent years also heard the same thing yet all of us are currently successful full-time bloggers now and making money.

I have fond memories of when I initially began my blog journey. It was a completely foreign concept to me, and I had no idea what the blog world entailed. Although I was a bit confused, I eventually chose to dive in and create my own blog.

I started Making Sense of Cents to log my own financial journey. In fact, majority of the people I know have no idea I even own a blog.

I still have fond memories to when I started my blog and am so glad I decided to take a chance on it. If I had listened to the people saying that it was too late, then my life would be completely different right now.

Blogging has been immensely useful to me and I’m excited to share its benefits with others. If you’re wondering if blogging is for you, then let me tell you – it certainly is!

If you’re wondering should you start a blog in 2023, read to find out why I think blogging is still worth it in 2023.

Thinking of launching a blog in 2023? Here are 8 factors you must consider if you want to monetize it this year. From content creation, to SEO optimization and digital marketing – you need to get familiar with the important areas to ensure success.

1. Now is the perfect time to launch your blog and start sharing your thoughts with the world!

Don’t put it off – now is the time to start a blog! Although 2023 isn’t too late, why wait? Too often we hear of people who put off launching their blog for fear of failing. But, the truth is that you won’t know how successful it’ll be until you actually start one. So don’t delay, get started as soon as possible!

2. The blogging landscape is wide open for aspiring bloggers to join and make their mark in the industry. There’s an abundance of opportunities for those looking to express their creative ideas and engage with others over shared interests.

Sure, there are a lot of blogs on the web but there isn’t actually any limit to it. It’s all about developing your niche and finding your specific audience. I’m continuously discovering new blogs and it’s fantastic to see them grow over time!

Every individual is unique and has their own perspective.

3. Blogging is still a lucrative venture in 2023. It has continued to be a rewarding profession and many people are making good money by blogging.

Companies and brands are investing more in advertising through blogs than ever before. Sponsorships are skyrocketing and affiliate programs have been gaining a lot of traction.

When I begun Making Sense of Cents, it was more challenging to get sponsorships and affiliate programs were not as consequential as they are now.

It is expected that the trend of increasing marketing budgets to expand their reach through blogging will continue in the future. This opens up great opportunities for us to capitalize on.

4. Blogging is a lot of fun

I get a great sense of satisfaction by assisting others with their financial circumstances, reading blogs from other bloggers, connecting with new people, writing content for my blog and particularly writing articles.

I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to wake up and work on my blog each day. Unlike my previous job, blogging is engaging, fulfilling, and rewarding – as there are new things to learn every day and I can also connect with different people through it. It’s a great feeling!

5. Creating a blog is affordable

Running a blog is quite cost effective. To start my blog Making Sense of Cents, I only spent around $100 for its first year.

If you want to get your blog started, I have a tutorial that will guide you through the process. You don’t need much to get up and running – just $2.75 per month for blog hosting! It’s easy, economical, and best of all it won’t break the bank. You can avail of my special referral link for great savings and a complimentary website domain (worth $15) with any purchase of 12 months or more of blog hosting. Don’t miss this opportunity to save on your investment!

Establishing a blog in 2023 has never been easier or more affordable. I set mine up for way less than $50 per year with economical hosting and managed to design it all by myself – despite having no prior experience. Plus, there are lots of other perks too!

I decided to do most of the work myself to reduce costs and it was incredibly worth it despite the fact that I had to learn a lot in the process.

6. You will be your own boss

Through blogging, you can become the master of your own destiny. You are in control of the kind of business you want to run and can decide when and where you work as well as create objectives for yourself.

Self-employment is a great way to remain in control of your life and be accountable for the decisions you make. You will be able to plan out your day, set goals & objectives for yourself and your business, manage details that need attention and handle everything else with your own judgement. All this gives you autonomy over how you choose to live life!

Working online and being self-employed isn’t suitable for everyone, but I genuinely enjoy it. Additionally, having a flexible schedule and the ability to travel continually are amazing perks of this lifestyle.

7. You do not need previous experience

No prior experience is necessary to become a successful blogger in 2023. You don’t need to know coding, be active on social media or even know how to create a blog – these are all things that can be learned as you go along.

All bloggers had to start somewhere, with little to no idea what they were doing. Everyone had to learn and figure things out as they went along.

I’m living proof that it is possible to start a blog even without knowing much about it. When I started Making Sense of Cents, I hadn’t even heard of blogs, let alone imagine that they could be profitable. From the very beginning, I learned how to build and manage a successful blog from scratch – and now here I am today.

8. There’s a ton of valuable free resources

Blogging in 2023 is incredibly advantageous because of the vast amount of free resources that are available to you. From templates and tutorials, to support and guidance, these resources can assist you with getting your blog up and running without any cost.

Initially, I acquired enough knowledge of blogging without having to expend any funds. I signed up for numerous free webinars, e-courses and other free materials which assisted me in my journey. Seeing as I was still new to the concept, it made sense that I didn’t want to spend a significant amount of money.

Is blogging worth it in 2023?

Starting a blog in 2023 is an excellent idea as the online world continues to explore and expand with more possibilities for monetization & growth. Don’t miss the opportunity to get your blog out there!

In the last few years, organisations and advertisers have come to understand the potential of online influencers such as bloggers and this has opened up several opportunities for people to make money through blogging.

Previously, companies only looked to celebrities for promoting their brands, but now the tide is changing and they are leaning more towards bloggers and other digital influencers – such as YouTubers or Instagrammers.

The digital world is constantly expanding and growing, offering plenty of opportunities for bloggers to monetize their art. Bloggers come from all walks of life and have no shortage of ideas on how to make their online mark. With every new day comes a variety of ways to make a living through blogging, and I’m sure this trend will only keep on growing.

If blogging is so wonderful, then why doesn’t everyone start one?

Blogging isn’t an easy way to make money. It requires hard work and dedication, like with any other job. More importantly, it requires finding the right balance for personal goals and interests – something that not everyone will be able to do.

Although some bloggers have made a living from their blog, the reality is that many will never earn any money from blogging. It’s possible to monetize your blog, but it doesn’t happen for everyone.

Success in business is never guaranteed – no matter how hard you try, there’s simply no guarantee that it will work out. Many businesses fail, as owners often change their mind or don’t find it fulfilling. Saying that everyone who starts a business will succeed is akin to saying all wishes come true – it simply isn’t the case.

No doubt, blogging can be a great way to make money and get noticed. But it isn’t a one-size-fits-all task, as many might think. If it were truly that simple and easy, everyone would do it, and we wouldn’t see the amount of competition there is in the blogging world right now.

But as you know, that’s not the case.

Blogging is not easy and it’s not something that will make you money overnight. Many newbie bloggers give up within a few months of starting and don’t see the full potential of what they can achieve. It took me six months before I started to earn from blogging, and even then I only made $100.

Reflection upon what life would have been like if I had given up early on often provides an intriguing, albeit strange perspective. What has kept me captivated and enriched my learning journey is the continuous discovery of new ideas and processes in blogging.


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