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This guide provides a step-by-step process for signing up for Payoneer and earning a free $50 bonus. If you’re interested in learning more about the sign up process or how to get your bonus, this is the perfect resource!

It’s great that you’re interested in joining Payoneer! There are numerous advantages of having a Payoneer account, and I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

If you’re a freelancer, webmaster, SEO expert or blogger, Payoneer is the simplest and safest way to receive your hard-earned money. All you have to do is sign up with Payoneer and you’ll start seeing payments in no time without any concerns or worries.

Payoneer is the leading provider of payment solutions and they have earned this reputation due to their many benefits. One benefit in particular is the $50 bonus they offer (which will be discussed further below).

Payoneer stands out from the rest because it offers an exemplary service. For example, they don’t require any conversion fees and have a variety of other advantages. That is why I am proud to be recommending them to you.

Most people think that they cannot receive money from the internet without a bank account. Initially, I was skeptical of online payment platforms like Payoneer. But after researching and learning more about it, I immediately signed up to get my own Free Payoneer account and have since been able to receive all my online payments easily.

I was able to receive my money without using a conventional bank account by opting for Payoneer Account, something a lot of people are unaware of. It’s great that I had this option as it made the process even easier.

So let’s start this tutorial.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer offers a comprehensive payment solution to customers, granting them access to online accounts. With this, anyone can receive and withdraw money from bank accounts in any country. This service is incredibly convenient and easy-to-use, providing an efficient way of transferring funds internationally.

History of Payoneer

Payoneer, founded in 2005, is a financial services business that provides the ability to send and receive money in approximately 200 countries around the world. The headquarters of Payoneer is in New York City. It was founded by Yuval Tal, who is currently the CEO of the company.

What is The Biggest Benefit of Payoneer Sign Up?

With Payoneer, you can reap the rewards of a global payment system even if you don’t have a bank account. Signing up makes you eligible to receive money from any corner of the world with no hassle. This is one of the most beneficial features this platform offers. Signing up with Payoneer’s Prepaid Account provides the convenience of worldwide access to withdraw your money. All you have to do is to find an ATM machine and you can easily retrieve your funds from anywhere in the globe.

Some Important Benefits of Payoneer

Payoneer offers numerous advantages that are worth considering. Apart from its best-known benefit, here are some more pros of using Payoneer: they will be outlined below.

  • You can conveniently access your payments from a variety of freelancing sites and US-based organizations using Payoneer. Some popular names include Fiverr, Freelancer, Up Word, Clickbank, Shareasale and many more.

  • Not only are you able to receive payments, but you can also make payments to your clients with ease.

  • You can also shop online and use Payoneer for your payments.

  • Payoneer makes it easy to have a US bank account, even if you’re not in the country. All you need to do is create a virtual bank service within your Payoneer account. It’s fast and simple, so you can start managing your finances right away.

  • Payoneer is especially attractive for its ability to let you make extra income through its affiliate program and Refer a friend scheme. Such features are unique in the industry and set it apart from its competitors.

Is Payoneer Free?

People often come to the Payoneer Community asking if Payoneer is free or not. This is one of the most common queries on the internet.

Payoneer is neither free nor a paid service, instead, it has some charges for their users. Although the fees are minimal, you can still call Payoneer as free because it costs only $30 for one year of use – which isn’t much at all. With the Payoneer Sign Up Bonus of $25, you’ll only have to pay $5 for your first yearly fee. That’s a great deal!

If you’re asked if Payoneer is free, the answer is yes – it has a minimal fee but is basically free.

What Are Fees of Payoneer?

The following table outlines the Fee Structure for Payoneer.


Fee Structure of Payoneer


Account Fees

Payments from Mass Payout companies


Annual Account Maintenance


Per year

From available balance – each year



Per year

One Time – when issuing a replacement


ATM/Cash Withdrawals OR Transactions Fees

ATM Withdrawal or Cash Disbursements (via bank teller or in-store)


Per transaction

When withdrawal or disbursement is requested (*surcharge may also be applied by your ATM/POS service provider)

ATM Decline Fee


Per transaction

When withdrawal request is declined (*surcharge may also be applied by your ATM service provider)

ATM Balance Inquiry Fee


Per transaction

When ATM balance inquiry is made (*surcharge may also be applied by your ATM service provider)


Withdraw Funds Fees

Transfer To Bank Account

2.00% of total amount

Per Transfer

Applies if currency of transferred funds is identical to currency of target account

Conversion Rate

2.00% above mid-market rates. Lower pricing available for high volume customers. Learn more about our competitive rates

Per Transfer

Applies if currency of transferred funds is different from currency of target account

*There is a fee for transactions originated in a country outside of the country of issuance OR in a currency different than the your currency above all fees assessed.


How to Get Payoneer Account For Free with $50 Bonus

Well, Singing Up for Payoneer is as simple as making tea (It is easy to make tea). If you want to get your Payoneer, all you need to do is visit their website and complete the form accurately. Depending on which country you’re from, you will receive it within a few days or weeks.

Signing up with Payoneer is simple and can be done in minutes. To get the best out of their services, you should read through their guide and signup using my referral link to get an additional $50 bonus.

Steps to Follow For Payoneer Sign Up

Step 1. First of all, click the Sign Up button below.

Step 2. A new tab will open; click on the “Sign Up and Earn $50” button, as shown in the image below.



Payoneer Sign Up first step

Step 3. After you click on “Sing Up and Earn $50*” Payoneer will ask you that whether you want to receive money in you Local Bank Account. 


      • You can choose Local Bank Account if you want your payments direct into your Bank Account which you have to link there after sign up process.

    image 1


    Select your preferred withdrawal method

    Step 4. To get started, you will need to fill out the Payoneer Sign Up form with all your correct information, including First Name, Last Name, Email and Date of Birth. Once you’ve done that, click on the “Next” button to continue.

    image 2


    Getting started at Payoneer Sing Up Form

    Step 5. The next step is to provide your Contact Details. This is very important because if you type anything wrong, you might not get your Payoneer. So first enter the name of your Country, Then Street Address. Then enter your City name and Postal / Zip Code (if you don’t know your postal code then search the Google). Finally, you have to enter your Mobile Number.

    image 3


    Providing Contact Details

    Step 6. Here it comes the security. Payoneer safety is very important, so they secure you from unwanted accesses. That’s why here in this Payoneer Sign Up page you have to enter the Security details. These details include your Username, Password, and a Security question.

    image 4


    Providing Security Details on Payoneer Sign Up Form

    Step 7. Now here is the final step of the Payoneer Sign Up process. In this page, you have to enter your details as per on your ID. So, select the type of your Government ID, Name as on your Nations ID, Notional ID# and Country of Issue. All these details will be available on your ID provided by your country.

    image 5


    Last Step of Payoneer Sign Up

    Step 8. Finally, here is the last step of the Payoneer Sign Up. If you have an alternate shipping address, then it is good practice to add this because if something happens with your address, then your account will be automatically shipped to the new address. Now you just need to agree all the terms and conditions by ticking and the click on ORDER button. That’s it you have successfully signed up for Payoneer.

    image 6


    Enter Alternate Shipping Address

    How To Activate Payoneer Account?

    I am glad that you have received your Payoneer Account and want to activate it. Activating your Payoneer Account is as easy as drinking water; let us get started!

    First of all, unpack your Payoneer package from the mail and take it in your hand. Then, log in to your Payoneer Account and click on the Activate button.

    image 7


    How To Activate Payoneer

    After clicking the Activate button, a new page will be displayed, and there will be three fields. In the first field “16 digit number” enter the 16 digit number (without spaces) from your account in the field.

    After that enter a 4 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number).


        • Make sure you remember this PIN because it will be used to get your payments from ATMs.

      After entering the the Number and PIN tick all agreements and finally, click Activate button. You will see a message that the operation has been performed. And you will also receive an email confirming your activation.

      That’s it you have successfully activated your Payoneer account and now you can receive your payments from all over the world using this Payoneer account.

      Video Tutorial On Activating Payoneer


      How To Earn Monthly $750 + Using Payoneer

      Yes, you can also earn a very good amount from Payoneer and the best thing is that you will earn more then 750 US Dollar without doing anything.

      If you are interested in earning such huge amount very easily then follow the steps described below.

      Step To Earn Monthly $750 + Using Payoneer

      Making money through Payoneer is very straightforward and easy. All you need to do is to copy your Refer a Friend link and send that link to your friends.

      So, let’ have a look how to Earn Monthly $750 + Using Payoneer


          • First of all, login to your Payoneer Account.

          • Hover the mouse icon over Activity tab and select “Refer a Friend” option.

          • In a new page, you will see an URL just copy that URL and send that URL to your buddies, and the best thing is that you and your friend both will receive a $25 bonus when your friend transfers at least $1000 from Payoneer verified companies.

          • If you are a Blogger, then you can write a blog post on Payoneer.

          • If you are famous on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, etc. then you can share that URL with your followers.

        How to Get $50 Bonus of Payoneer?

        Well, if you have successfully received and activated your Payoneer Account then now it’s time to get your $50 bonus which Payoneer will pay you once you receive a total of $1000 to your account.

        If you think that you can receive $1000 from your friends through their Payoneer Account then this will not work. Because People will start spamming with Payoneer to receive $50.

        There are two possible ways to add funds to your Payoneer Account and receive $50 bonus.

        Receive Payments from Payoneer Verified Companies

        If you want to add funds to your Payoneer account and want to receive your $25 Payoneer Bonus then you can add funds to your Payoneer Account using Payoneer verified companies.

        These companies includes the following;


          Receive Payments Using US Payment Service

          US Payment Service is the best thing about Payoneer, if you Sign Up for Payoneer then, Payoneer provides you the US bank account which you can use to receive payments from all over the world. 

          US Payment Service is just like that you open a bank account in the USA.

          To use US Payment Service you need to verify the Global Payment Service and submit your required documents.

          How to Withdraw Money From Payoneer

          Withdrawing your money from your account is very easy.

          Well, if you want to Withdraw money from your Payoneer Account then there are two possible ways, you can either use Local ATMs or can transfer funds to your Bank Account.

          Let’s have a look at the both methods;

          Withdraw Payoneer Money to Local ATMs

          Withdrawing money from local ATM is my favorite way, although it’s a little expensive yet I like it. It’s simple; you just need to go to the nearby local Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) and enter your Account and your PIN which you will setup after activating your Payoneer Account and then the amount of money which you want to withdraw that’s it.

          Withdraw Payoneer Money To Your Bank Account

          Well, if you don’t want to use the ATM then transferring your money to your bank is the best way. Before moving your Money to your Bank, you need to provide your bank account details to Payoneer and have to wait for an Approval.

          So, let’s have a look how to transfer Payoneer Money directly in your Bank.

          Withdrawing your money to your Bank Account is very straightforward and easy, but it takes some intention and a little bit time. As I have already described that you need to submit your Bank details to Payoneer and wait for the approval, so let’s face it.

          Video Tutorial on How to Use and Withdraw to Bank Service


          Step to Add Bank Account in Payoneer


              • First of all, you must be logged in to your account.

              • Hover your Mouse icon on Withdraw and there select “To Bank Account.”

              • On the next page, you will see a step map and an Add new button just click on Add New button.

              • Now you need to verify that you are the real person who is trying to add a Bank account, so enter your Account Number, CVV (Read More About CCV/CVC), Your Date of Birth, and the password of your Payoneer Account.

              • Finally, enter the bank details where you want to deposit your money. Be careful about it, make sure that you type everything right.

              • Now you have to wait for a few minutes (depends on your country) and Payoneer will approve your Bank Account.

            Steps to Withdraw Money From Payoneer to Bank

            Once Payoneer team approves your Bank Details, you can proceed to Withdraw your Payoneer Dollars to your bank account


                • Once again login to your Payoneer Account and hover the mouse over Withdraw and then select To Bank Account.

                • There choose the Account (if your account has more than one) then choose the Bank account, then amount which you want to withdraw and then write a description.

                • Finally, click on Next button and then confirm the deposit to Bank. Payoneer will send money to your Bank account within 3 Business days.

              Important FAQs

              There may be something which I couldn’t cover in this guide so, you must be thinking to get a answer to those questions.

              Well, we have put together a list of most important FAQs that people often ask us.

              When will we get our $50 Reward?

              Once you will receive a total of $1000 from any Payoneer verified company you will get your reward in your account.

              Can we buy Crypto using Payoneer Card?

              Crypto is a hot topic, and we all want to invest something in it, but buying crypto is not allowed by many banks specially in Pakistan, but the good news is you can buy crypto using the card offered by Payoneer.

              Final Words

              This was all about how to get Payoneer account, if you have not signed up for Payoneer till now than you should immediately Use this Payoneer sign up guide and should apply for Payoneer because it is the best service ever for receiving Payments from all over the world at very cheap rates.

              You can also earn a good amount of money using Payoneer referral link. All you need to do is to spread that Referral link with the world and you will be rich in days.

              Whatever, I will love to listen to your stories about Payoneer. And if you have any problem about Payoneer sign up then you can post comments below I will be happy to assist you.

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